Audio for Kindle Books: Amazon’s Immersion Reading Service for Kids

Kindle books that will highlight text as it is narrated.

Amazon's Immersion Reading offers audio for Kindle books.

Audio for Kindle books: Amazon has a clever service model for their subscribers. Are you an member yet? If you are, check out their latest service: Immersion Reading. Parents who purchase select books will have the opportunity to add-on audio narration for an additional fee. What makes this feature unique, especially for emergent and reluctant readers?

The Amazon Immersion Reading service includes audio for Kindle books that will highlight text as it is narrated. This is very similar to popular reading services used in public and private schools. If you remember, I talked about Raz-Kids in the past. But unlike Raz-Kids, the Amazon audio for Kindle books service is built into their tablets, making reading much more mobile and convenient. Raz-Kids can’t be taken with you in the car unless you have a laptop and a mobile wireless service. But your Kindle book goes where ever you bring your Kindle to read. Take your Immersion Reading audio for Kindle books to the pool, on long rides in the car, to grandma’s house, or a friend’s.

Audio for Kindle Books: How it Works

Amazon has a secondary service through Audible. Monthly subscriptions begin around $15 and include one free audio book a month. Members can also choose to subscribe to two books a month for just under $23. Additional books vary in price.

Audio for Kindle Books can be purchased without membership, too. They may cost as little as a couple of dollars and as much as $40. So if you are not a joiner, there’s no need to sign on the dotted line. Find something you like and give it a whirl. There’s also the option to sign up for their 30 day free trial and one free download.

Did you know that Amazon also offers one free Kindle book a month through their Kindle Owners’ Lending Library? You can use this option to save money on buying two copies of a book: one digital and one audio. If you are wondering how to get a free book downloaded from Amazon every month, I can help you. It’s actually quite easy.

To Get Your Free Kindle Book Here’s What you do:

Power up your Kindle. Click on “Books” and you’ll see images of “Recommended for You” books. Take a look at the right column that has “Featured Lists”. The option you want isn’t likely visible. You have to scroll down the list. Second to the bottom is “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Click on it. Type the title you want in the search box. If the book is available for lending it will be found in one of these categories: Featured in Lending Library, Popular, Romance, Mystery and Thrillers, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Harry Potter, Children’s Books. You won’t get a huge selection of books, but the featured books vary from time to time.

Getting a FREE Kindle Book Through Your Public Library

Can’t find the book you want for free at’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library? Go ahead and get that free Kindle book through your local public library instead. You may be put on a waiting list, but chances are it’s available there. Your local library will have a wider selection of ebooks and audio for Kindle books too.

You’ll need a library card and a working account to do it. If you don’t have either, visit your library and sign up for a free card. Once you are set up, you’ll have a much wider selection of books to borrow for free through your library.

Readers get free Kindle books through their public library using Media On Demand. It works for most tablet devices like the Nook, iPod, iPad, and any other tablet that offers electronic books. If you want to do Immersion Reading, be aware that it will only work on a Kindle reader.

How to Download a Free Kindle Book from Media on Demand:

Once you are logged in, simply shop around for the book you’d like to borrow. If it’s available you’ll see a button that says “Borrow” under the title. Click on it. You’ll be allowed to borrow on your device for 14 days. Then it will ask you what format you want. Click on Kindle, then hit the Download button. You will automatically be redirected to the store. Once there you’ll be asked to choose a device to download the book to. Make sure that device is connected to your Wi-Fi, or it won’t download. It’s that simple! Now the next time you open your Kindle the book will be there waiting to download and read. Kindle automatically backs up all of your notes and highlights. If you buy the book later on from the Kindle Store or check it out again, all your notes and highlights will still be there.

Here’s What the Reading Immersion Audio for Kindle Books will Look Like…
Immersion Reading from Amazon will highlight text to synchronize with e books. This is perfect for kids who struggle with fluency and are reluctant readers. Great reading resource.
Example of audio for Kindle Books with Immersion Reading.

Now you are set for a budget summer full of reading on your Kindle Fire with your child. Borrow your book for free, purchase an audio copy and use Immersion Reading to help your child follow along to improve fluency this summer. There’s no chance of a summer slide with this plan! Did you like this article? Let us know! Also check out our article offering tips on how to get free online reading trials this summer through premium reading programs, too.

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  1. • Do I have to own a Kindle to give or receive a Kindle book as a gift? No. Kindle books can be given and received by anyone with an e-mail address. Kindle books can be read either on Kindle or using one of our free reading apps .

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