Mercury Poisoning: Can it Cause ADHD? A Look at Recent Studies

Mercury Poisoning ADHD Connection: a look at similar symptoms
Take a look at the symptoms of ADHD and Mercury Poisoning. There are many that seem similar and overlap both diagnoses. A simple blood test can rule out mercury poisoning if you feel your child has been exposed.

Mercury poisoning has been implicated as another cause for ADHD.

Why am I not surprised?

I read the latest study. It was not widely released in health news media outlets. Again, I was not surprised by that either. I generally dig around to find research on special education issues, children with behavioral disorders and developmental delays. Of course I clicked when I saw the mercury poisoning ADHD connection. Studies like this are often overlooked because they fly contrary to the vaccine industry’s message. And the vaccine industry is a billion dollar international business.

Mercury poisoning, can it cause ADHD? I like to dissect studies and analyze them for accuracy, bias, and how the information might prove useful to people. I found some corroborating evidence that backs up the mercury poisoning ADHD connection through additional research I did on the subject. Here’s what I found:

Study on Mercury Poisoning ADHD Connection: Inuit Children

A new study shows mercury poisoning has caused an increase in ADHD for Inuit children in Canada’s arctic north. Mercury poisoning studies like this are always met with controversy. This known neurotoxin is an ingredient still inside some U.S. vaccines given to children and in many given to children in third world countries. I believe this has a lot to do with the vaccine industry’s deep pockets when it comes to research in favor of mercury’s innocence.

I like controversy. Even more, I like truth. I always take a look at who sponsors a study when it is released. For issues like mercury poisoning, studies always seem to reflect whatever is in the best interest of their benefactor. So studies that say mercury is safe are often sponsored by companies that have had or still have mercury in their products. It is a type of soft “public relations.”

Educational experts have seen an increase in cases of ADHD in Nunavut and Nunavik children in recent years. Was it a misdiagnosis of ADHD for mercury poisoning? Are there social and parental issues involved in causing behavioral and learning problems? Are the kids diagnosed with ADHD eating a healthy diet? They did claim that ADHD has always been present in their local populations of children, but a stark rise in cases has fueled a study. Part of the research involved testing the children for mercury poisoning. Guess what? They found a mercury poisoning ADHD connection. The local kids were toxic with mercury. And they exhibited many symptoms of ADHD.

Mercury Poisoning ADHD Connection: a look at similar symptoms
Take a look at the symptoms of ADHD and Mercury Poisoning. There are many that seem similar and overlap both diagnoses. A simple blood test can rule out mercury poisoning if you feel your child has been exposed.

Studies like this are always of particular interest to me. I’ve spent many years working in the schools with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) kids. I understand the issues involved in educating them. I also know first hand how subjective diagnosis can be. The concept of saying, “Your child is not normal. Here’s a pill to fix it” has never sat right with me. Furthermore, ADHD is a clinical diagnosis and can be caused by a multitude of things. This study is not suggesting that ADHD is caused by mercury poisoning in all diagnosed cases.

I also understand many of the frustrations ADHD children have at home as well. This study shows, quite clearly, that mercury poisoning is a problem for children. What this study doesn’t say, and I think it needs to be said, is that the cure for many ADHD children is multifaceted, as probably is the cause of their symptoms.

I believe that mercury can do some serious neurological damage to children. It is a neurotoxin, and has been shown to devastate a developing fetus and cause autism in children. Still not convinced? Read a testimonial by actress Daphne Zuniga of Melrose Place and One Tree Hill. She writes about it on Tuna on Rye, Hold the Mercury, Please: My Mercury Poisoning.

Is there a Mercury Poisoning ADHD Connection? In Autism There is:

The issue of mercury poisoning resonates with many parents of children with autism. It is a sore subject for many who feel the vaccine industry has funded too many studies to prove vaccines are safe. We’ve even seen celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Aidan Quinn step into the ring on behalf of their children with autism.

In 2009 a landmark study called, “A Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Impaired Oxidative-Reduction Activity, Degeneration, and Death in Human Neuronal and Fetal Cells Induced by Low-Level Exposure to Thimerosal and Other Metal Compounds” was published in the peer-reviewed journal of Toxicology & Environmental Toxicology. The study on mercury poisoning was done by the non-profit organization CoMeD, Inc.   It was done through a grant from the Brenen Hornstein Autism Research & Education (BHARE) Foundation. The non-profit Institute of Chronic Illnesses, Inc. also funded this research study.

The study claims, “Thimerosal is significantly more toxic than the other metal compounds studied (e.g., aluminum sulfate, methylmercury hydroxide, lead acetate, and mercuric chloride). The explanation for Thimerosal’s greater toxicity than even methylmercury hydroxide (MeHgOH) appears to be the fact that Thimerosal was chemically engineered in the 1920s to be a more highly toxic alkylmercury compound, whose biological transport and intracellular delivery properties were enhanced. Compared to MeHgOH, Thimerosal has: 1) higher aqueous solubility (i.e. ability to dissolve in water and water-based systems); 2) higher solubility in cell membranes (i.e. ability to dissolve in cell membranes); and 3) higher intracellular toxicity (i.e. ability to inactivate essential cell processes) and mercury retention.”

There is Mercury in Fish

They recommend pregnant women avoid fish eating fish that have higher levels of mercury in them. The best comparison to the beluga is tuna fish. Tuna is a common large, fish eating fish that the FDA asks pregnant women not to eat to avoid mercury poisoning.

Experts claim that the diet of seal liver and beluga whale meat is laced with mercury from contaminated water in south Asia. Justin Nobel of Nunatsiaq Online reports that the mercury they are finding in Canada’s Arctic North territories is likely coming from China and other third world countries through emissions.

Other Environmental Causes of Mercury Poisoning

But mercury poisoning can also be caused by a broken CFL lightbulb or thermometer. Some also implicate metal amalgam fillings. I think there may be truth to that. I am not specifically implicating the vaccine industry for a mercury poisoning ADHD connection. But I’m not going to give them a pass either.

I do agree that there is mercury poisoning ADHD connection for some. It is definitely seen in the autism community. It is obviously not present in all kids with ADHD, but it certainly warrants looking into if you have a child exhibiting additional symptoms that are in line with mercury poisoning. Do you have reason to believe your child has been exposed to mercury or lead? Lead is another substance that can cause similar neurological symptoms. What’s the bottom line? If you are worried about it, get your child blood tested. It’s better to be safe than sorry. There are treatments for heavy metal poisoning. In many cases your body will do a good job of detoxing over time if there isn’t chronic exposure. Our bodies are miraculous machines.

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