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This website has been online since 2007. Healthy Family has grown and developed over the years much the same way as its lead author, editor, and now site owner has. In the beginning the site was designed to be a health e-magazine. In October of 2012 Caryn took the helm at Healthy Family as it’s owner, webmaster, content editor, and main blogger. Today you will find a variety of topics and a much more personal tone, after all, Caryn’s a busy stay-at-home mom with 4 active kids.

You will find a lot of information about nutrition, parenting, education, family life, activities to do with kids, as well as healthy and organic recipes on Healthy Family. Caryn also plans to publish more articles about the Catholic family lifestyle, building healthy family relationships, and helping children study and learn better at home. If you are a blogger who’d like to contribute an article on one of these topics, contact Healthy Family with your query.

Sometimes we’ll give you bargain shopping tips, craft ideas for kids, and family oriented book reviews on Healthy Family. You may also like to read our product reviews. We have a lot of information about being on a gluten free diet, eating organic, and avoiding corn. From time to time you’ll also get information about family-friendly Chicago-area events, too.

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Welcome to the Healthy Family Organic Living Website
Welcome to our Healthy Family website about organic living.

Healthy Family Offers Nutrition, Parenting, Education, and Health Tips

This site is focused on green living, having an organic lifestyle, using alternative medicine when possible, and finding information on health-related topics. On Healthy Family’s pages you will find many articles about autism spectrum disorders and alternative treatments for neurological disorders. This is a topic with both personal and professional interest to our web site’s owner and content editor.

Have a question? Register on Healthy Family’s web site and post a comment.  There are a few annoying hurdles you have to jump to get your post online. But that’s just a safeguard against those nasty spammers. If you’d like to email Healthy Family, fill out a handy contact form: Contact Healthy Family.

Writers can Contact Healthy Family with Topic Ideas About:

  • Our individual health and nutritional needs
  • How to provide a safe and secure home environment
  • How to provide positive family and community relationships
  • How to best meet our children’s educational needs

Healthy Family viewers are welcome to submit articles about their individual parenting experiences and general child-rearing tips. Any information provided is subject to editing and review, and all writers will be notified via email if their submission has been accepted. This site is intended to provide a positive environment where many minds can come together in the spirit of community support. Healthy Family reserves the right to remove any comments or material deemed inappropriate for public viewing.

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