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Advertising on Organic Living for a Healthy Family: Thank you for considering an option to advertise with us. Stats

Healthy Family currently has a 50% bounce rate and a daily average of 20% returning visitors. Our reader base is mainly in the United States. Here are the basic stats of our blog according to Google Analytics (11/17/2012 – 12/17/2012):

  • Average visits/month: 120,000
  • Average page views/month: 60,000
  • FaceBook Fans: 1,670+
  • Twitter Followers: 504+
  • Klout Score: 52

If you’d like to view our Alexa rankings, you can see them here:

You can also view our Jet Pack year in review stats for 2013. Milestones

  • 12/02/2011 – 500,000 Unique Visitors served (since 07/2007)
  • 11/19/2011 – 1 Million Page views served (since 07/2007)
  • 06/02/2013 – 16,915 page views in a single day

Editorials and Product Reviews

We are happy to write an editorial or review about your product or service. Please send an email to us through our handy contact form. Use the subject line: “Our Company wants to participate in a promo and giveaway”

Product reviews are free, but they are not guaranteed. We get many offers to review products on a daily basis. In order to be considered for a review we require a sample book or product from you. Please use the comment section of the contact form to describe the product or book you’d like us to review. If your product is selected for review we will contact you via email. Healthy Family strives to engage our readers, who are mainly women ages 25-44 with children. Part of our commitment to our readers involves running giveaways. Companies that fit our blog lifestyle and theme who are also willing to donate free products to participating readers will get top priority.

Important notice: We provide our readers only with high quality objective reviews, so we do not guarantee that review will be positive, or that it will feature only your product. Thank you for understanding us!

Advertising Pricing

If you would like to buy an ad spot, fill out our contact form and please choose the subject line: “I’m Interested in Becoming a Direct Advertiser“. We currently have 300×300 size banners (or less) available on the right column.

Advertising Policy

Ads on Healthy Family cannot contradict the message of our site (healthy lifestyle, no GMOs, organic living, etc…), also they should represent services/products relevant to our readers and would have to be approved by us in advance. We would like to reserve the right to approve the ads – we don’t want to lose our readers because of the irrelevant/offending ads.

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