Is the Flu Vaccine Worth it? Vaccine Spokesperson Won’t Take Flu Shot

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Is the flu vaccine worth it? According to a vaccine manufacturer, not so much. Listen to a secretly recorded conversation with a vaccine manufacturer spokesperson. I think you’ll be surprised at what you hear. There is a growing debate among many experts about whether flu shots are worth it. A lot of people who do get the flu shot will often wind up with the flu anyway. Have you ever wondered about this? Have you been sick after getting a flu shot?

The caller in this secret vaccine manufacturer phone call never identified himself other than by his user name, “green-our-vaccines”.  His goal, I think, was to get the vaccine manufacturer to admit that the flu vaccine isn’t worth it. He never revealed the vaccine manufacturer he interviewed.

Are flu shots worth it? Do they do what vaccine manufacturers promise?

It would be hard to assume which manufacturer this is because at the time of the recording 80% of flu vaccines administered in America still contained thimerosal.

This form of mercury has been implicated by many families of children with autism.

When you debate for yourself if flu shots are worth it, consider that many of the current flu vaccines on the market still use mercury as a preservative. That’s what many are saying with the Xarelto lawsuit. Was it worth it? You need to ask for mercury free flu shot if you want one made without thimerosal.

Bottom Line: Is the Flu Vaccine Worth it?

Green-our-vaccines isn’t the only snooping reporter on the trail asking “are flu shots worth it”?

Deborah Kotz of U.S. News and World Report wrote a critical article about flu shots and whether they are worth it.

She asks the million dollar question: “A spate of news stories with headlines like “Flu shots: What’s your excuse?” and “Time for flu shots, now for 6-month-olds too” tells me that journalists swallowed the CDC’s recommendations hook, line, and sinker. Where, though, is the worry about the fact that flu shots usually contain thimerosal, a mercury-containing compound that was banished from other childhood vaccines several years ago?”

Thank goodness for Kotz. Our kids need good journalists like her to be following this and digging past the surface. Many pregnant women are urged to get flu shots to protect their babies from the flu virus. But are flu shots worth it when your infant is also being exposed to thimerosal in most cases?

And do you give your baby a flu shot?

Kotz states: While thimerosal gets flushed from the body much faster than methyl mercury, what remains is more likely to accumulate in the brain, as inorganic mercury, and remain there for a year or more, according to a 2005 University of Washington study of infant monkeys. “We still don’t have enough data to say how long this inorganic mercury stays in the brain, but if you can reduce or eliminate your baby’s exposure, why wouldn’t you do that?” says Tom Burbacher, a professor of environmental occupational health sciences who led the study.

Does the Flu Vaccine Work?

A Vaccine Manufacturer Spokesperson Answers:

I guess when the manufacturer’s own spokesperson chooses not to vaccinate against the flu it is reason enough not to do so yourself. If you want more clear-cut documentation, though, do check out the Cochrane Collaboration of Worldwide Influenza Vaccine Studies. You may figure out that flu vaccines aren’t worth it.

Tom Jefferson of Cochrane Vaccines Field, Rome, Italy says, “The CDC has pushed mass use of influenza vaccine in all children without scientific evidence the policy is either necessary or safe.”

NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher said, “Where is the good science to back up the policy? If the recently published CDC-funded influenza vaccine study in JAMA is the kind of flawed science public health officials are using to convince the public the vaccine is safe, it is no wonder that many parents don’t trust what public health officials say about vaccination. The CDC should stop recommending annual influenza vaccination of all young children when there is insufficient scientific justification for it.”

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4 Comments on Is the Flu Vaccine Worth it? Vaccine Spokesperson Won’t Take Flu Shot

  1. The voice almost sounds like a radio announcer. I recall one interesting recent study in the Lancet questioning flu shot efficacy in senior citizens.

    On a related note: Please look into the 1 in 28 autism rate among Minnesota’s Somali families at the Age of Autism blog.

  2. Thanks for the link Nancy.
    Your article was very informative and eye opening. Please keep me updated on any new information you come across. The more voices we have the louder we become. Eventually, when there are too many to keep quiet the government will have to listen to us.
    This is my hope. Too many little lives are at stake.

  3. Caryn,

    I wrote the blog article below describing my phone conversations with the CDC on how to make sure we could get thimerosal free vaccines in Minnesota. I spoke directly to Dr. Greg Wallace, MD, MPH, of the CDC National Immunization Program.

    Didn’t you know that we all WANT mercury in our vaccines????


    Tim Kasemodel


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