Tried Formula Without Milk or Soy, and Still have a Baby Allergic to all Formula?

Consider all Your Options

I had begun to give boy number three commercial milk-based formula at 9 months and he abruptly got sick with an ear infection and bad case of eczema. (For various reasons, I don’t believe in giving soy-protein based formulas to infants.) The doctor then prescribed Nutramigen and this only complicated matters with his skin rash. I immediately stopped the formula and put him temporarily on a non-dairy almond milk while I waited for his system to clear. After about a week I saw improvement, but his skin did not completely clear up for almost three weeks. Once his skin looked great I reintroduced cow’s milk, this time I carefully selected organic whole milk. I then added my own vitamin and mineral supplements to his diet. He was able to tolerate this change with no problem. This is how I determined that my youngest son must also be allergic to corn and soy, or very sensitive to MSG. After a few weeks he had a beautiful bum that was rash and eczema free. He slept and ate great and no longer cried or regularly spit up. If you need the convenience of commercial formula you can try Alimentum Ready to Feed for a baby with a corn allergy. It’s expensive for a baby allergic to other formulas. If it’s too costly and you are on a budget, relax. You have even more options.

Mother’s intuition is fantastic. If you have a similar hunch about your baby allergic to all formula then go with your gut instinct. I listened to my pediatrician and ignored my intuition for too long. I dutifully kept my oldest son away from cow’s milk based products for the next two years. I learned on my own that he didn’t tolerate soy either. But this advice from my doctor wasn’t enough.

How Did I Decide The Formula Problem was from Corn and Soy?

I  had my oldest son properly tested for food allergies. I did this because the ill-health never really went away; it just morphed from one form to another. I pushed for testing and my doctor refused. Finally I listened to my intuition and I found a doctor that would. I learned that he actually suffers from both a wheat and corn allergy, not a milk allergy.

When did the test results come back? Oh, about the time baby number three was 9 months old. It was perfect timing. My oldest son’s wheat and corn allergy was really an inability to digest the proteins found in wheat and corn. He did not get an immediate skin rash or histamine reaction after ingesting it. This is why the pediatrician never considered food allergy issues or testing.

So my motherly intuition kicked in for boy number three, my baby allergic to all formula that I tried. I immediately removed all his problematic foods: the wheat, the corn, and the soy from his diet. I stopped buying conventional milk. The result? I got a happy baby.

Your baby allergic to all formula may be showing symptoms of an even more sinister nationwide epidemic. The problem of childhood food allergies has grown tremendously over the last decade. Some experts feel that this has to do with GMO foods. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. What are GMO foods? They are foods that are altered by scientists to include traits that are not natural. Some scientists and cutting edge pediatricians are seeing more babies with digestive problems and they believe this is due to GMO ingredients in baby formulas and foods. The most common GMO foods in the U.S. are soy and corn. These ingredients are in all commercially processed baby formulas in the U.S. So when you discovered that you needed formula without corn or soy, this could be why. When this is the only food moms can choose to buy to feed their newborn babies it’s no wonder we are seeing problems in the U.S.

And the Irony is that:

Many pediatricians recommend avoiding corn in your baby’s diet until he/she is at least one year old. But the irony of this is that commercial formula manufacturers regularly use corn starch, corn syrup solids, and even soy in all of their formulas, even their most hypoallergenic varieties. And to further complicate matters, corn is not recognized as a significant allergen and is not required to be listed on labels for people with multiple allergies.

You will find warnings for wheat, gluten, nuts, milk, eggs, soy, shellfish, but not corn. Perhaps it is because corn makes up nearly 80% of our modern convenience food products. It is in nearly everything we buy to heat up and serve, nearly everything we use to flavor our foods. It is also in nearly all of our baby hygiene products and powders. If you or anyone else in your family has severe allergies or an intolerance to food or chemicals, then consider the corn/MSG connection. The risk of your baby experiencing an allergic reaction or digestive intolerance to corn is greater if you have a family history of any type of allergy, especially skin rashes like eczema and histamine-type reactions.

And go organic. Your baby will thank you.

Baby Allergic to Alimentum Ready to Feed?

Formula without milk or soy still causing problems? Consider going organic. Although this brand is lactose free and doesn't contain soy protein it is not dairy free or soy free. It has no corn syrup.
Lactose free formula

Baby’s Only Organic Formula is another commercial formula option that may work for you.

It comes from a natural, organic food company called Baby’s Only. They manufacture an Organic Lactose free Toddler Formula  made without corn syrup solids and soy protein. It is a powder formula in a 12.7 ounce container.

This formula may be lactose free but it still contains milk protein. It may be soy protein free, but it still contains a small amount of organic soy. Rather than using corn syrup they use organic brown rice syrup. They also use coconut oil, which seems to be a more popular choice than soy lately.

Still looking for a formula that might work better?

lactose free toddler formula made without corn ingredients.
Lactose and corn free

Consider one last option.

Nature’s One also produces a gluten and corn free formula for lactose sensitivity called Pedia Smart. This formula is only for Toddlers though. It is nutritionally similar to PediaSure. This brand is made without corn products and claims to be GMO free.

This means that the ingredients they use do not come from crops that have been genetically altered to include genes from different species in a science lab.

This is unfortunately common in non organic formulas. It has no artificial colors or flavors and is not chemically processed. Pedia Smart is for babies at least 1 year old and should not be used as an infant formula.

Try Making Homemade Formula

If you want to ditch the commercial baby formula because you don’t trust it. (And I don’t blame you), there is another option for you. You won’t be told by your pediatrician. But I’ll tell you here. Lots of mothers with a baby allergic to all formulas they’ve tried have switched to homemade formula. And their baby allergic to the commercial formula? In case after case, we see babies that get better and start to thrive again. Just read the comment thread below and decide for yourself if your baby allergic to formula will benefit from your own homemade stuff instead.

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160 Comments on Tried Formula Without Milk or Soy, and Still have a Baby Allergic to all Formula?

  1. We are the foster parents of a two month old, WONDERFUL little girl who is allergic to corn. We finally got her on Alimentum READY TO FEED and switched to corn-product free diapers. We also ditched the baby wipes and use only mild soaps with no corn deriviaties. She is doing so very well now!

    Before we figured out the allergy, she was passing blood in her stool, had projectile vomitting, her skin was raw, cracked and oozing in some places and just before we switched to corn-free products, her face and diaper area became red and swollen.

    Thank you for having the information about corn allergy on the internet!! It is very helpful!!

    • We are having the same problem with our 3 month old twins and just switched to the corn-free ready to feed formula. They have horrible oozing eczema like you described. How long was it before you noticed a difference in your child’s skin after switching the formulas?

    • Caryn,
      Thanks for posting this blog… my 8 month old is a mystery, but this corn allergy could make sense. He’s always had horrible gas and excessive spitting up/projectile. Doctor put him on acid reflux meds, said he had colic, but nothing helped. It only got worse (exclusive breastfeeding) he was up all night pushing, crying and constipation. At 6 months I tried to supplement with 3 different formulas and eventually prescription hypoallergenic kind and all caused him to scream in pain for hours at a time. Doctors have been no help! They aren’t concerned and I need to take matters into my own hands. I took him off formula and solids for a week and his tummy seemed better so I started him on whole milk (supplementing only at night) and it has made a WORLD of difference. He’s finally sleeping for the first time and pooping (with help of Miralax). He still has pushing episodes and gassiness from time to time, but I was so confused why all of this has happend and what the problem was with formula… today he woke up with a sunburn type rash all over his back, up his neck and splotchy on his belly. I’m pretty positive it is carrotts because yesterday was his 2nd day on them. I’m wondering if there would be corn in this? It’s just Gerber jarred baby food. If so I would have an answer to what he’s allergic to, but how do I know and where do I go from here with what to avoid?
      I hope this makes sense. This is the first time I’ve felt like I could have some answers so I thank you for any suggestions, advice, resources you may have! Alicia

      • Alicia,
        It is hard to know the cause of the rash. It could be anything, including a case of roseola. Did he have a fever or feel hot before the rash broke out? My experience with corn allergy was always a topical rash from corn based products I used on my baby’s skin (lotions, etc…..) and from a constant use of formula (two weeks of the same brand). If the rash doesn’t improve in a day or two call your doctor for advice. Carrots are not a common allergen. That wouldn’t be my first hunch, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. Are you using probiotics with your baby? There are many kinds available for babies. This might help aid in digestion too. In general, most doctors don’t like to do allergy testing on toddlers before the age of 2, but there are simple blood tests you can do if you really think this is an issue for your son. Does he also have issues with thrush? Fungal rashes on his bottom? These things can also lead to digestive issues too and contribute to allergy symptoms.

      • This is my first time writing, I normally just read what other are saying, but this broke my heart to hear about your baby in pain. My son has multiple food allergies and I feel like I learn something new every day. Anyway, you really should make an appointment for him to see an allergist. As much as i love my kids ped., it is certainly not their specialty. My son got allergy testing done around 8 months old and is allergic to milk, soy, peas, peanuts, tree nuts, and seseme. Keep track of the things that you suspect are bothering your child so that the allergist knows what to test for. There is no reason for him to suffer as you described – you should find out what he is allergic to and eliminate those foods from his diet. Also, I agree with adding in the probiotic. I used organic aloe vera juice for my sons acid reflux which went away with the elimination of allergenic foods. Now i give him something i picked up at the pharmacy in a tiny little bottle that cost around $32 when he is on antibiotics since he cant have yogurt. Good luck. Also, tell the allergist about the suffering and demand the earliest appt available – they will more than likely be sympathetic to your situation.

  2. There is a family at our church with a 5 or 6 mo. old baby who is allergic to just about everything – milk, soy, and now testing for a corn allergy. Mom has been breastfeeding and can now eat only bananas pretty much, as that is all the baby will tolerate. Mom is losing weight – she can only eat bananas and maybe 1 other thing – that’s it. Any ideas? What is this baby going to eat? Apparently, they’ve checked out all the forumulas, and they all contain something the baby is allergic to. This is a dire situation. Thank you for any insight you might have.

    • I realize you posted here quite a while ago, but I wanted to thank you for supporting this family through this struggle. We went through (and are still going through) a similar situation with my son. As the allergy issues escalated, we found that many people were uninformed about food allergies and as a result were sometimes extremely critical of the steps we had to take in restricting our son’s diet. Having a supportive community around you during this often scary process is priceless.

      • Sarah and Renee,
        I have done a lot of reading up on multiple allergies in the past year. I would encourage anyone with a baby who has developed multiple allergies to screen for nutrient levels, particularly vitamin D, and also to look at HCL levels in the tummy. It is also important to test for overgrowth of candida albicans and bacterial strains in the gut. There are many factors that can ultimately lead to a hyperactive immune system and multiple allergies. We also began using digestive enzymes with our older son (at age 5). After two years avoiding allergens we have seen a slow and steady progress with him and a much higher tolerance level of the allergens when he does get accidental exposure. We also have had to limit our kids exposures to toxic chemicals. I try to use all natural cleaning materials, bath products, and washing machine detergent. We replaced our pillows with allergy friendly ones and have also slowly removed carpeting in favor of hardwood flooring. I always wash sheets in the hottest water and do so once a week at the very least. We had a great winter over here this year. Not a single case of the cold or flu and we traveled overseas. Normally we would have had two or three bouts of something.

  3. How did you determine that it was definitly a corn allergy? My 5-month old has been on Alimentum RTF for several months. We recently tried the powdered form, and after 2 days, she developed watery eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion, and occasional red blotches on her face. I was wondering if this is a corn allergy or just a cold with bad timing.

    • Similac RTF has no corn in it but the powder does. Beside cows milk with vitiamin supplements and Similac RTF I have found no other options to infant feeding without Corn Products… If anyone knows of any Please let me know 🙂

  4. Is she also eating any solid foods? Have you recently begun formula after having nursed exclusively for five months? Red blotchy cheeks can be a sign of an allergy/intolerance (as increased histamine production is a sure sign). It could also be a cold, and if it is it will clear up in 7-10 days. Our son’s sensitivity to formula showed up within a week of introduction and escalated quite rapidly for the three weeks he was on regular formula. I also thought it was a cold at first, but our son developed such a bad form of eczema all over his thighs, too. All formulas also contain soy, as far as I know, but do check to be sure. Our son is also very sensitive to soy products. A rash that worsens, develops into bad diarrhea, a red, blotchy bum that easily cracks and oozes, these are some signs of a food intolerance/allergy. To determine whether or not corn is really the culprit, I suggest you switch back to the only corn-free formula on the market (cow’s milk based) that Christina suggests–Alimentum ready to feed, or talk with your doctor about making your own trial formula at home that is corn-free and soy-free.
    Hope this helps.

  5. This information is invaluable to me, thank you! We just determined through a skin test that my 6 month old is allergic to corn as well as soy, eggs and peanuts. The allergy doctor is saying that corn syrup and corn maltodextrn are probably okay since it’s just the sugar extracted from the corn. I’m full of anxiety about changing his formula once again as Nutramigen is loaded with corn starch. Alimentum is corn free I gather? My story is the same… eczema, itchiness, sleepless nights all since I stopped nursing. I am accustomed to food avoidance since my 6 year old has a cows milk allergy… do I have to avoid every element of corn or is the sugar okay? And on that subject has it been concluded that is soy oil refined enough to permit as well for a soy allergy?

  6. Nickie,
    It is my experience that you have to remove it all. I have talked to countless allergy sufferers and countless parents and they overwhelmingly agree. Until the child has been completely rid of the food for quite some time (at least 6 months) you really don’t know how much it affects them. For example, we had to remove even citric acid, yet over time we realized that vanilla was okay as long as we baked it. Fresh vanilla bothers him. I would avoid corn sugars like the plague. I have yet to meet a corn allergy sufferer who could tolerate them. Many have said their doctor’s advice was the same as yours. In our case our baby had issues with soy as well. Remember, the formula is given to your baby as a staple food, every day, multiple times. Any allergen in the ingredients is not a good idea. In our case our son was nearly a year old when we switched to organic whole milk. There are countless websites offering homemade formulas available to choose from. You will need the advice of a nutritionist to determine what would work best for your baby. If you have introduced solids then you are already in a good position to giving her a balanced nutritional diet without using commercial formula.

  7. This info is very valuable to me. I have been thrown in so many different routes by doctors and they are all obviously just trying to give me a quick answer about my 4 month old son. I was told that he has acid reflux and allergy to cows milk because of trouble breathing and feeding, as well as eczema. They told me to switch him to soy. I switched him to soy and the eczema he produced is now severe. They told me to get all types of creams that aren’t doing anything but making his situation worse. Turns out there is no acid reflux (oh, I was also told to feed him Mylanta before every feeding and start him on cereal at only two months old). I did not listen to the doctors because I know my son best. His breathing problems was caused from a clavical fracture during birth where the doctor told me it happens all the time and is normal. Not so, it caused him to get torticollis and no doctor would agree so I took it upon myself to do research and strengthen his neck muscles myself through therapy. Since I have done so (2 months later) his breathing prblems have diminished and my new pediatrician says, hey! I think your son my have had a slight case of torticollis!Wow. Anyway, I switched him to soy but his eczema keeps getting worse. I don’t trust the doctors, these days there are only a few who are actually “caring” for their patients. I looked for some corn free formulas but there is really nothing organic that I can feed him until he is 1 years old. Is there something out there for a 4 month old? If not, should I go back to milk based formula and give him something organic and natural to strengthen his immune and digestive system like something with fennel seeds since eczema is actually a problem with the immune system?

    • eczema isn’t always caused from feeding problems or anything like that. I’ve had it since i was an infant and still do. try aveeno lotion for babies. thats the only thing that worked for me and only aveeno works for me now. just a suggestion sometimes theres no avoiding it though bbecause sometimes its a perminate skin condition.

      • Eczema can be fixed with diet. It is rarely if ever just something on the outside. Usually things like wool and detergent make it worse, but it can be fixed with diet. I learned after 25 years that I cannot have sugar.

  8. Gina,
    I am sorry for the delayed response–
    If you haven’t already discovered them, the Weston Price Foundation is a good resourse for homemade formula.
    You can also check out Dr. Sears. He has a recipe as well. If cow’s milk is a problem too, you may find luck with goat milk. It is closer than cow’s milk to breast milk and easier to digest. Goat milk is laking vital nutrients and is not recommended as a stand alone for formula replacement. I’ve never given formula to an infant so young so I can’t advise you from personal experience. Hopefully this will help you as you research more. Best of luck.

  9. Thanks to this website I’ve found the answer for my son who’s now been fed the homemade formula on the West A. Price website for almost 4 months. He has a confirmed corn, egg, soy & peanut allergy and I had the same experience with skin and vommitting. I would encourage any parent to consider homemade formula before commercial formula if you’re not able to nurse. He and his twin sister are so chubby now with the clearest skin ever. I never thought it would happen a few months ago! My doctor was also very apathetic about my concerns so I say go with your parental instincts!

  10. Hi Amy!
    Corn-Free foods blogspot lists Pampers Diapers as corn-free (company claim). I suggest you call Pampers yourself to verify the info because it is old info. Huggies Extra Sensitive Wipes are also listed as corn free there too. If your baby is really super sensitive you may want to consider cloth diapers as another alternative.
    Hope this helps!

  11. This is such a great article to post. I wish I had found articles like this 2 1/2 years ago when we were trying to figure out a formula for our daughter (she is adopted so breast feeding was never an option). She threw up all the time, had bad rashes, etc. We went from milk to soy to alimentum (powder form of all of these) and she didn’t get better with any of them and the alimentum was so expensive that we just went back to milk (with the doctor’s okay). I couldn’t get a doctor (we saw multiple doctors) to say she was allergic to milk and honestly didn’t know what to do. They would say, most babies are not allergic to food, but I would think, what if MY baby IS!!!! So the poor thing suffered for a year until she had a really bad reaction to eggs at 1 year old and I had the allergist test her for milk and soy and sure enough she was allergic to both. Then we found out at 2 years old that she is allergic to corn and now the whole formula problem makes perfect sense to me!

    So anyway, thanks for the post, hopefully it will help young mothers like me that trust the doctors and make them realize that sometimes you have to go with your gut because I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what to do!

  12. My 5 mos baby is suffering terribly from a bad case of eczema. I took him to an allergist who did a skin test and said he was allergic to milk but not corn or soy. Unfortunately, I disagree. I do believe he has an allergy to corn. Is it possible to test negative on the skin test and still have a corn allergy? My baby is on Neocate, which is an amino-acid based formula (no milk or soy), but lots of corn syrup. The allergist suggested that the eczema was probably something else.
    I’ve noticed that any creams that contain corn irritate his skin more. The allergist said that corn allergys are extremely rare in children. Any suggestions? Should I be looking into making my own formula?

  13. Martha,
    I started my third baby on formula at about 8 mos. By the time we decided to discontinue the allergy-friendly version three weeks later he had a bloody bum, was on antibiotics for a severe ear infection, and had eczema on his thighs. I believe alimentum ready to feed is corn free, but we never used it. We chose to avoid both soy and corn and went directly to using organic milk. (Goat milk may be an option) You should know that milk is not high enough in B-vitamins and a proper and safe multi-vitamin should be added, or you should be pureeing choice foods high in the B’s like bananas. Our son’s bum and eczema cleared up beautifully and he has been very healthy since (one additional ear infection a year later). Now he is almost 2 1/2 and we have not had any major health issues with him. I have heard from a few moms that have commented about this article both publicly and privately who have gone to

    and have successfully begun making their own formulas for their babies. We did not do that as our son was eating solid foods at the time when we made the switch (9 mos old), but I know I would have done anything to help him get healthy if he had been younger with the same symptoms. As far as not having a skin allergy to corn but having a delayed food intolerance to it, I say yes, that is definitely possible. We found a nice product that really helped with the eczema because it was stubborn and took time to get rid of, even after we got him off of the formula: Wiseways Herbals: Black Walnut Tea Tree Salve: Believe me, we had tried everything before that and everything made him worse, to the point where he had a bloody rash halfway up his back. My neighbor who suffers from psoriasis told me that was what it looked like. I instinctively knew that the lotion was making him worse so I just stopped it and started using the salve (which contains only olive oil, tea tree oil, beeswax, and herbs.)

  14. Hello ladies. got to talk to someone.. my baby girl is 6 months now. and i have been breast pumping 24/7 since day one . omg i had a very scary labor. lost alot of blood. didnt see or hold her for the first 3 days… and i was very tired of pumping. when LO was 2 months we decided to give her formula. and SHE GOT ALLERGIES REALLY BAD, after like 5 mins after she ate the formula she got swallen ears, swallen face and could not breath. we had to call the ER> and he stomack was smallen as well and very rad. and …i got scared. and my breast milk was gone. i could only pump 10 ml . yes 10 ml.. it was horrible couple days.. she would cry all night. cause she was hungry.. it was crazy. my heart was braking in peaces..( anyways.. and its been 6 months now. and i am still pumpin and got no choice… even if i was giving her only BM she would have this very red and dry spot on her chick. that doesnt go away..and now i had to give her formula again .cause i am in pain. my breast’s are LUMPY and no matter what i did or do they dont go away. i am LOST> anyone had this kind of issue plz HELP> talk to me.. by the way .right now she has SIMILAC ALIMENTUM> and still gets a very bad rash.. HELP

    we have tryed already;;Similac Advenced(very bad reaction)
    Similac Insomil Soy based, DIDnt work.
    Similac Alimentum (current one) and NO relife from this one either. she gets a rash. i am lost and scared.. please advice!

  15. Hi Tasha,
    Wow, you’re one tough mama. Most moms would give up breast feeding or pumping by now. After reading your comment something jumped out at me.
    I learned something after my first baby (which I had a hard time pumping for). Did you know that your nipples need to be properly sized for a pump much like your breasts are sized for a bra? An improper pump will cause plugged ducts and loads of pain while pumping and could lead to an infection called mastitis.
    The best way to unplug your ducts is to nurse your baby constantly for about 3 days. This will also help your body to produce more milk. Stress will cause your milk to dry up and so will dehydration. Your body is designed to produce the right amount of milk for your baby granted the right environment is there– the baby needs to be latched on correctly and be able to suckle well, you need to have a healthy diet and you should drink plenty of water. You also need to be relaxed and not stressed out.
    Many moms supplement with formula when they go through dry spells. Sometimes this works out well and sometimes it backfires (because if they don’t try to pump while they supplement then their body produces less and less milk over time until they dry out.)
    From what you mentioned about the formulas you have tried it looks like you are using formulas that all contain corn in them. If you feel that you would be unable to nurse and need to supplement but are afraid to use a standard formula you could look into making a homemade formula and supplementing your baby’s diet with solids (as she is six months old now). Essential nutrients are important for proper brain development and general health, so you need to be aware of what you are feeding your baby and what nutrients are in those foods/formulas.
    I hope this helps. There are lots of breastfeeding groups that could be helpful to you, and some in your area. I used one for my third baby when we had trouble getting him to latch on well and suckle after having been put on formula for a week when he was 14 days old. So I understand completely what it is like dealing with a lack of supply all the time and trying to fatten up your baby!
    Here is a link to the La Leche league international:
    If you search their website you will find info on local chapters near you. In our case I found a chapter that meets at my local hospital only a mile away!

  16. Hi! All of this information has been great – thank you! Regarding formulas. I have come across a fantastic formula that many moms don’t know about and it’s Nature’s One, Baby Only “toddler” formula. Don’t get thrown by “toddler”formula. When you go to their website, they explain why it’s labeled toddler and it’s because they fully endorse breastfeeding first and foremost. However, when you compare it’s label to all other formulas (organic and nonorganic) the ingredients and levels of ingredients are the same….except….they don’t add additional lactose as their carbohydrate AND they don’t add sugar (sucrose…like all Similac formulas) AND NO corn or corn derivatives! Their carbohydrate comes from brown rice syrup – which is EXACTLY why I used it for my daughter. My newborn son however has been diagnosed with a milk allergy. (I will now be looking further into his “allergy” now that I’ve read about a corn allergy). And the reason why is because he’s currently on Nutramigen and while it cleared the rough patch on his cheek and turned his hard, green BM’s into “yellowish/brown cake batter”, he’s gotten fussier! He’s also on Prevacid full strength and still fussy as in screaming anywhere from 45 minutes to hours. Also the vomitting stopped. However, I don’t know if that was due to switching to Nutramigen or the addition of Prevacid

    Back to the Nature’s One, Baby Only formula – when I chose this formula for my daughter who is now 21 months old, I chose it based on the above…I wasn’t aware of corn allergies at the time, but the words “corn syrup solids” was enough for me to stay away! Plus, it’s ridiculous that sugar is added to formulas as well (Similac). Even Earth’s Best Organic Formula adds additional lactose and uses “organic corn syrup solids”.

    Plus, not only is Nature’s One, Baby Only formula organic, it goes so much further than that. They derive their DHA/ARA from egg phospholipids which comes from the egg yolk. Egg allergies are due to the intolerance of the protein which comes from the egg white. Below is from their website (TONS of great info on their site by the way):

    “In 2001, US infant formula manufacturers began adding a novel source of DHA and ARA that is manufactured by Martek Biosciences Corp. This DHA is derived from strains of algae; the ARA is manufactured using a non-toxigenic soil fungus. The following is the manufacturing process described by Martek: “The oil is then separated from the dried biomass by hexane extraction and centrifugation and/or filtration, followed by winterization. The hexane phase undergoes additional centrifugation/filtration to remove solids then the winterized oil is heated and treated with acid. Subsequently, the oil is treated with caustic, centrifuged, bleached and deodorized.” 1

    “The DHA and ARA in Baby’s Only Essentials® are naturally derived from egg phospholipids (egg yolk) using a gentle aqueous (water) process. Egg phospholipids contain Choline, an important nutrient needed for the production of neurotransmitters and development of the memory center in the brain. Egg phospholipids also contain cholesterol, used by the body to manufacture Vitamin D, various needed hormones and bile acid. Cholesterol is also an important component in cell membranes. Baby’s Only Essentials® DHA & ARA is a well understood and safe source of DHA and ARA.”

    “Egg yolk phospholipid is unique in that it is the only DHA and ARA source containing cholesterol, also present in breast milk, which is believed to assist the liver in normal cholesterol production as an infant matures. Egg phospholipid also contains Choline, an important nutrient needed for the production of neurotransmitters and development of the memory center in the brain”

    I hope this helps!

    • This is the formula that we used to diagnose our corn allergy! But now I can’t get it at any of the Whole Foods in the Dallas Area! They say that the company isn’t shipping. Does anyone know?

  17. My 7 week old son is allergic to corn. He also has an immune deficiency. So what can I give him in the future for fever, cold…..Everything like Tylenol, Motrin, cold meds all contain derivatives of corn???????

  18. Hi,
    Sorry for the delayed response. I was on holidays at the time of your posting. Our son’s corn allergies are not anaphylactic and so we will give him Benadryl dye-free capsules when needed (they contain sorbitol, a corn-based sweetener). He has never gotten more than one a day. I do know a mom that has medications compounded for her daughter. It is very expensive though. There are different pharmaceutical labs in the U.S. that will do this with a doc’s script. I think she said that the compounded Benadryl was something like $40. I am also afraid to medicate my corn allergic son and now I tend to rely quite a bit on homeopathy as a result. There is one antibiotic that is corn free and my son has been prescribed it. It is rare and we had to wait an extra 24 hours just to get it in at our Pharmacy.
    See our forum thread on medications for more info….,198.0.html

  19. Caryn:
    Hello, I was really pleased to find your article ” If Your Baby Can’t Tolerate Milk, Soy, or Hypoallergenic Formula it may be a Corn Allergy”.
    When my son was born I started breastfeeding right away and was so excited about the connection with him! Just 24 hours after he was born the nurses told me he was underweight and needed supplementation. They started him on Similac. I Had to supp. with every feeding because I never produced enough milk. Long story but I tried everything for 8 weeks and the painful decision to quit breastfeeding was made. At about 10 weeks he started having rashes and eczema-like dryness. Our pediatrician suggested trying diff. formulas – we tried EVERY SINGLE ONE! We have done blood testing to find out if he has food allergies but nothing has come up in the results. He has been to the hospital twice and been put on 2 rounds of steroids and steroid creams with no results.

    My question to you is (since you have been there) how early can babies start on cow’s milk (we would do organic) and what vitamins need to be added?

    Any help is so appreciated! I am willing to do anything to get his skin to clear up!


  20. Caryn:
    I didn’t realize there were so many answers to my questions above.
    You must be a busy person – no need to answer my questions… I think I have all the answers for now. I hope the next thing I try works!
    Thanks so much for the article!


  21. Hi my daughter is seven and a half months old and we have been dealing with diarrhea, vomiting, rash(bum and face), coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and crankiness now since the beginning of Dec. ’08. I have anxiety through the roof!! We switched her from milk based formula to soy based (I was breast feeding at the time) She seemed fine for a few days and then all of the symptoms came back. I wasn’t sure if it was the breast(I eat quite a bit of dairy) or soy so I took her off of both and was recommended that I put her on the nutrimigen. Again symptoms subsided a few days and then got worse. She ended up with projectile vomiting and admitted to the hospital. While there she was only on water and pedialyte. All of the symptoms subsided. Before we were able to leave they recommended we try the soy formula. She didn’t seem to react until about two days ago and now the symptoms are all back. This evening i picked up the alimentum but was wondering what i should do if symptoms continue to persist. We are unable to get into see a pediatrician until the 29th of this month…HELP! Can I give fortified rice milk if she is eating other foods?

    • Hi! I feel for you because I went through the exact same thing with my son…but at the time he was a month old. After seeing all sorts of doctors and trying both nutramigen and ailementum, I decided to go the path of homemade baby formula (receipt from and my son is absolutely thriving! No more congestion, no more coughing or wheezing. No more projectile vomitting or reflux. I took him off prevacid about 3 days into him being on the homemade formula. And, his poops are loose and mustard color…not watery brown from the above formulas. He’s no longer fussy…at all! Homemade baby formula is controversial, but I didn’t care. In my heart, it totally made since to me. The formula is based on raw milk along with all the other essentials and they have a goat milk version. My son does great on both. I was nervous at first, but when I saw how he responded to it, I am absolutely at peace with my decision. Hope this helps! Just so you know, if you choose to share this with your pediatrician, he/she will probably look at you like you grew 3 heads and will warn you not to do it. All I can say is at least go to the Weston A Price website and research it yourself.

    • NO! Rice milk is not enough to nourish a 7-month old!

      Look at Caryn’s link above in the article for homemade formula. That is one option I chose for my twins at 6 months old (when I could nurse no longer) who were both allergic to corn& soy.

      It takes a lot of reading& conviction for the health of your baby. It was so well worth it for me and such a huge relief when the rashes, vomitting& sleepless nights went away.

      I can give you many helpful tips should you decide to go that route.

      The Weston Price site has many other alarming and fascinating articles on soy, the nourishing of your baby& nutrition in general. I stumbled upon it by the links in this article and boy am I glad I did!

      Wish you well


  22. Hi Karissa,
    I’m really sorry you have to go through all this.
    I would stay away from rice milk only because I would be afraid that it would constipate your little one (rice is known to do that, esp. if you are giving 6 bottles of it a day). At the time we were going through all of our struggles with our little guy the naturopath suggested Almond milk. That is what we did, but only for the few weeks until his little body healed (his bum was BLOODY). I researched about almond milk since then and now I have a different opinion about giving it to a baby. Neither rice milk or almond milk have the essential nutrients needed for a baby’s brain development or nutritional needs.
    As soon as our son’s bum healed we switched to organic milk and added our own vitamin/nutrient enrichments to his diet. (Goat milk may be an option, it does not have folic acid or B12, but is fairly close to breast milk and is easier to digest than cow’s milk). You are lucky your little one can eat solid foods, as this will make things easier for you.
    Read through the comments on this thread, too. You will find that there are other moms that have made successful changes for their babies. A good allergy test would be very beneficial, too and may help you figure out what kind of nutritive drink you be providing her. That will hopefully make you feel a bit better. And if it is possible to get the doctor to test her for lactose intolerance that could help as well.

  23. Hello – I am very happy to have found this forum. I am hoping you can help me. My 5th child is a 4-month-old with severe eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. Her skin feels like leather and there is blood onher sheets. Breastfeeding has always been difficult, and despite my best efforts, she is now completely weaned. While breastfeeding, I had to avoid certain foods or she had terrible colic. These included all dairy, eggs, corn, garlic, etc. She was on Isomil and developed terrible acid reflux, to the point that she wouldn’t eat because of the acid that came up in her throat and burned. So she went on Prilosec. Since corn even through breastmilk affected her, I couldn’t imagine the corn syrup in formula was good for her. I found Nature’s One Organic Soy Formula and she is a different baby! Now she guzzles this formula, trying to make up for all the food she didn’t eat for her first 3 months. So her digestive system is doing well – however her skin is terrible! She itches horribly. I noticed her eczema worsened when I gave her regular Benadryl, so I switched to dye-free. It seems she is reacting to that too. I just read here that sorbitol is corn based. Is there any Benadryl without corn? Can I divide up the powder from a capsule into the right dosage and put it in her bottle? Where can I find a list of products that contain corn i.e. sorbitol, modified food starch, what else??? I noticed with my other kids that I could only use Pampers. I read here that they are corn-free. Who knew? Anyway, I am suspecting that the soy is affecting her skin. I haven’t taken her to an allergist but will soon. I have a sample of Natures One Lactose Free Organic Formula containing milk protein. I think I’d like to try it, but am afraid to because she reacted with terrible colic when milk or cheese came through breastmilk. Does anyone have any experience with this? Could the fact that it is organic make all the difference? If she can’t tolerate it, I am willing to try one of the homemade formulas mentioned. The liver-based formula contains whey, though. It’s wonderful to “talk” with those who understand!

    • Ruth,
      I have never tried Benadryl on the boys as infants. All over-the-counter Benadryl have corn derivatives as far as I know. I do know of a mother that gets hers compounded by a pharmacy to be corn-free and she says it costs over $40, so it is very expensive. In my experience the best way to combat the eczema is to find out what the allergies are. If you can’t afford allergy testing you could try one of the homemade formulas that are soy-free. This may offer some relief. My youngest was and still is allergic to soy. Soy causes him to get eczema pretty bad. As a matter of fact, he has been eczema free for two years, but just last week ate a gluten-free bun meant for his brother– a bun made with soy flour– and now has a light case of eczema again on his thighs. I have found that in my sons’ cases and also with my niece, that their skin is so sensitive that it requires very mild products. Are you certain you are not also dealing with thrush in the diaper area? What does your doctor think? One product that I found (and believe me I have tried everything, even expensive doctor prescribed creams) was an all organic product by WiseWays Herbals called
      Black Walnut Tea Tree Salve. My sister-in-law has also tried it and found that it worked beautifully when all other products seemed to aggravate her daughter’s bottom. The most important thing to do, though, is to try and remove whatever it is that is causing the allergic reaction. My youngest had a bloody butt, so bad that my neighbor with psoriasis said it looked like her skin does when it is flaring up. When I changed his diet he recovered beautifully.
      I also found an interesting study that showed probiotics might help with severe eczema. You may want to print that out and bring it to the doctor. Whole Foods does sell a baby probiotic in powder form. We did give that to our youngest after we weaned him.

    • Hi! I loved the Nature’s One formula for my daughter, however, my son was/is a different story…milk allergy, skin rash, fussiness, reflux, projectile vommiting etc…the homemade baby formula from Weston A Price foundation has worked wonderfully for him. He can do the raw milk based formula but get pretty bad congestion and a wheezing cough, but the other mentioned above is non-existent. So, right now he’s on the goat milk receipt and is doing AWESOME! I don’t add the liver component, but I follow every other component and I had raw colostrum from a cow to it and he does just fine – hope this helps!

  24. Thank you all so much for your replies. This forum has been extremely helpful to me. In the last few days, with your help, I have found that my baby is hyper-sensitive to corn. A website I found that has been helpful is My one other piece of advice for someone dealing with allergies is that if it seems that there is an allergy to some type of produce, try organic. There are anti-fungal and pesticide chemicals on many foods from potatoes to grapes to oranges squeezed for juice, etc. that can cause reactions.

    • Ruth,
      I am so happy for you that you have figured out the culprit. That will give you a lot of relief and hopefully your baby will have a pretty fast recovery. Be careful with salts, citric acid, and vanilla flavoring. These are big triggers for my son. (Table salt is made with maltodextrin, a corn derived product). Also, many fresh fruits are sprayed with a corn-based wax– apples, for instance, to make them look pretty. Many plastic water bottles and some produce packaging is made from corn as well. Also, some folks have difficulty with porks, chickens, and beef that are fed a corn-based diet. We are fortunate that our son’s condition isn’t so severe. We do get organic meat when possible (but not 100% of the time) and try to buy natural meats that are fed a vegetarian diet (which includes corn, but not exclusively corn). All our eggs are free range and organic. The only juice we buy is Simply Apple and Simply Orange. Any other kind of juice will give my son a reaction– I have determined it has to be the citric acid. Solid foods are down the road for you, but these are important things to know in advance. Enjoy Life has some products that are corn free and the kids like them. They have told me that their vanilla is safe. I love Jenny Connors site, It is where I got my start a couple of years ago when my son was first diagnosed. She has wonderful information available for folks.
      My son always did very poorly with petroleum based products before he was diagnosed. Seems like anything I tried for his bottom always flared it up. So products really do need to be scrutinized if you have a baby with a corn allergy. Jenny’s site comes in very handy for label learning.

      • We are just starting to learn about corn intolerance/allergies. Our 8 month old was diagnosed with acid reflux around 12 weeks which was when we started supplementing her with one formula bottle at night. She was doing okay until we started her on solid food that had absorbic acid in it.

        We didn’t make the connection to corn until my milk dried up a few weeks ago and we had to move her to formula exclusively. What seemed like a reflux flare-up due to a milk sensitivity led to trying various formulas with Alimentum causing the worst symptoms: congestion, puffy/itchy eyes, severe stomach pains, waking up from naps crying. That’s when I started researching. We now have her on goats milk and I’m making a lot of her puree’d food from scratch so she seems to be feeling a lot better.

        However, I have some questions. How do we know to what extent she has an intolerance/allergy? Is this a trial and error thing? Also – is it possible to just be allergic to ingested corn products and not topical corn products? She seems to do okay with lotions, ointments, etc. it’s just the ingested corn products that bother her. Is this something that ever gets better or goes away?

        Now that we think we’ve figured it out, I’m planning on going in to see her pediatrician and hoping we can find some additional support there, but this is all pretty overwhelming. Any help is much appreciated!

  25. I am so glad I found another mom(s) that are going/went through the same thing I am dealing with! I have also done the reflux rollercoaster, mspi, formula roulette life with BOTH babies. Currently my 5 mo. old daughter is on compounded prilosec and alimentum rtf but still having some issues. When I finally found the corn connection with nutramigen and other formulas, her Dr.’s looked at me like I was crazy! Even the GI at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital claimed she never heard of this scenerio! I am currently looking for peer reviewed research to show them so they can consider this with future patients. I have found some, but if you have anything you could email me, I would GREATLY appreciate it. THANK YOU!!!!

  26. Heather,
    Since I first posted a month ago, I’ve done a lot of research and made some progress on how to help my baby. One thing I discovered is that even compounded PPIs contain corn-derivatives. My baby was reacting to the mannitol in her prilosec. The dr. confirmed that there was no way to get this med in a corn-free form. After a couple of tries, I was able to get her off of it by getting all traces of corn out of her diet (i.e. Benadryl, probiotics) and switching to Original Milk of Magnesia. Her skin cleared up considerably. Also, I found a corn-free, milk-free, soy-free product available through a professional nutritionist who helped me come up with a formula for my baby. The only problem with it is that the product is not supposed to be for babies under 1, but right now, I’m thrilled that her skin totally cleared up in the last three days! I’d love to share some links, but not sure how to e-mail you.
    I’d really like to get my baby on a homemade meat broth formula. I’ve made broth after broth with just meat and water, but my baby always gets an itchy rash on her neck, head, feet and thighs. My last broth was with 100% grass-fed lamb so I’m mystified. Other than the itching, she seems to really benefit from the broth – it helps her digestion, calms her and she sleeps better when she gets even a little bit. Any thoughts on this? (She is 5 mo. today.)

  27. I am so glad I found this blog. My 6 month old boy has had a very bacd case of eczema on this cheeks since he’s been 2 months which also later appeared in a milder version on his arms and legs. We have seen 5 different doctors, and tried every formula there is. Alimentum helped for about a week but then the rash got worse. One of doctors, a pediatric GI specialist, diagnosted him with an allergy to cow’s milk and put him on Neocate. After a month there was no significant improvement. By that time I was already introducing some solids and even though I followed the 4 day rule, I was beginning to think that he was also reacting to some of the foods.
    It has been a very difficult 4 months. Like some of you mentioned it was a bloody mess at times as he would scratch open his skin with blood all over his sheets. Last week we went to see a natural practitioner. He said to get him off the formula that day! He recommended goat’s milk, home made cereals, broths, puree chicken, some liver, etc., no processed baby food whatsoever. It’s been 4 days now and his is doing so much better. I am including some supplements as well since goat’s milk is deficient in folic acid and vitamin B12 (but I am hoping most of these will come from foods). I have also read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and referenced the Weston Price website for homemade formula.
    I found this blog because I suspect that his main allergen is corn and/or soy (oil). It’s the only thing that seems to be present in all formulas. I hope he will continue to get better. One other thing I haven’t mentioned, he also has nasal congestion. I hope it will go away with time as well. Any ideas if it’s from the same allergen as the eczema? I don’t really even know what he is reacting to and when I asked about testing, one of the doctors said it is only done at 12 months.

  28. Yelena,
    Sounds like you are on the right track! Kudos for taking your baby to a natural practitioner.
    My baby is allergic to milk + soy and hyper-sensitive to corn, but the IgE allergy blood tests all came back negative. I found that if I gave my daughter goat milk from a goat that had eaten corn, she had the same reaction as she did to other corn derivatives. I found someone who is feeding a goat without corn just for us and will get the milk on Friday. I hope it works! As far as the congestion, with my baby, it can be related to moving air like a fan or white noise machine. Another cause is if she spits up so that it comes up towards her nose from her throat.
    What are you using for vitamin supplements? I’m looking for something. My heart goes out to you – I know how rough it can be! Hang in there!

    • I bought Baby Plex.

      It has an orange flavor and says it does not contain: yeast, wheat, corn, soy and milk. One of the main ingredients is glycerin, and according to my friend in the flavor industry, could have residual corn byproducts for the hyper-sensitive. It has to do with how glycerin is made. It technically doesn’t have any corn in it, but corn alcohol can be part of the process to create it and then is ‘evaporated’ out of the product and glycerin remains. Corn alcohol is not always used to create glycerin but is often used.
      We no longer use this product because the babies are older but we were successful with it for a couple years.

    • Here is a nice link with good information and recommendations for a multivitamin supplement:
      I currently add probiotics, cod liver oil, coconut oil, olive oil to the goat milk. Also I feed him a version of the liver formula. I braised liver in homemade chicken broth and mashed it. This supplements for the lack of folate and vitamin B12. Another good source of vitamins is avocado. I am also looking into making sure he gets enough vitamin c. What foods can I give him that are high in vitamin c and appropriate for a 6 month old?

  29. If your baby has a milk allergy and you are breastfeeding, it’s important to restrict the amount of commercial milk based formula products (as mentioned in article), because the milk protein that’s causing the allergic reaction can cross into your breast milk, and causing food allergies to baby and children.

    You may want to talk to a dietician about finding alternative sources of calcium and other vital nutrients to replace what you were getting from dairy products or milk based formula for your baby.

  30. My son is 8 months old and we have been going through a terrible time with his eating. Through an elimination diet we figured out he is allergic / intolerant of dairy, soy, gluten and corn. Blood tests and skin tests for allergies came back negative though. But the allergy specialist said it could be an intolerance like lactose intolerance that wouldn’t show up on a skin / blood test. I am breast feeding. We have tried all the formulas, even the hypo allergenic ones still have the corn syrup solids in them. I am concerned about his lack of weight gain. We are going to the GI tomorrow for the first time. Per the previous posts, will have doctor check for nutrient levels, HCL, overgrowth of Candida Albicans and bacteria strains in gut. Can anyone think of anything else I should have them check for? Also, I have tried drinking the raw milk myself and then nursing my son and he gets really gassy / fussy. Does anyone know if the addition of the lactose in the raw milk formula helps break down the milk protiens? Tried the meat formula in his rice cereal but he would have none of it. Thank you!

    • My son was colicky from birth and quite jaundiced. Our ped originally took me off of all dairy products when he was about six weeks old. By eight weeks the colic was over. I also had to avoid all formula milk. We were eventually successful with fresh goat milk on the rare occasion when I couldn’t feed him (I was out and daddy was caring for him) and there wasn’t any pumped milk available. Goat milk also has lactose…..

      Later when I weaned him and started him on regular solids– bread products, etc…. (after 12 mos) he began to get frequently sick with all kinds of infections. We did an IgG test which revealed a wheat, gluten, corn intolerance when he was 3 1/2 (so our knowledge on these things would have really benefited him if we had known what to look for when he was 8 mos old!)

      We never used raw milk but we do use Kefir regularly (which is cultured). I read that Bifidus Longum is supposed to be a good strain for folks with Celiac so I started using it. I think this is what really helped our son’s gut balance out after we went gluten free for him.

      In my experience with the diet it was a good few months before our son started showing obvious signs of healing (about 9 mos). He was much older (4), so maybe that is why the healing took so long. I have an aunt with Celiac and for her after a year she still has health issues but she has improved greatly.

      I know that for her and also for my son that digestive enzymes were necessary in the beginning to help aid the body in absorption. I don’t know if they are safe or appropriate at 8 mos old. Enzymes will help break down the food. Our bodies produce them but when there is a digestive problem our body stops doing so properly. Some folks use them temporarily and others rely on them for life.

      How is your milk supply? My doc had me drinking 32 oz of water a day and I used a double pump to build up supply. My first little guy used to have green gassy movements. I was told it was from having too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. They told me to pump a little before his feeding or to just feed him on one side per feeding. My other two babies did not have that problem at all.

      Are you eating a lot of protein rich foods? Fatty foods? This could also help with fat content of your milk. Are you avoiding gluten too? I read extensively about that because my youngest was nursing when my oldest was dxd. There are mixed reports about gluten in the milk. I went gluten free myself.

      Instead of the meat broth you may want to try coconut milk or almond milk. (Trader Joe’s has a good brand that does not have chemicals in it). Be careful to find a good brand of almond milk (or you can make it yourself with a blender and a cheesecloth). This might be a way to get more calories into him. My kids love a rice pudding I make with coconut milk and pudding rice.

      Great Plains Laboratories has a good test if you want to check them out. It is called an Organic Acid Test. It checks for candida, bacteria, and nutrient levels (will show if there is low glutathione levels.)

      • Hi Caryn,

        Thanks for all your information and for this website. You really, really helped me out with my baby with the kefir milk suggestion.

        I am trying to find a infant vitamin drops for my 1 yr old that is corn free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free. Any suggestions?

        Thank you!

  31. Just quickly, Last time I was in Whole Foods I saw the brand “Earth’s Best” formula. I *believe* it is corn free but I think I remember reading that it has soy in it. Allimentum Ready to Feed in the Cans is corn free, I was told. I am not sure about the soy content in it. The Weston A. Price Foundation has homemade formula recipes and so does Dr. Sears. We never did homemade formula because for us the issue wasn’t known until our son was much older and weaned. Unfortunately he suffered with his allergies until he was 4 yrs old.

    You can get some lab tests without a prescription. Great Plains requires a doctor’s script. We had a hard time getting our ped to run the IgG allergy tests too. Grrr. Our chiropractor ended up writing the script for us. It was the single most vital thing we did for our son. It changed his life for the better in so many ways. Now we don’t have to run to the doctor every month due to illness. As a matter of fact our son went an entire school year without getting sick once.

  32. Thank you so much. I appreciate the info. I will take a look at the formulas below. We’ve been having a hard time finding one that is Dairy / Corn / Soy / Gluten free…. He did do really well with the keffir goat milk yesterday. So, thank you for the suggestion!

    We are thankful for big and small miracles these days…. even goat milk ones! 😉 I think I am going to try the goat milk formula on Westin A Price. The nutritionist said adding the neocate to the breast milk would bring it up to approx 24 – 26 calories per oz. And the keffir goat milk is already 27 cal / per oz. Have you heard of any B-12 supplements for babies? I don’t think I am comfortable adding the raw chicken liver that has been frozen for 14 days to it….. Plus my little boy has been acting fussy when I eat even plain pork or sometimes chicken… maybe because of their corn diet? Not sure.

    So I think I would have to do a supplement for him. I feel a little weird asking the doctor for a b-12 supplement because we might try him on a home made goat milk formula.

  33. To K: my son has a cow milk allergy and he is now a little over 9 months old and has been on the goat milk baby formula from Weston A Price since he was 3 months old and is doing awesome! I add the goat kefir and at one point I was adding the raw colostrum (from cow) and he did totally fine with that…I narrowed it down to the casein protein that he has a problem with….so he does fine with goat milk because it’s low in casein and high in whey and the raw cow colostrum is just that which is why he can tolerate that and not cow milk. Also, I have a gal I work with and I convinced her that her son has a milk allergy and that he doesn’t have “reflux” for “some unexplained reason” and he doesn’t have asthma like her pediatrician told her!!! So frustrating. Anyhoo – I made a batch of the formula for her and he improved IMMEDIATELY! No more projectile vomiting and no more hard time breathing!

    • I am curious, did you add the raw chicken liver that has been frozen for 14 days to the goat milk formula?

  34. Hello Caryn,

    I realize you wrote and posted this quite some time ago–but I just wanted to say thank you for what you’ve shared. I just had twinfants who are now three months old, and we’ve struggled tremendously trying to figure out why they are so fussy/colicky. I just wouldn’t accept that my babies were “fussy” for no reason–and when I found this article about it being a corn allergy–I immediately tested the Alimentum Ready to Feed. What we saw was a complete 180 in my son, who has now become a happy, relatively calm baby.

    Although both my son and daughter have true reflux, the corn derivatives within the zillions of formula we’ve tried were certainly impacting their happiness and health. I cannot thank you enough for posting this, as I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own.

    Thank you so very much!

    Erin S.

  35. Hi,
    My little 1 yr old daughter cannot eat any babyfood fruit such as apple, pear, or even squash without developing red ezcema imflamed looking cheeks. Through a process of elimination I found that she can eat banana, pea, green beans and prunes with no ill effects. I believe it is the citric acid or something. Anyone have any experience with this problem and what to do to give her some fruits?

    • Catherine,
      My hunch is that she may have a salicylate sensitivity. Citric acid can be made from corn. So that could be an issue too, but apples, pears, and sweet potatoes are high in salicylates.

      • Caryn, thanks for your response. I took her to dermatologist and allergist who both had no idea about the red cheek eczema. After a grueling skin test at 10 months old for like 12 things including soy, dairy, squash, berries etc. they said she was allergic to nothing at all. Well I am positive she had been allergic to dairy and soy and had poor results when I last tried to introduce a regular milk based formula gradually at about 7 months old, so we continued with the Nutramigen AA which she did great on (leaving me pretty positive she has no corn sensitivity or she’d have gone crazy on it) At age 1 yr she can now drink milk based formula with no problems so she must have outgrown the dairy/soy thing. I took away all apple, pear, squash, sweet potato and other fruit baby food for months at a time other than prune and banana and every time I try to reintroduce a jar or two she gets the red dry splotches on her cheeks within hours. She is finally able to tolerate maybe one jar or two per week of squash or apple yogurt without getting too red. What are salicyclates (is that like salicylic acid face wash/acne products?) and is this something she will outgrow? In the meantime what fruits might I feed her? Are berries ok? She refuses to eat hardly anything I guess due to having been exposed to only like 3 or 4 foods for the last several months and her taste buds are stunted 🙂 We are struggling to find things she’ll eat that don’t cause the face rash in the fruit family.

        While we’re at it, my older son who is 4.5 and had no allergies as a baby other than a mild case of the red cheek ezcema when he ate lots citrus/red and orange colored fruits and veggies that he outgrew by about age 3, has been having a health problem we can’t get to the bottom of and I am wondering if its food related. He has developed over the last 6-9 months dark purplish bags under his eyes that make him look really sickly and haggard even though he sleeps 12 hrs a night and sporadic bad heachaches which sometimes cause him to vomit. We can’t see a correlation to food or anything with the headaches and he has been tested extensively with bloodwork, CT scan and MRI bc of course the docs were worried he had some brain tumor. All tests were clean and they said maybe he has migraines which my husband and I don’t fully believe bc we still want to know why he has the dark bags under his eyes. I took away dairy recently for a week or so and there was no improvement so I figured it wasn’t that. He is otherwise a vigorous, healthy boy in general who eats a balanced diet. We try to eat organic as much as possible. Anyone have any ideas about headache/vomiting and dark circles under eyes in child?

    • Catherine,

      Salicylates are found in a variety of foods. Here is a food guide for you to check out:

      It may be the puzzle piece you’ve been looking for. I think certain food intolerances run in families, especially for something like gluten intolerance.

      Salicylate sensitivities are common enough. As a matter of fact, it is a cause for ADHD for some children and eliminating food high in salicylates along with avoiding artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives does wonders for some kids diagnosed with ADHD. In our case my son’s corn allergy and gluten intolerance were also major factors.

      Headaches may be due to artificial colors or flavoring in the food or it could be an actual food allergy. For example, MSG is a real problem for some. Aspartame is another magilla. It is hard to know without testing, but an elimination diet could also help you figure it out. We saw dark circles that never went away with our oldest son when he was first diagnosed. We used an IgG delayed food intolerance test to determine what was bothering him. He no longer has dark circles.

      • Oh MY!!! This could be whats causing issues in all my children! My father has struggled most of his adult life with chronic sinus infections, stomach pain, migraines, rashes, trouble concentrating and been to a ton of doctors. He always feels terrible and I think he may have this allergy and passed it down to my kids. He says if he drinks wine his stomach hurts horribly and eats many of these foods and uses a lot of facial products! I can’t believe no one ever told me of this. What would I ask to test for with the IgG test specifically and what was it particularly causing your son’s eyes to be dark? Thanks a million, Catherine

  36. Hi,

    I could use some help about my 5 week old son. I have 3 children total and my oldest had no food allergies, my second had soy and dairy intolerance which she outgrew by 11 months old but still suffers red eczema on her cheeks from what I think is citric acid in fruits.

    My newest baby, the 5 week old boy, got a pimply rash on his face at 2 weeks old just like my dairy/soy allergic daughter did and had tons of explosive watery mucousy looking poops. My daughter however had the opposite, was severely constipated and gassy by dairy with facial rash too. I eliminated dairy and soy at 2 weeks old as I did with my daughter and he seemed some better. Less fussy, less poops, more solid looking poops and face rash cleared up quickly. I am breastfeeding him and if I run short he gets some Nutramigen AA which is amino acid and totally casein free (although full of corn syrup 🙁 However he seems to be regressing and is fussy again sporadically with very painful gas and rigid tummy. He becomes rigid and passing gas and crying while nursing repeatedly. The large poops which are like soup and dark yellow/light brown are coming back sometimes. All I eat is fresh meats and chicken, fresh vegetables and a few fruits, oatmeal and scrambled egg sometimes, I also eat some rice milk bars coated in dark chocolate with chopped peanuts on them. I am positive there is no casein or whey or any dairy in my diet and no soy either.

    Could this be a corn or peanut allergy?? Oddly, we have no real family history of food allergies other than my nephew who was dairy intolerant and outgrew it at 6 months old. My ped knows less than I do bc I am fairly well researched at this point and allergist said they wouldn’t see such a young baby and I am at a loss. I would like to breastfeed a couple more months at least and the Nutramigen AA seems to make him spit up a bit more. My daughter had a complete resolution of her symptoms once I gave up dairy and soy and did very well on the Nutramigen AA at 3 months old. Am getting desperate and need advice. He seems to have real gastro distress of some sort but is gaining weight and sleeping well at night mostly..Thanks, Catherine

    • Hi,

      I posted previously… my son had dairy, gluten, soy and corn allergy. I was breast feeding at the time and I know how frustrating it is. So, my sympathies! My son could not tolerate ANY formula, because even the hypo allergenic ones have corn syrup solids in them. And the allimentum redimix one had milk or soy in it. It got to the point where it even seemed like he could not tolerate my milk when I had eaten meat. I am guessing it was because most of the meat we eat has been fed a high corn diet. I have read on line about some severe sensitivities where people could not tolerate the meat of animals that had a corn diet. ANYways, we found out my son was able to tolerate kefir goat milk, and we used the recipe from the westin a price website, leaving out the acerola powder – because it has corn in it, and also the bifidobacterium because it had a milk base. And for us, the difference was like night and day. On a side note, my son was unable to tolerate just regular goat milk, but does great on the kefir goat milk. Kefir is pretty tart, but he likes a blueberry pomegranite one from redwood hills farms. It’s expensive, but was so worth it to us. Good luck with your little ones!

  37. Dear Caryn,

    i have a 3 years old son who was diagnosed with milk, egg, fish allergies and has G6PD as well which means no soy, beans, etc…

    This was since he was 1 year old and i did IGE tests and they were positive. He loves to drink milk so i have been giving him Similac advance HA.

    The problem is that this formula is for new born babies, he still drinks it but i need a better formula providing calcium and proteins for him.

    Any idea what can i use?
    Thank you

  38. Thank you so much for all the information I have read. Our daughter was first diagnosed with milk allergy when we had to supplement her while I was breastfeeding. She had severe stomach pains and would go days without having a bowel movement. We switched several different formulas until our DR put her on Nutramigen. It completely changed her gassiness and bowel movement problem. At about 6 months old she started to develop an eczema problem, pulls her ear alot, sneezes, and went from being a great sleeper to a horrible sleeper. We were given steroid creams for the eczema which helps until she has another flare up. She seems unhappy alot and scratches all the time. I have been going crazy trying to make sure she doesn’t eat anything with milk, whey, or soy in it such as Gerber puffs, crackers, or stage 3 foods. Nothing seems to help with the exzema or her fussiness.

    Yesterday, we finally took her to an allergy specialist to be tested. When the results of her skin test came back…guess what…not allergic to cows milk at all!!! She is allergic to soy, corn, and egg. When I got home, I started to go thru all of her formulas, baby food, snacks, and juice drinks. Almost everything has corn starch or corn syrup in it. And her Nutramigen has corn syrup (45%), corn starch (7%) and soy in it. I looked at the back of all the other cans of formula we have that we had tried and they all have corn syrup in them. I am definately going to look into the Alimentum that you suggested or just switching to organic whole milk since she will be one year old next week.

    You truly don’t realize how many things contain some compound of corn until you start doing some research. Thanks so much for your advice and suggestions. I will be letting you know how my daughter does once we remove all corn products from her diet.

    Thanks again!

    • Haley,
      Keep a careful watch on bath products and lotions, too. We never had success with lotions at all when our son was an infant. We also switched to hypo-allergenic detergents. Good luck and let us know how things go.

  39. My son is almost 11 months and has been diagnosed as having reflux, a stomach that empties very slow and a cow’s milk allergy. He has always thrown up since about 1 month old. He is on a soy formula and meds and his throwing up has gotten better. I started to switch him over to whole milk this week and he started to develop a really bad bum rash with raised red bumps. I had previously tried him on yogurt and he had no reaction, so we thought (including his ped) that he outgrew the cow’s milk allergy.

    I am wondering if he does have an allergy to it?? Or maybe from all of the posts before, that he might have a corn allergy? I have tried him on eggs and he has been fine as well. It really started to get bad when I put him on homo milk this week.

    Any suggestions???

  40. Hi,

    My son is 4 months old and has been VERY fussy and he would only have a BM once a week. So i took him to our chiropractor who does reflexology testing and said he was allergic to corn and dairy. So I stopped eating everything with corn and dairy because I’m breastfeeding. I recently took him to a food allergy specialist and he did the scratch test and there was tiny little welts for corn and dairy. Since I’ve stopped eating the corn and dairy he has been doing much better. But lately hasn’t been doing that good. He wakes up every hour at night and cries all day long and screams when i put him down. I’m not sure what is going on and its really hard. I wanted to start him on formula but i don’t know of any kind i can that doesn’t have corn and dairy in it. I think he is just not getting enough to eat from me or really i’m not sure what is going on and its very stressful!! any help would be great!


    • Hi Jena!
      I hope you and your little guy are hanging in there alright! How long have you been corn and dairy free? Dairy takes about 10 days to clear. Corn is harder to figure out for many reasons. Personally, I think corn is hard to digest period– for everyone. If your son doesn’t have a physical reaction to his lotions and ointments (like a bloody rash) then his allergy may not be so severe. I could be wrong. Just my mommy experience with it.
      Corn is very tough to remove from the diet. It is a hidden ingredient in over 80% of our processed foods and also in most hygiene products. It has many byproduct names that you need to get familiar with to insure that you’ve removed it fully from your diet and environment. (For example, most baby soaps, lotions, and ointments have corn derivatives.) If your main complaint is fussiness and infrequent movements (and you don’t have skin issues) then your son’s intolerance may not be so severe. Infrequent movements are not always the sign of digestive problems in a baby that is solely fed mother’s milk. What are they like? Green and watery? Orangy? Do they have little ‘seeds’ in them? The quality of his movement is also important.

      Is he also teething early? My little guy was fussy at 3 mos. I was going crazy trying to figure it out. then when he was 4 mos he sprouted 4 teeth! Everyone said it was impossible that a baby that young would be teething but his smile three weeks later proved them all wrong. If he is drooling a lot, if his gums are red and you can see the white slits of teeth just under the skin, its possible that this is causing his distress.

      My mommy hunch is that your baby is going through a growth spurt right now. I would suggest you eat more yourself and take a ‘nursing holiday’ with him. Plan to just stay in your pajamas for a few days and nurse every hour or so. Drink a 4-6 oz glass of water with each session (whatever you can manage). This will build up your supply. When you are nervous or anxious or when you don’t drink enough liquids you tend to produce less milk. This has happened to me. My third little guy had a lazy suck and I found myself pumping daily to keep up my supply. If he had been my first I might have quit on him. But I had had two good nursing experiences before and knew I could do it. All my babies went through growth spurts where they required more nursing sessions at certain stages of development.

      You mention that you want to start formula. Formula is loaded with corn products. The only one that isn’t in the states is Alimentum Ready to Feed in a can and it is hard to find and fairly expensive. Some of the moms here have made their own homemade formulas with either goat or cow’s milk. There isn’t a soy formula out there that is also corn free. Besides, soy formula has been known to cause hormonal problems in adulthood. It is loaded with estrogen and that is very bad for baby boys.

      Hang in there. Try doing a nursing holiday. Get in touch with the La Leche league too for more advice. They have groups nationwide. I used them with my youngest little guy and they were such a valuable resource (he was put on soy formula by our doctor at two weeks of age and had such a violent allergic reaction that he began having bloody stools) so I had to relatch him and relactate myself at three weeks of age. It was a NIGHTMARE. I successfully nursed him for 10 months after that with the help of a La Leche League representative who volunteered at my local hospital. She taught me techniques to help retrain him to suckle and she also helped me set up a pumping routine that would work for us.

  41. This article was VERY HELPFUL! (I just wish I found it sooner.) When my son changed from breastmilk to formula, he immediatly broke out-eventually from head-to-toe. The doctor changed his formula several times and prescribed lotions and cremes to relieve the eczema.

    I read your article on Thursday and started him on a formula with no corn (Good Start Natural Cultures). He had a well-visit on Friday and he already looked better. The doctor read your article and believes it is the solution to our problem. Our next step was allergy testing, but it looks like we won’t be doing that. His skin is clearing up very quickly. I truly believe he is allergic to corn.

    I looked at the ingredients on all of the formula that we have tried until now. Each one has a different level of corn. We thought he improved on some of the formulas, but did not clear up. I believe it was because one would have less corn in it than others.

    I cannot thank you enough. My son seems to be more comfortable. He has stopped scratching, etc and his skin is looking better everyday. Thank you so much for sharing this information! Good luck to all of the moms searching for answers!

  42. Hi there,
    My 15 month old daughter is allergic to salicyclates I discovered thanks to posting here. I had thought it was citric acid previously. Her cheeks get cherry red and badly chapped if she ingests any apple, pear, juice, squash, basically anything except banana, green grapes, dairy products, green beans and peas, ritz peanut butter crackers and small amounts of carrot. She is eating solids and is very finicky already about what she will eat. She was allergic to dairy and soy til she was 11 months old and began to tolerate cheese and yogurt. I am having a tough time finding things for her to eat. She either rejects new items or has this bad reaction on her face to them. What can I feed this child? I am worried about her nutrition as she eats only this handful of items…Any advice?

  43. I would be afraid ingest raw liver as an adult!
    There are parasites that live in livers, only cooking kills them.
    Why raw?!? Any raw meat organic or not can have parasites!!!
    COOK the liver, it will still retain vitamins.

  44. Hello, Caryn. I have appreciated reading through the conversations above. My son is 3 months old and has a case of eczema that is moderately bad and seems to be getting worse. I have been proceeding on the assumption that it could be a dairy allergy (seems pretty common), and so we have had him on a powdered goat milk formula, and then on Nutramigen Lipil. We haven’t gone the whole route to Nutramigen AA yet. I’ve tried leaving dairy out of my own diet, since I also breastfeed him. So far, no success. At the moment he’s on Nestle Good Start, because it is whey based with no casein.

    Aside from wondering if you have any general advice about how to proceed, the more specific question I have is this: in your experience, when someone has an allergy to cow’s milk, can they sometimes–or even often–tolerate raw milk better than pasteurized/homogenized (which is all we’ve tried, to date).


  45. Hi Caryn,

    Thanks for the helpful article. I went through exactly everything that is described and much of what many other mothers posted above. My daughter ended up on Alimentum RTF and did well with it. But after she turned a year and I still hadn’t “officially” discovered what the issue was, (even though I had “self diagnosed” her with a corn allergy because, well, it was just OBVIOUS), I finally decided to have her “tested” (skin prick test) at a pediatric allergy specialists. The results? The baby was allergic to NOTHING. And yet she still has these severe reactions to anything with corn (the higher the concentration of corn the worse the reaction) and to a few other foods (such as red grapes). The “allergy specialist” told me that even tho she’s “not allergic” to corn or any other food (she was tested for the top 20), that she could still have an “intolerance” and that I needed to go see a Gastro specialist. It’s hard to find food to feed her, because she’s picky to begin with, and then add in the fact that EVERYTHING has corn in it. She’s 18months now and we still have the massive reactions, terrible acidic smelly poops, burning her bottom even if only touching her for a second, and the worst part of it is hearing her blood curdling painful screaming cries. Any ideas would be helpful.

    Thanks — Ramsey & Baby Jaylen

  46. I am long past puberty (long) and developed milk allergy more than a year ago, this fall also soy allergy and the allergic reaction escalated from being a simple rash/hives, to full blown hives all over the face needing a full 7 days to become almost invisible and 14 days to disappear (along with, of course, diarrhea and immense stomach bloating lasting up to 48 hours).

    Why did it take so long to find out? Because I never had allergies in my entire life, I virtually do not get sick. When it first happened, for an entire year I told myself that this is an allergic reaction to shampoo and I did not care too much about it because it was restricted to the area on the sides of my neck below the ears and never hurt.

    Now, my skin around the eyes and on the cheek turns brown-red with a soy reaction, and flakes off pieces of skin with a milk reaction. I cannot find any information on the progress of these allergic reactions. it seems to escalate from here to nowhere. When I had stomach pain for months, I eliminated quite literally every food I eat one after the other. I never suspected milk. I found the soy allergy only after I had eliminated milk and substituted it with soy milk and one night went on for double-espresso with soy cream………

    my soy allergy is what I consider a bit pervert. I double-checked/verified both allergies at least three times, intently eating the forbidden substance after I had fully recovered from an earlier reaction. this was the only way to learn that in a heavy reaction my nose cracks and bleeds and won’t heal for – yet another week. I used to think that this is a result of extremely cold weather, just like the brown-red skin colour.

    What I am trying to say is that any allergy can look a bit different with other individuals. and that, unfortunately, one has to go through the painful process of elimination of categories of foods before one can be sure. i do not know how one can do that with a baby in pain, because it is already so incredibly unpleasant for an adult to live with (consider that my milk allergic reaction now takes an entire 7 days to be really over, 2 days of which I have problems concentrating, it just takes the energy out).
    i read that with babies both forms of allergy can disappear. mine just seems to get worse and I am already afraid of the next stage. is there anyone out there , any adult, who has the same experience? can it disappear in adults if one has both forms of allergies? i am really more interested in feedback by fellow sufferers, not in advises by doctors.

  47. I have a 9 mo old who was said to have MSPI at 5 months. She has been on Elecare since but still spits-up. Yesterday my parents gave her several glasses of whole cow’s milk and she has her 1st puke free day EVER! We tried all commercial formulas before Elecare and she always puked. She had a negative IgE skin test to milk, soy, corn, & wheat. So we are debating switching her to cow’s milk. She is only 17 pounds and 29 inches long. She eats all kinds of foods even ones with milk and has done fine. Any suggestions. Also should we do a vitamin with or without iron?


  48. Advice please? My daughter is 2 months old and has been sick from day one it seems. She has never been able to keep down formulas and have regular stools, either diareha or constipation. She has been switched from gentlease to soy and now to nutramigen.
    She has been out on Zantac that never made a difference. She has seen a GI specialist who diagnoticed her with GERD and milk and soy protein allergen and put her on nutramigen, but still nothing. She is always fussy, never sleeps, direha and never keeps her full feeding down, if she eats at all.
    They tikd ne to start adding rice cereal to her bottles tot hickem it up to help keep it down, but im scared to introduce another food since she is not doing well with her formula now.

    Sorry this is all over the place. Im just so lost and dont know wgat to do. I have been to so many Drs and still dont have any good results. Id just like my baby to be comfortable.


    • Hi Shannon,
      If she has allergens to milk and soy and the nutramigen STILL gives her trouble then I would suspect a possible corn allergen. In rare cases where a baby has difficulty with formulas it is possible for the mother to relactate (meaning get her body to produce breast milk again) but with all the stress you are undergoing at the moment with her feeding issues, and especially if you have never nursed, this would probably be very difficult and frustrating for you. Several of the moms that have commented here have successfully made homemade formulas for their babies. You may want to consider that.

      When the doctor diagnosed your daughter with milk and soy allergens did he use a blood test to do so? IgE or IgG? Or did he make the assumption based on symptoms?

      You may want to try using fresh goat milk (which you can buy in quart size containers at the local grocers– not all have them so call ahead to be sure). Goat milk is not a complete source of nutrients for a baby that is not on solid foods yet but it is closer to human milk than cow’s milk or soy. If she tolerates the goat milk then you can use it as a base for a homemade formula like some of the recipes mentioned in the above comments.

      I would not do rice cereal at 2 months of age for several reasons. I was given that very bad advice and my son developed bloody stools because it was too binding. There is a lot of research proving that early introduction to a food can cause allergies in a child. Solid foods should not be introduced until at least 6 months of age. Babies have a spit out reflex with their tongue, called a tongue thrust. It is an old wives tale that you should not attempt to feed your baby solids until they have stopped thrusting their tongue out. Putting it in a bottle for a baby too young to eat it with a spoon is not a good idea. Rice isn’t that nutritional either. Fresh mashed vegetables are a much better first food when the baby is old enough. They have much more nutritional value than rice, especially the kind you would buy from a baby food manufacturer that is highly processed.

      Now I don’t want to scare you at all, but there is a medical condition called EE, or Eosinophilic esophagitis. I don’t know if your doctor has mentioned it or ruled it out. Here is a link:

      Please keep in touch on how things are going.
      I am hoping some of the other moms will respond too, as we have had a lot of really good success stories with homemade formulas.

    • Hi,

      Regarding the nutramigen your child is on…There is Nutramigen that you purchase in the store which is mostly broken down but still has minute amounts of dairy protein and soy still in it. There is one called Nutramigen AA which you must order from Mead Johnson website online or special order through Walgreen’s pharmacy. It is much cheaper online but still very pricey. It is not available in any store and most doctors don’t know it exists. They always tell moms to just try the regular Nutramigen in the store. My two babies both had to use the Nutramigen AA because they still reacted to what was in the regular store bought Nutramigen. I found complete relief of their diarrhea, spitting up, crying, constipation etc from their severe dairy protein/soy problems on the AA formula. It does have corn syrup in in but other than that it is totally hypoallergenic. I hope you find the answer!!

  49. Hi there,
    I stumbled upon this site when looking for results to my search on hypoallergenic formula. I seem to be having some sort of other issue with my 5 month old daughter. Early on she was extremely angry and crying for hours at a time. I went to a craniosacral doctor who tested me for allergies and found out that I have a mild dairy, wheat, oat and tomato allergy and that it was my body producing allergens and flowing to her through my breast milk that was causing her pain and gas – not that she had the allergy herself. I have yet to find anyone who will to an actual allergy test on her and I don’t know why. Any suggestions on types of doctors to find who will do allergy testing on a 5 month old are appreciated.

    When my daughter started school, i started pumping but quickly could not produce as much milk as she needed to eat so we started supplementing with Earth’s Best regular formula. She seemed to take it ok and we were just putting in a half an ounce or so in every 4 ounce bottle. Then she got sick with pneumonia and had to be on strong antibiotics for 10 days. After that, her gas has increased to the point of it being nearly intolerable as it wakes her up and she screams in pain until we can work out the gas by rubbing her belly and pumping her legs. It has gotten so bad that she is now waking up about every hour or two at night where she had been sleeping for 4-5 hour stretches at night. We then cut out the formula to see if that was the culprit as my diet hadn’t changed. It declined but didn’t go away altogether. Then, in the last day or two, it increased again without any changes except an increase in my soy intake and we stopped the probiotic.

    We are struggling with a path forward out of here as her gas is just intolerable. I am now trying to eliminate all soy from my diet as well as the other items listed above to see how that goes. My bigger question is do you think she has an allergy to some of this stuff herself as her only symptom is bad gas – no eczema, no rash, no vomiting, nothing else. She is generally in a good mood, her skin is great, etc. Does this seem like perhaps a more mild type of allergy? Or is it still my allergies that she is reacting to rather than her having the allergy herself? Any help or suggestions on things to try to help her get rid of the gas is most appreciated. I am also thinking of doing some home made formula as we will need to supplement going forward. We are also about to start her on solid foods and I am slightly terrified of her having all sorts of reactions to any food we try. I was thinking of starting with sweet potatoes and carrots before we even do any grains like rice cereal or oatmeal. Any thoughts on that are most appreciated as well. Thanks so much for the forum, this is really helpful. 🙂


  50. Hey there,
    I realize this article was published a long time ago, but I just found it when looking for information on soy allergies.
    My 2 1/2 year old has a gluten intolerance and sensitivity to milk. So I’ve been really particular with my infant (now almost 10 months old), on foods that I give her. At one time she has had gluten (barley flour) by accident, and had a reaction to it. When I was nursing, I couldn’t eat any dairy products because she was very fussy and would constantly spit up. I realize dairy sensitivities are common with babies. My milk supply dried up when she was about 4 months old, NOT for lack of effort! I’ve had her on soy formula recommended by my doctor. Recently she’s been having diarrhea pretty often. Then two weeks ago she got diarrhea, and it hasn’t gone away. I’ve taken her to the doctor and he said it was “adenovirus”, which it very well could be. However, I am skeptical because that’s exactly what he diagnosed my older daughter with when she actually had a gluten allergy, that we found out on our own simply by removing it from her diet when she was 15months old.
    Also a few days ago my husband noticed a faint bumpy rash on my 10 month old daughter’s arms. It resembles eczema, just not severe, and now she has a faint rash all over her belly and some on her face. The doctor said it could be a heat rash?
    I’m trying to go with my instinct. Whenever my kids come down with diarrhea my initial thought is “ok, what did they eat??” Is it possible for the soy formula to not bother her for a few months, and then for her to develop an allergy?? Either to soy, or to corn? She is ten months old, so my husband and I are ok with putting her on organic whole milk (he’s read that people with allergies can have non-homogenized, organic milk and it not bother them. Our older daughter drinks it without problems) and supplementing vitamins in her diet. Just a little input would be really appreciated!!

    • What is the poop like? Does it have a strange odor? Are there bits of undigested foods in her stools? I am assuming she is eating solids too. Could the reaction be to anything else newly introduced?
      In our case with our youngest he developed a bloody rash within a week after starting him on a soy and corn based formula. Bumps on the skin, slightly raised and *not* red in color have always made me think allergies in my kids. Skin rashes are an IgE reaction, which is an immediate response to an allergen. So I question whether the formula would be tolerated so long and then cause a skin rash to develop. My youngest had red blotchy rashes that actually became so irritated any product I used to heal it would actually ‘burn’ it even more. I eventually found an herbal product that healed it. Do you know if she has any fungal issues at all? Sometimes when the body gets out of balance and there is a viral, fungal, or bacterial agent overpopulating it will effect the bowels and the skin. Skin rashes are an indication that the kidneys and liver and sulfation pathways are not working well enough to rid the body of whatever is causing the reaction. If it clears in a few days it was probably toxic overload of some sort and the body healed itself. If it festers over time I would get her tested for IgE allergies and possibly for a bacterial or fungal infection. There could be something in the environment too: new laundry soap, cleaning supplies, new pet, toothpaste, etc….. It may be hidden gluten too. Has she been exposed to play doh and possibly eaten some? These kinds of things–
      Best of luck.

  51. I am so greatful to have come across this site!! These comments give me some hope that my efforts to get rid of my son’s nasty eczema by changing his diet may eventually pay off. I am in the process of trying to determine possible dietary culprits. My boy has been suffering from eczema since he was 3 wks old (he is now 6.5 months old). I am feeling so overwhelmed by information though. I have tried cortisone cream (at the advice of two doctors), but I have done so much reading on the potential causes of eczema and am CONVINCED that his eczema is from something in his diet (and not anything environmental)…. but where to start? When I stopped breast milk, there was an improvement for about a week and then it flared up again. I currently have him on nutramigen and have taken him off of commercial rice cereal to try eliminating dairy, and so far no improvement, and I feel guilt-ridden every time I give him nutramigen because of all the corn ingredients in it (I have read lots of negative facts on corn in foods), but I feel I have to start somewhere…. Can anyone tell me how long a person should try any one elimination before results can be seen? This aspect of doing eliminations is the most difficult for me, because I don’t know how long I should try it for…. Any advice at all would be extremely helpful.
    Thank-you so much!!

    • Christine,
      Some food eliminations seem to clear faster than others. For example, milk allergy reactions tend to improve after about 2 weeks of an elimination diet. Grains like corn, soy, and wheat take longer. You should see a slow gradual improvement that will give you confidence you are on the right track. Some questions for you to consider: What was your diet like while you breastfed? I would start there with possible trigger foods. Did/do you have eczema? Did/does your child have bad reactions after vaccines? Are there any other indicators that there is are problems with the immune system? (ie: unexplained rashes that don’t clear, sensitivities to diaper brands, soaps, or constant ear infections, runny/stuffy noses, fussiness or irritability?– allergies are a sign that there is a problem with immune system regulation). Sometimes there are additional symptoms and they correlate with non-food products that contain food allergens. For example, there are corn products in baby creams and some powders. Do they cause rashes topically? This might help you consider what to do next. In our case we switched to goat milk and had success because our son’s problems stemmed from corn and soy (in the formula) and not the milk (goat milk is not recommended when there is a true dairy allergy). I hope this helps. You will find the answers in time.

  52. Dear Caryn,
    Hello. My 4 month old son has been in and out of the hospital since he was 3 weeks old. He has been checked for pyloric stynosis-negative, scentiscan-normal to low gastric emptying, Upper GI-normal, Swallow study-normal. He was put on Zantac and Prevacid for Reflux. During his second hospital stay for choking after giving him his prevacid in applesauce, they put him on Reglan. He tried Neocate for 24 hours and had his first choking episode! After 3 months of breastfeeding and on the elimination diet(no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs and nut) I tried to put wheat back into my diet. He broke out in a rash on his forehead and had blood/mucus in his stool. Ped told me to try Nutramigen, after 7 days he had the rash and blood/mucus in his stool! We then tried Neocate and he started to choke! After 6 days of choking episodes we tried Alimentum. He continued to choke on this formula and we ended up in the hospital again!! The choking episodes are him gasping for breath and not breathing for a few seconds. He does not turn blue but the formula comes out of his mouth and nose. He coughs a lot after these episodes! Well, we just got out of the hospital and I am trying to restart breastfeeding because that is when he did the best! This time I have even cut out corn! My ped or hospital will not allergy test him!! What is I can’t produce enough milk? Should I try a homemade formula? Is it a thickened consistency issue or allergy?? Help!! He has had the best 2 days since the hospital. I am breastfeeding and on the elimination diet! oh and I took him off the Reglan! What is it?? Thanks.

    • Milk production is tricky business. There is a symbiotic relationship between you and your baby. My 1st and 3rd were hard to nurse. Part of it is their sucking reflex, sometimes it is their habits (some like to sip and then fall asleep, never getting the hind milk and thus being more cranky because always hungry). If you are stressed out at all it reduces your milk production. It sounds like you are really stressed. My doctor prescribed a nursing holiday when my milk got low. He said to drink plenty of water (because hydration affects supply) and to rest a lot. Keep your son near you and nurse him frequently. When he is finished, if you have invested in a pump use it to empty yourself out completely. This will ‘trick’ your body into producing more. It takes a few days of this to improve your supply. The surest way to ‘dry out’ is to supplement, but when you have a hungry baby it is the first thing you want to do! My hunch is that there is a digestive issue. My oldest and youngest had mucous and blood in their stools when I tried formula in infancy. Middle boy was fine. When they were older and were tested for celiac gene, the oldest and youngest were the ones who were positive. No, they do not allergy test infants. I think the average age is 4. There are various reasons for this. It takes time for the digestive system to develop. If you do make a homemade formula be sure to include some probiotics. That helps aid digestion. It is healthy bacteria. Take a deep breath. You will get through this. Both my boys have turned out fine (and granted, they are on wheat free diets, too–)

  53. Hi Caryn,

    Thanks for your post – it has been very informative.

    I have a 20 month old who has been battling severe eczema and multiple food allergies from when he was 1 month old. He is severely allergic to milk, wheat, soy, eggs, nuts, lentils, coconut, sesame and mustard. He was exclusively breastfed until 6 months of age (I went on an hypoallergenic diet but he never showed much improvement) and then on Neocate from 7 months to 15 months old but always had an obstinate rash. We stopped Neocate and tried Elecare which is also causing a rash. Now, we are concerned about providing him a nutritionally complete diet. Right now, he eats only rice and vegetables. We want to start trying quinoa, millets and other foods but we always keep battling some issue or the other with cold, Elecare rash, Neocate rash and wait for it to subside and establish a baseline before starting anything new. But starting from a clean slate is so elusive but we are also so paranoid about making multiple changes at the same time. Should we just start introducing the stuff one by one if it’s not on the list of things he tested positive for allergy?

    Any ideas on hypoallergenic multi-vitamin, probiotic etc? Also, we need help with meal plan – anybody know a good nutritionist in Phoenix, Arizona area?

    Thanks for any help.

  54. Please I need some advice: My daughter was born with a birth defect called “Bilateral Cleft lip” and has had surgerys after surgerys and is only 7 months old. Im tired of seeing her suffering and just need some advice and answers…..When my daughter was born she was spitting up over 20 times a day, even while sleeping. Her doctor had put her on soy formula, which only had made problems worst. Since she was two weeks old she has been constipated to where she only poops once or twice every two weeks. they have switched her back and forth between soy and advance (Goodstart and similac) NOTHING improved it. I tried the prunes, stool softeners, and laxatives…nothing seemed to work except miralax. until the doctor forgot to get a refill in for me. at that time the doctor and I decided to change her on a formula for allergies. the Nutramigan (sorry if i spelled it wrong) 3 days later I was rushing her to the emergancy room because she broke out in a horrible rash BUT she aint constipated. Im in the process of switching her doctors because its a military doctor and they arent giving me any answers…please any advice would be great.

    • Amanda,
      It sounds like your daughter may really be allergic to cow’s milk, or at the very least, unable to digest the proteins in cow’s milk and soy (some kids have a hard time with them. This digestive problem is common with children who have autism. Does she have any skin problems too, besides the rash? If she has patches of dry scaly skin that is also a sign of a cow’s milk allergy. You are in a tough spot if she reacts to both cow’s milk and soy. She is only 7 months old and it is very important she gets the right nutrients in her diet. We used goat milk very successfully for our son when he was about 9 months old. It is easier to digest. But if your daughter has a true milk intolerance problem she may also have trouble with goat milk too. You may want to try goat milk while you are waiting to see your new doctor to see if it helps. We had to buy baby vitamins, though, because it is not fortified like formula. We bought a brand that was liquid. Goat milk is more similar to breast milk, but it is too low in the B vitamins and they are important for babies.

  55. My third child is 10 months and was just diagnosed with severe tree nut allergies and mild corn and shellfish allergies. I am having significant challenges producing enough breast milk for her at this point and have been searching for a supplemental backup. Until today, i was supplementing with breast milk from a good friend but now that the allergies have been identified, I am not apt to continue this practice due to contamination.

    I have yet to find a formula (both commercial or home made) that does not contain coconut oil and as stated in the chains above, most have corn oil as well. You mention you started your son on whole milk at 9 months with the supplemental vitamins? Is that my answer? I’ve asked my doctor over 100 times whether she felt I should cut over to whole milk as a supplement and she always goes back to “try another formula” of which there are none.

    I’m quite confident that my diminishing milk supply is a direct result of the stress I’ve been feeling regarding my daughters allergic attacks and the fear of not having enough food for my child. I’m up for the weekend in pjs but I still desperately need a backup plan. Thoughts?

  56. Hi Caryn!

    Great article!

    My daughter is 41/2 months and I was unable to breastfeed her – it was so devastating. I don’t think it would have been as much if she was able to tolerate formula. he is intolerant to dairy and soy….

    Do you know of anyone that has had success with homemade hypoallergenic formula? It is in the nourishing traditions cookbook, I believe. I’m so scared to try anything that my doctor wouldn’t approve of, but we are still at square one after 4+ long months of an unhappy baby. Since it’s not traditionally used…I would really be concerned…but if I had a network of people that had success with it…it would be awesome.

    She is currently on neocate and is doing terribly. Her tummy is SO bloated and she is very irritable and her sleep is so disrupted. She moans on and off ALL day. She is nearing the two week mark of trying it and if this doesn’t work…well…I’m not sure what to do. This was our last resort and now I’m not sure where to turn. Anyway, if you have any thoughts, I’m all ears!

    • I fed three of my four the homemade formula in Nourishing Traditions. It is a spectacular replacement, though not superior to breast milk. My pediatrician even looked at the recipe and the nutrient profile that they have with it and said that she cannot argue with it as a healthy formula.
      It is a hefty group of ingredients but they last for a long time and once you order them, its easy to reorder. And more affordable in the long run than commercial formula!
      All my kids skin issues cleared up, vomitting stopped and they started growing the chubbiest, most beautiful cheeks.

      It took some time to figure out that we needed to omit an ingredient here or there such as the nutritional yeast flakes, or the CLO for a short time. but I gradually added them all back in by 10 months.
      It seems like it would be difficult to make, but I tell you, fumble through it two times and after that, you’ll be a pro – making it half asleep!

      Such a rewarding thing to do as well. I felt like I could and would accomplish anything for the proper nourishment of my babies.

      Since then also, i have healed some of my adrenal issues that prevented me from producing enough milk for my twins, but thank goodness for that homemade formula recipe.

      Doctor’s don’t know everything.
      All the best to you and your little one

  57. I have a 6 month old that has a rash on his face since he wa about a month old. at first we thought it was eczama. we have been on milk based formula, then switched to Alimentum. The rash is still bad at 6 months and will not go away. last week I stwiched him to nutramigen, just to see if there was a difference. His face was as clear as day within a day, but he was up all night crying, gas, wanting to eat every hour or 2, so the dr daid put him back on alimentum
    He is obviously allergic to something in the formula. Do you know what ingredinet is in alimentum, that is not in nutramigen?
    We are seeing an allergist this week so hopefully we will find out what he is allergic to. Thanks,

    • Hi,

      Both my babies had dairy and soy allergies they outgrew by age 1. They did not test positive at the allergist for milk or soy allergy at age 10 months when I had them tested. Sometimes its not severe enough to show on the test but my babies had bad red pimply rashes on their faces that developed when they were about 2 weeks old. Even my pediatrician claimed it was severe baby acne but it wasn’t. One had bad constipation and awful gas when I was breastfeeding still drinking milk and the other had loose frequent stools. Both crying sporadically in a painful way throughout the day and night. Once I eliminated all milk and soy they were great and rash cleared right up and bowels normalized. I used Nutramigen AA which you can ONLY get off the internet or special ordered through CVS pharmacy. I ordered it off the Mead Johnson website directly for the best price. If you try your baby on this formula exclusively for 3 or 4 weeks and your baby is still not well I’d be willing to bet its a corn allergy. This Nutramigen AA is the most hypoallergenic formula you can buy (other than maybe Neocate) but it does have corn syrup. Alimentum (Ready to Feed) is the only commercial formula I know of that has no corn. I tried every store bought formula there was and even the regular Nutramigen caused them to react. The AA has completely broken down proteins rather than partially broken down proteins in the store version. My kids were wildly sensitive to even a dab of dairy as infants but now they eat tons of it and are just fine. Maybe the goat milk homemade formula could be another idea to try.

    • Laurie, this kind of reminds me of my little girl who is almost 4 months now. I first tried to breastfeed but then got mastitis and was put on antibiotics. The dr said it shouldnt effect her but since I started taking them she got really fussy and gassy so we gave her formula until I was off of the antibiotics. But when we tried BM again she still was really fussy and gassy so I stopped beastfeeding altogether and we had her on Infamil premium. After a few days her fussiness returned. So we tried the gentlease. Helped for a few days but then got real fussy and gassy. It was then suggested to try the nutramigen. But just like the others she got even more fussy, gassy, rash on face, vomitting, always wanted to eat but then would spit it up and wasnt sleeping very well. Her dr said the formula was still good for her and she is just a fussy/coliky baby. I dont believe in colic and I knew something else was bothering her. So I switched her to the prosobee soy formula. She immediately got better. Was no longer fussy or gassy, rash let up some, no more vomit or spit up, and slept through the night. So I thought it was just an allergy to the milk protiens. She has been on the Soy for a month now but has been getting real fussy again, having a harder time pooping, isnt sleeping through the night anymore and the rash on her face is back and is worse. We use the aquaphor cream to help keep the redness down on her cheeks but we cant get it to completely go away and she is now getting eczema on her arms and legs. Im kind of at a loss of what to try now or if I should just accept the fact that she is a fussy baby and has the skin irritation (since it gets worse while she is at daycare). I just happen to stumble upon this and am now wondering if it is a combination of a milk/ corn allergy. According to her dr she is normal and fine and nothing is wrong. But Im beginning to not trust him since he didnt believe us that we thought it was the formula making her fussy/coliky. I guess Im wondering what are some of the symptons of babies having a corn allergy and how should I go about getting my daughter tested for it?

  58. Nickie!

    Thank you for sharing your story! What recipe did you use? I’m looking into the bone broth based or the goat’s milk, but I’m not sure yet. Did you work w/ a naturopath or just go for it? Ugh…I’m so afraid to try…but am so anxious to at the same time. Our wee one is chronically congested and just needs something REAL. Did you breastfeed too or exclusively give them the homemade formula? How did you get over the fear of trying the homemade route? I’m comfortable w/ actually making it…but giving it to her exclusively…well…I just don’t want to hurt her since it’s not a mainstream thing I suppose. BUT…it’s just GOT to be a better route!

    I hope I have a success story like you did w/ your twins! Long story what happened w/ me and the breastfeeding failure…but…I hope the next one will receive some from me?!

    Thank you again for any insight!

  59. Hi Jessica!

    Your story sounds very similar to mine! My daughter is 5 months old. It has been awful trying to figure out what she will tolerate.

    As far as getting tested? I think when babies are this young, it’s difficult as results are often inconclusive. I’m not positive, though, so perhaps some moms with more experience in this area will chime in.

    As of today, I’ve decided we are going to goat’s milk. We found a great farm and will be trying it tomorrow morning. I’m so tired of commercial formula and all the junk that is in it. I’ll be using the weston price recipe and hope for the best. I’ll just try an ounce a day and see if she tolerates it!

    I would move on to another doctor if I were you as none of what you describe is normal! I feel for you…truly! It has been such a long haul w/ our wee one and it sounds like it’s been a rollercoaster for you as well! Anyway, if you are interested in homemade formula, let me know and I can share the months of research I’ve done! I’ve been stewing about it since she was about 2 months old and finally have the courage to give it a go.

    • I would be interested in any thing you have tried with homemade formula. 6 month old was bf and started having bloody stools at 1 month. Eliminated milk and soy from diet and baby did fine for a few weeks and then blood and mucous bm and poor weight gain. PEd recommended stopping bf and Went to alimentum and again blood so now on Neocate for 2 weeks and at first did well with no blood or mucous but now small flecks of blood and mucousy stools. Worried about goats milk because baby seems to really react to milk. Would aprreciate any help.

  60. I have a 14 month old who has a milk and soy intolerance. He also has reflux. He has been on Alimentum RTF since about 6 months and done well. Although he has had multiple ear infections, ear tubes, and has never slept through the night. With that said he was doing well and now all of a sudden he cannot keep the formula down. After he take sit 10 minutes later it comes back. He eats solids but not much he is very picky. He eats pancakes that are milk/soy free and coconut milk yogurt. Although without the formula he is losing weight. He is also not eating very much solids he doesn’t want a lot. We have upped his reflux meds and are waiting for an appointment with a GI. I don’t know what to do in the mean time. Any suggestions.

    • Hi Anne!

      At 14 months it seems like an alternative to formula would be great for your son. Have you tried making your own almond or coconut milk? I have an almost 10 month old and plan to do so in a couple of months. Check out this link:

      The almond and coconut milk from the grocery store doesn’t have many real nutrients in it – I feel it’s pretty watered down which explains why your babe is losing weight?

      I hope the link helps. I feel your pain. We’ve had a really difficult road w/ our baby as well. Let me know if you need any other thoughts and I’ll try to encourage and help!

  61. Please Help!
    I have a 3 ½ month old baby girl that I’m looking for advice on. I nursed her for three months, I started having issues after two. I went to the doctors and was told to give her formula and everything would be fine. She was throwing up and awful lot (which I could deal w/somewhat), but more importantly she was refusing to feed from me. I figure there had to be something I could do with a little help. She coughs after every meal and seems congested after napping and night sleeping. She doesn’t have any rashes, but seems to throw up no matter what I feed her. She’s had an ultrasound that came back normal and recently an upper GI. The upper GI was horrible she wasn’t able to eat for four hrs and then she wouldn’t drink the barium. The doctor said from what he can tell everything looked fine and maybe things inside her just don’t work well together yet. I did I mention she also seems to have constipation issues too. I’ve tried gentle formula and added rice formula and was told to put her on soy which I did and she still throws up. She throws up an hour after eating and even after napping for several hours. So I don’t know where to go from here. There is nothing worse for a parent to know something isn’t right with your child and to get no help from anyone.

    • Danica,
      If you only stopped nursing 2 weeks ago it is possible to relactate, although it would be a challenge to do. You should start by contacting the La Leche League to find a local chapter in your area that can help you. Often times nursing babies that fuss do so because they are going through a growth spurt or because of a positioning issue. Sometimes nursed babies will refuse to nurse if they are supplemented with bottles that have a fast flow because they do not have to work to feed themselves. (A nursed baby controls the flow when they suckle, but a bottle just drips continuously into the mouth as long as it is in there, often pooling in there if the flow is too fast.) My third baby had what my lactation consultant called a ‘lazy suck’ and I supplemented him with bottles of expressed breast milk because early on he showed terrible signs of digestive distress from every formula we tried. He also had issues with ear infections and blood in stool (after only two weeks of use!). If your daughter started throwing up only after the formula was introduced then I would suspect there is an ingredient in the formula that she is unable to properly digest. It is also possible that she is overfeeding the formula in her bottles as well. Constipation is not an issue with breastfed babies, as you know, but my little guy would get constipated from rice cereal. It is best to wait until your baby is 6 months old to introduce solids (including rice). Does your daughter have skin rashing on her bum? Red bumps on her cheeks? Do you see any spots of eczema on her skin (arms, legs?) Eczema looks like a dry patch of scaly skin. These are signs of a possible food allergy. If you believe your daughter may have feeding problems from bottle positioning and flow, there are many different kinds of bottles on the market to help with sensitive babies, from the very expensive Haberman feeder, to the Platex drop ins, to Dr. Browns. Best of luck. And do call the La Leche League chapter in your area (one may be at your local hospital) even if you don’t plan to relactate. You might get some really good common sense advice that the doctors don’t often have. I really relied on my consultant when I was struggling with my third. You would think that after successfully breastfeeding two other babies that I would just ‘know what I was doing’ but the truth is, each baby is different, and many factors can contribute to nursing problems. For example, if a person has a baby born tongue tied they will have latch problems until their frenulum (found under the tongue) is cut.

  62. Thanks for your quick response. When my baby started refusing my breast I contacted the lactation consultant and they were a big help, but pointed me back to the doctors bc they believed it was reflux. My supply started to dwindle after having her scream at my breast constantly and relying on pumped milk for her instead of directly from me. I began to feel very stressed about nursing. It was heart breaking to think about giving up, but I hated my two yr. old seeing me cry every time I tried to feed her sister. I felt like a failure. I’m just now getting over it so no I don’t want try again.
    I used Playtex drop-ins, bc they seem to be the best for getting the air out of bottle. The doctors continue to ask what I was eating and how often I was feeding her, but at the same time harassing me about her weight gain. They wanted me to go three to four hrs between feeding instead of two. I did this just for them to tell me she wasn’t gaining enough weight. After getting no answers from them or the tests I tried formula so maybe what she wasn’t throwing up would at least help her put on the lbs. The last person we saw was a PA and seemed to listen to me and offered dark karo syrup for the constipation and told me to switch to soy. I did this and the karo syrup worked great, but she still seems distressed at feeding, arching her back pushing off and sometimes refuses to eat all together. I haven’t noticed extreme dry skin. She does get dry patches with bumps behind her ears. Again, any suggestions are welcome. Thanks- danica

    • Danica,
      How are things going? I thought about another possible reason for the reflux….
      Look into using an infant probiotic. It may be that your baby needs beneficial bacteria in her gut to aid in digestion. I would steer away from soy formula for several reasons. If milk proteins are a problem research has proven that soy proteins often are too. Also, so is too high in estrogen and can cause hormonal issues, especially later in life. We did soy with #3 baby for a short time before switching to a homemade formula with goat milk and baby plex vitamins. He was about 6 months old at the time we began to supplement with our own formula. It made a huge difference. Probiotics are good bacteria that aid in breaking down food, fighting off viruses and keeping the yeasties in check. Yeast overgrowth (also called fungi) can cause digestive distress, gas, colic, and reflux. My little guy had yeast problems we later discovered. When the microflora (balance of yeast versus good bacteria) is right the body will digest food properly. If the microflora is out of balance and there are too many pathogens then the body is unable to produce enzymes that will break down and digest the food properly. This can cause food allergies to develop.
      Just something additional to look into. You may not get too much help from your pediatrician with this, but it may benefit you to look into a naturopath. –Caryn

      • Hi Danica –

        I agree with Caryn for sure on the probiotics being a huge help!

        I purchase mine from Rockwell Nutrition – their infant blend from Klaire Labs. It’s dairy free.

        Also – homemade formulas are becoming so popular – we finally are using one that works for our 11 month old. There are several solid recipes out there if you’d like me to share – I’m here to help! We’ve been through it w/ feeding problems and have had a lot of trial and error!

        I’m going to try the goat milk formula again (not sure if ours is the same, Caryn) b/c I really want her to tolerate dairy! I’ve heard goat yogurt is better tolerated than the milk for some babies – you can mix the yogurt into a formula just as well if need be.

        For now, I’m using a homemade coconut/rice formula with essential oils, vitamins, probiotics and a wee bit of molasses added. She loves it and is doing great.

        Hang in there!

    • Hi Danica,
      We had tried kefir goat milk at Caryn’s suggestion 2 years ago and it was a life saver. Our son would drink the redwood hills blueberry pomegranate kefir goat milk. Good luck!

  63. I know this post is very old but I just want to comment or how true this is. I had a corn and milk allergy from day one. I couldn’t be nursed at all. My mom tried everything goats milk even but I couldn’t have that. I end up on a meat based formula which not sure if Its any better but I am still sensitive to both corn and milk. I so think that all companies need to state when there is corn in there product.

  64. Hi Caryn,
    Just wanted to say thanks soooo much for this article, it’s been a true life saver for my baby boy.
    I figured my baby was allergic to corn/corn syrup (he was 3 1/2 months old) after many sleepless nights trying to figure things out since his pediatrician simply said he had reflux,but I wasn’t buy it. I was breast feeding him but was also supplementing with formula. One day he got very ill after I ate corn tortillas, and once again after I ate corn chips.
    I changed my diet, and later changed formulas, I even tried Nutramigen (he bled from that one within 5 hours of drinking it), then thanks to your article and I gave him Similac Allimentum Ready to Feed and he stopped vomiting, diarrhea stopped, I stopped breast-feeding immediately because corn syrup is in everything, and he started to gain weight and slowly picked up pace. At 4 months old he went from failing to thrive to a normal growing baby. His pediatrician was amazed at how I figured it out but I owe you a lot!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. cheers

  65. Thanks for the info! I just wanted to add that as far as diaper rash goes, we have been putting extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil on daughter’s booty since birth and we have never seen a rash ~ she’s 10 months now. So if anyone was curious about how to keep it a bay there it is 🙂

  66. I was reading thru this and it kinda sounds like what my son(who is 4 months has been going thru. It has gotten worse as time goes on, been seen by two dr I said it may be reflux they didn’t even want to put him on that med. This last time his crying and spit up has gotten worse , my husband thinks I am crazy and nothing is wrong “normal baby stuff” as he and the dr puts it. I just begged them to put him on Nutramigem and now he is still crying(screaming) diaper rash has came about , he also gets blood shot eyes at least once a week with mucus , and rubs he face all the time on the towel(have to use that bc of the ammount) when I burp him. I am at a loss and just cry because no one will listen. I have a new Dr I am going to see in the morning, should I sugest these allergy test, bc we tried the ProSobe and it was same thing, and also I noticed on the can of Nutramigem the first ingred is corn . Please help I am at a loss and would greatly apprechiate it!!!!!

  67. Cranesa, Tests can’t be done on babies this young, unfortunately but if Prosobe was bad, Nutramigen will be too, it too has corn in it you’re right. I have my son on Allimentum Ready To Feed only (powder Alimentum has corn in it). Buuut, there’s one other formula called Baby’s Only that doesn’t have corn in it but this one has milk so just in case your son is allergic to milk too I suggest you strongly to give him Allimentum. My son changed over night after he started drinking Allimentum.
    Btw, insurance will cover it too,with doctors prior authorization, just get the NDC number for Alimentum Ready To Feed cans (one box has 6 cans) from Abbot (the company that makes it) their number is (800) 633-9110. After you get the NDC number, tell your Doctors office to call your insurance and tell them that your son needs this and only this formula because you tried all the rest and he gets sick from them, this is the only formula that doesn’t have corn and the milk protein is hydrolyzed (sp.) so even if he has milk allergy too it won’t make him sick . But, please buy it first, and give it to your son to try it, if it works for him then do the above.
    I understand how you feel, I was just like you a few months ago, I now feel like I saved my son, since his doc. had no idea. Anyway, I also wanted to give you a tip that my friend used for her crying son, long story short- he’s hungry most likely, so feed him more often some babies eat every 1 1/2 – 2 hours, some every 3- it depends. A new bottle was what stopped my son from crying at 10 days old. To this day I use Medela bottles, now with a faster flow but at 4 months a #2 flow nipple was perfect.
    Don’t worry, easier said then done I know, but everything will be ok. Cheers.

    • Skye thank you soooo much, it is so nice to talk to mother’s who are going through similar situations, its nice bounce ideas off of eachother! OMG I have totally lost faith in dr’s I know they don’t know everything , but I went to my 3rd one friday and she didnt listen saying it was acid refulx. You should’ve seen what Nutramigendone to my son. The dr said it could’nt be allergies to anything bc he didnt have blood in his poop. I am on WIC and cant afford to get the Alimentum Ready To Feed so I have to find a dr that will listen and write a Rx for it. I am thinking about bypassing the dr and taking him to a pedi allergist, what do you think? For now he is still sick and spitting up so bad I have him on AR that seemed the best out of all the formulas I have tried, but he is still allergic to something! I feel so bad for him and helpless. I am glad your son is doing better btw. I have tried the medla bottles my sone is VERY picky about nipples he only likes MAM which was a Godsend bc he was also born tiny so feeding him was a challenge we through EVERY brand of bottles. Thank you I will give what you told me a try and see what I can do about a Rx for the Alimentum Ready To Feed. Thank you again. Thank you to everyone who posted their story on here bc I would still be at a loss about what to tell the dr as to what to look at.

      • Hi Cranesa, I’m not sure about a pedi allergist, you could try to take him I guess, I’m just not 100% that they can do allergy test on young babies.
        I wanted to ask you: Is your son gaining weight steadily? My son wasn’t gaining much weight until I started him on Alimentum, and his “acid reflux” disappeared on Alimentum.

        Try it, you could buy the $9.99 big white bottle first instead of 6 cans for $15.99 (it’s available at CVS or Rite Aid), see how your son does on it, it’ll at least answer the question for you “is he allergic to milk protein and corn syrup”.
        Good luck, take care and please keep us posted.

  68. Hello again Skye, thanks for writing back! I finally found Alimentum , that stuff is like liquid gold!!!!! I got the last two bottles at walgreens, wow the spitting up stop almost instantly , I took him off his zantac bc I found out that there was corn in that also! I did get him a allergy appointment set up but its not for another month! He isnt where he needs to be as far as weight bc all he done was throw up his bottles he would want 6 or 7 oz I bet he evacuated half of that almost every time, he is 11 lbs at 4 months 1 week.On top of that I am on WIC they dont cover Alimentum and neither does my insurance for some reason, sooooo not sure what to do. Good thing is I went to see the dr today come to find out he sees pedi’s and he even examed him today and listened to me and said I done the right thing by making a appt with the allergist bc he would’ve refered me anyway. So I am switching dr’s…..just takes the mom being the advocate for their baby.I think he might be allergic to both but we will see what they can do at the allergist and see what they find, but he is doing so much better on this sooo far and its been a day since he has started I know to give things 3 or more days ,so hopefully it will get better from here. I am glad ur son is doing good and thriving. Thankx again sooooo much I am glad we are going through the same thing so we can give ideas and help people that will go through this bc its hard wathcing your baby go through this and not know what to do!

    • Thank God!!! Good job, Cranesa for not giving up. I’m sooo happy to hear he stopped vomiting. He’ll now finally start to gain weight. Just feed him more often then with the other formulas, this is what I did, I fed him every 2 hours or whenever he wanted and every time I offered him the bottle he never refused it. He usually drank 4-5oz at every feeding. Then, he gradually went to every 3 hours 5-6 oz.
      And yes, Wic doesn’t cover it, but after you get the results from the allergist, give them to his doctor, and he’ll have to write a prescription, and do a prior authorization for the insurance. The insurance will then have to cover it. If you have insurance from the state, in California we have Medi-cal, they will cover it. Your doctor will have to tell them that your son needs Alimentum since it’s the only source of food/nourishment he can tolerate.
      Again, thanks for updating me & thank God you stuck to your guts and did the research that you did. Give your son a big hug for me. I’ll be in touch.

      • Hello again Skye,
        Hope your well, WE ARE, THANKS TO YOU AND EVERYONE WHO POSTED! My son is SOOOO MUCH better on the ready to feed Alimentum. OK, well I got a call from the nurse at the allergist at Duke Hospital in Durham , suposed to be famous great hospital that knows it all. Well appearantly they dont! The nurse told me no way could be be allergic to corn he probly has collic or refulx. OMG I went off ….I told them I am paying a lot of money to come to yall bc no one else will listen I need this test done for insurance and if your not going to test him for everything then I might as well go somewhere else! They said they would test him for corn,soy,and milk. Who knows….but I am going to my fourth dr wed to see if he will write me a script for the Alimentum bc he is going through a bottle a day. I called Similac they are sending me extra coupons and formula(dont know how much). Hows your lil one doing? Your so nice too bad we live on the other side of the country from one another we could have a play date. Its nice talking to other mothers and hanging out.How old is your son now? Is he allergic to any other foods you have tried him on if any? I sure do hate putting my lil guy through the ringer with all this it makes me feel so bad. Did you feel that way too? Nice talking to you again , sry it took so loing for me to get back with you!

    • O man, I just wrote you a mile long reply, and it disappeared when I pressed post comment:( Anyway, in a nut shell I said Yaaay for your son’s health, and that we would’ve totally hung out if we lived closer:)
      My son is doing well, thanks for asking. Hope your son gets the script for Alimentum. Corn allergy is more common than we know, that’s what my son’s pedi told me after I asked him about it (even though he failed to diagnosed him). It did take me a good 2 months to get the insurance, doctor and the pharmacy on the same page.
      Cranesa, are you giving him Vitamins (polyvisol or trivisol)? I had to give mine (once a week) even though hey have corn syrup buuut it was necessary for him to catch up, his pedi recommended them. After about a month or so when he got stronger, I switched to Vitamin D only, he has no bad reaction from it.
      All the very best to you & your family.

  69. I have no idea where to turn. My son started projectile vomiting my BM at 2 weeks and we started feeding him Similac Advance. He did well on this for about 3 weeks and then started projectile vomiting the formula. We started giving him reflux medicine and put rice cereal in his bottles and he did great for about 2 weeks. He then started projectile vomiting again (but not experiencing any real pain). Ped had us switch to Alimentum on Sunday and he is doing terrible. He never had these stomach pains when he was using Similac Advance. He is keeping the alimentum down but I feel like it is completely tearing him apart. Have you heard of anyone doing better on Similac Advance vs. Alimentum? It seems very odd…Both of these are powder based. Thanks so much. I just want his pain to stop.

    • Hi Ashley,
      I remember giving my son Similac Advance and being so happy for about 2 days when he started to projectile vomit again. I tried every formula there is, but only Alimentum Ready to feed worked for him. The Ready To feed is the only one that doesn’t have Corn Syrup in it, the powder version has it.
      There’s another formula called Baby’s Only, it has rice in it and everybody recommends it for being easy on the baby’s stomach. But this formula has milk in it, just in case your son is sensitive to milk also. Best, and I hope to hear well about your son.

  70. This article is awesome and all of you moms are amazing! It is really cool that we can rely on our own instincts and each other for answers and help for our babies. My daughter is now 13 months old. I nursed her until she was 9 months. At that time, I started her on Target brand formula. She seemed to do fine with that at forst. However, when she was about 11 months, She started to get really bad eczema on her face, arms and legs. She also started getting a constant runny nose (cold like symptoms). From there she now keeps a constant ear infection. We took her to an allergist who stated that she had a milk allergy. So, he put her on rice milk. That was a disaster. All of her symptoms got worse. Her skin was bright red. So the next step (according to the allergist) was soy. That was even worse! So, now she is on Nutramigen. I have noticed that her sysmptoms are about the same and now her mood seems to be changing. She is grumpy all of the time, she never sleeps, and she is just not my sweet happy baby anymore. I feel as though she may have a corn allergy after reading this article. Since she is over a year, I would like to try goats milk. But I am scared that she will have a reaction that that since she had a reaction to cows milk. But at this point, I am ready to try anything. All I know is that I have to get her off of the Nutramigen because that seems to be making everything worse. Any thoughts about the goats milk? Or should I try that formula that everyone has been talking about (Allimentum)?

    • Hi Whitnie,
      Sorry to hear about your daughter’s trouble with milk. If she’s allergic to milk protein try Alimentum, see if it helps her. You’re lucky in a way since she’s 13 months old, she eats solids now, for me it was very hard with my son since his birth almost. Alimentum is very easy on the digestive tract, if it helps anything my son had eczema while he was on every dairy based formula, and soy. Eczema is related to allergies, I had it before I knew I was sensitive to wheat. I cut wheat from my diet and it has never appeared again. Wish I had a better answer but to try Alimentum. All the best.

  71. My baby is 9 months old and delevloped a bad facial rash. She has been with high fevers and dr. Are not giving me no answers. 8 had recently introduced milk to her which i believe caused the allergic reaction. What should i do to help heal the rash? She is back on her formula (enfamil for infants) but when she is a year how do i introduce milk or should i use toodler formula?
    Thank you I could really use the help for some suggestions or answers!

    • Hi Cristal, I hope someone else replies with a better advice, but I couldn’t just not reply after I read your post. For the rash have you tried Aquaphor ointment? As for milk, I think you introduced it to your baby a little too early at 9 months, everyone says wait at least until 1 year. One woman I met recently told me that she plans to use Nido when her son turns 1- it’s a formula for toddlers. Also, Baby’s Only is a good formula for babies too, even though it says on the packaging that it’s for toddlers. My bff has given it to her baby since she was 5-6 months old, and she’s doing great on it.
      I’m speaking for me, I decided I won’t give my baby eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, honey, and all the other allergens until he’s at least 18 -24 months old. He’s already allergic to corn so his pedi said no corn until he’s 6 years old.
      All the best.

  72. After reading this I have some hope in finally getting to the bottom Of my daughters ezcema! It has been a long battle..she is just over 1 now. First it started with a small rashy face when she was younger (before solids) then started spreading all over as she got older and started solids. Every dr I seen dismissed my concerns of food intolerances (even after telling them my partner was severely intolerant to dairy as a baby) they referred me to a “dermatologist specialist” who barely gave me the time of day hardly even looked at my daughters skin properly (this was when it was at an all time low she was so rashes up and actually looked like a burns victim) anyway he said ezcema is almost never caused by food allergies and prescribed me with 3 different strengths of steroid cream which I did not want to use on my daughter but I was desperate no dr wanted to help I took it on myself with eliminating dairy but didn’t change her formula as I had already tried a number of them and didn’t want to upset bubs tummy anymore..

    her skin seemed to somewhat improve with the help of the steroid cream but it was only a quick fix sure enough as soon as your not using cream it’s back! I have now been seeing a naturopath who has detected dairy, egg, wheat, additives & preservatives intolerances oh and soy! So as you can imagine this is so hard for me as I’ve cut ALL of these things out and switched to lactose free formula…but the rash continues. My daughter eats ALOT of corn on the cob and I did take that into the naturopath to check but now I’m wondering if the results were wrong. I’m running out of ideas for foods to feed my daughter I feel terrible just feeding her vegetables ALL the time!

    I’m in Australia and would love some advice on what milk I could feed her..goats milk is no good either as I was washing her in goats milk bath was (was recommended to help with eczema) and that’s when her skin got so bad all over! Any help and advice on food ideas would be so appreciated It breaks my heart seeing my daughter like this! Oh and I forgot to mention I took daughter to dr last week due to swollen lumps behind ears (have been told swollen lymph nodes caused by the eczema) dr has put her on antibiotics but have been hesitant giving them to her due to the rash.

    • Ashley,
      Does your daughter have seborrhoeic eczema? This particular kind is sensitive to yeast. I’m just curious, because antibiotics are made from fungi and fungi are a type of yeast. So if you feel that the antibiotics don’t help and may actually cause a rebound reaction this may be an area to further investigate. Steroids are used as an anti-inflammatory and are often used for people with auto immune and allergic responses, so I would imagine that your hunch is a good one if the the steroid cream is helping. I think if I were you I would see an allergist too, and run IgE testing to see if your daughter truly has allergies before doing such a restrictive diet. One of my boys had swollen lymph nodes too. He was diagnosed with a systemic fungal infection and we had to put him on an anti fungal diet (with anti fungal meds) for about 3 months. Foods like corn and peanuts and wheat are fungal feeding, as are sugars. We fed him fermented dairy and meat, fruit, veggies. He was 3 1/2 when we had to do this. He was born with a spot of seborrhoeic eczema on his scalp that never went away fully until after we did this treatment. The diet and meds did a great job healing him– lymph node and cradle cap. He never had any other type of eczema except for chronic rashes in the groin area and diaper area. There is a Dr. in New Zealand called Dr. Rodney Ford. He works with families of children with allergies and digestive disorders and has done much work in the area of gluten intolerance and celiac. Check out his website for some ideas and possibly answers.

  73. My son spit up constantly from the time he was 3 months old. We got no help from his regular doctor so we finally took him to a Children’s Hospital GI doctor at about 9 months. She did a stool sample and found traces of blood, called it a milk and soy protein allergy. We took him off both for a month no real change. (I also want to point out that my baby started sleeping through the night at 2 months, has always been on the 90th percentile with his weight and a very happy baby. Not colicky, does;t appear to have an upset tummy, no rash.)

    After this month doctor said maybe it wasn’t what she thought, she did another stool sample though just to check. Still found traces of blood. Said we must continue with the milk and soy free diet and she wanted to do an endoscopy. We left feeling overwhelmed and confused. My husband did not believe any of this, we decided not to do the endoscopy and slowly reintroduced milk products. He really didn’t seem to change much, (got the spitting up to stop with Zantac).

    Now at 12 months I have taken him off formula, (the elecare one for babies with the milk protein allergy) and just for peace of mind put him on rice milk instead of regular cows milk. Over the past few weeks I would say he is crankier then he has ever been, however he did have a cold for a while but it is gone now. He Won’t usually take more then one nap a day, but its usually a few hours long. But my baby who has always slept so well, typically 10-12 hours over night, now wakes up at least once a night crying, pretty hysterically. I give him half of his regular serving of the rice milk and he goes back to sleep, sometimes until morning and sometimes wakes up another 4-5 hours later with same results. I am at a total loss. My husband thinks everything is always fine, and we are first time parents with no real help. I just feel in my gut something is not right. I just don’t know what to do anymore!!

  74. My son has had a bad eczema-type rash all over his face, neck, and upper shoulders since he was about 1 1/2 months old. He is now over 4 months old and it isn’t getting any better–I would venture to say, it is in fact, worse. The pediatrician has had us switch formula numerous times. We literally have gone through ALL of them! We had tried Alimentum and his rash disappeared almost instantly and stayed gone for a good week and a half. Then, it returned with a vengeance.

    We saw our pediatrician again and showed him that it was now on the trunk of his body, his arms, and his legs. He agreed that it had gotten worse and said he wanted us to try using the ready-to-feed Alimentum exclusively for at least 3 weeks. We have been doing that, but it isn’t getting better. He doesn’t want us to start him on solids yet, because he doesn’t want to introduce any new factors, as he thinks he is allergic to something. He said it is too early to get him allergy tested though.

    I have no idea why his rash would suddenly get better only to reappear! I feel like I have exhausted every search engine and done all the research I know to do. Any ideas what could be going on? He continues to gain weight, poops regularly, and there is no blood in his stool that I can tell. We use Tide Free & Gentle detergent, bath him with Aquaphor wash, and have been applying California Baby Calendula lotion to his skin. I just need help! 🙁

  75. About a month ago I switched my 7 month old from Breast milk to Formula. He instantly broke out with eczema all over his face. We then switched him to soy. The eczema has became better, but still comes and goes. I read that it could be related to msg’s and other chemicals. Do you have any suggestions what I should be giving him? I heard that organic isn’t really much better and still contains the msg’s and some chemicals. I also considered goats milk, but read that it isn’t a good source of nutrients for his age. Please help! It is such a crucial age. I do not think it is a corn allergy, because he doesn’t have any problem with eating baby food with corn in it. Thank you!

    • Diane,
      I gave goats milk to two of my babies after weaning them. One was a year old and the other, who weaned himself at 8 months and had a reaction to all the formulas, when he was about 9 months old. Goats milk more closely resembles breast milk nutrient-wise and is easier to digest. But if you have a child with a true intolerance to the milk proteins even goat milk could be a problem. In other parts of the world they make goats milk baby formulas. Goats milk lacks adequate B vitamins.

      My family doctor just suggested I use a baby vitamin with the milk and feed him a good diet with vitamin B enriched foods. I used Baby Plex. And he thrived with that routine. Soy is bad for boys especially. There is way too much estrogen in it for a staple food. It can cause hormonal and thyroid issues later on. It also has proteins similar to cow’s milk in it, so if the milk protein is the problem then the soy will not clear it up. You won’t know if corn is a problem, either, until you eliminate it completely. Trust me on that one. Check your cleansing products for him too– lotions and soaps. You may need to switch out something there to help him. Eczema could also be caused by environmental factors too.

  76. I have brought an organic fromula babys only organic fromula lactose free. I was wondering if you knew if this is safe and corn free ? as my daughter is very fussy when i nurse and have drank milk or soy. she did even worse on this formula. I will try to be corn free, see if this helps her thank you so much -melissa

  77. Hello.
    I have a 4 month old baby and have been to the ER so many times, she has also been hospitalized. I have tried 7 formulas and no luck (the last one was neocate…no LUCK). I am currently breastfeeding her unfortunately she has been diagnosed (or at least doctors think this is her diagnosis) with milk protein allergy, they have me on a milk free, soy free diet. I am at 90 lbs and health wise very sick and would like to find some type of formula. I would not mind breastfeeding her, but the diet is taking a toll on my own health. The only symptoms my daughter has are bloody stools and projectile vomiting, also really bad rumbling noises in her stomach (even after she has eaten) and does not sleep at night. (I apologize when I say only symptoms because they are pretty bad, but I have read some posts of childen who have allergy breakouts and thanks to God she doesnt have any breathing or rash outbreaks) Has never slept a full night completely. I have tried Enfamil Newborn, Enfamil Prosobee, Enfamil Gentlease, Good Start, Nutramigen, Elecare, Neocate. She does a bit better on breast milk, but doesnt sleep through the night is constantly hungry and fussy. I dont know what else to try and after reading the article I think she might be allergic to corn? I would greatly appreaciate any feedback.


    • Does she get a solid diaper rash around the anus a lot? Does she get cradle cap? Have you tried using probiotics with her? Does her tongue have a white coating on it? Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with IBS? or Celiac Disease? Are you also suffering from IBS? or been diagnosed with Crohns or anything?

      • No not really, she has gotten diaper rashes due to the diahrrea like bowel movement she has had due to BM. Cradle cap? Probiotics? Yes her tongue does have white coating sometimes. To my knowledge no. I am not sure what is Celiac Disease. I do not have IBS or Crohns. (Sorry for not knowing a majority of these things)

    • Hi there,

      When I had researched the ingredients of one of the super-hypo-allergenic formulas that hospitals use, one of the first ingredients was a corn product. When I called the company, the representative finally admitted after I pressed them for several minutes that the corn (syrup I think it was) was not broken down, “but – a corn allergy is really rare.” The super hypo-allergenic formulas did not work for my son. A lot of people here have had success with the allimentum ready to feed, but we were not able to use that, because if I remember correctly there might have been soy in it. It has been a couple of years now – there was something in it that he couldn’t have. Anyways, the only thing that worked for us was kefir goat milk – caryn had recommended it to us, and my son was able to grow on it even though he could not keep down regular milk products or even plain goat milk. Redwood hills farms blueberry pomegranate kefir goat milk worked for us, the plain was too tart for him. Good luck!

  78. Hi Sasha, I don’t have much time sorry but i couldn’t ignore your post. Why don’t you try Allimentum Ready to feed? Buy one and see how she does on it. It’s much easier for babies stomach then any other formula. If it works then feed her more often until she catches up, and she’ll sleep when she’s feeling better. I hear you about you loosing so much weight trying to eliminate foods from your diet because of breast-feeding, I lost a lot of height like that too until Alimentum worked for my son and I stopped bf completely because corn is in almost everything. good luck and hope your little one feels better. hugs

    • Hi Skye, I apologize for the late response. I spoke to her doctor earlier and she is having me try one more thing with the neocate, if that does not work I will definitely try the alimentum ready to feed. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

  79. I am reading the responses but someone please email me to help. My baby is only 9 months, if he cannot drink formula, what can I give him? He does drink green juice and eats green veggies, but it seems that he needs the milk to passify him. I just weaned him and put him on the formula, but I can see he is allergic. HELP

    • Hi Tara,
      I am so sorry for the late response.
      I am glad to announce my daughter has started Neocate, but I need to add extra water because she wont keep down the formula how it is normally suppose to be prepared im not sure if its because of the texture. Please feel free to email me I will be online all day today.
      Hope everything is working out.

  80. Caryn,
    Thank you for this posting! My first two children were drinking out of sippy cups at 9 months. Their pediatrician told me that as long as they weren’t drinking from a bottle, I could switch them to whole milk. Soooo much cheaper than formula.
    Now I have an almost 3 month old who has tried three different types of formula – to no avail. Colicky, fussy, gassy, cries and cries, eczema, spit up. I can’t breastfeed, and I feel so bad for my little guy. I would just switch him over to whole milk, but my pediatrician had told me (with my other kids) that the reason they can’t drink it from a bottle is it will make them anemic because of the way they suck. ?! so I don’t know! At any rate, what vitamins etc did you give your baby with the whole milk? and thanks!

  81. Dear Caryn,
    We dont know what to do . BF our baby and cried all time then had blood in stools at one month so cut out all milk and soy and baby seemed to improve but gained slowly. Then 6 weeks later started having blood in stools. Ped GI did small scope and blood work and found inflamation in colon. recommended 6 allergen elimination diet or allimentum ready to feed. Tried eleminating but baby still had blood and not growing. Tried allimentum and after 2 days baby had much blood so went to Neocate. Gained 1st week but now blood and baby developed bottle aversion cuz Neocate so bad we have to feed in sleep and not getting enough. Have continued to pump but dont know if baby will nurse and he is not growing. PEd want to ng tube but what to feed? do I eliminate corn too? What do I do? Now 5 months old.

    • Lynn,
      Did the Ped GI test for parasites? Was he a preemie, by any chance? Bad bacterial overgrowth can cause inflammation and blood in stool. Has doctor suggested probiotics? Has baby’s stool been tested for bacteria and fungi? These are just random thoughts based on my experience. I would think a GI would know to test the flora of the intestine as protocol when infant has blood in stool. There are conditions common with preemies that cause inflammation and bloody stools because their intestines are immature and can’t handle food. A five month old should be well able to handle probiotics. It should hopefully help if bacterial infection is issue. But you need to dose based on baby weight and strain, so a stool test is needed to diagnose. Poor little guy. Is he rashy too? Eczema or hives, or blotchy skin? Does he have sour burps or really frothy, smelly bowel movements? Breast is best. Just keep pumping until you know what is what. Breast milk is a natural antibiotic (it kills pink eye better than a script would). Allimentum ready to feed is corn free, btw. Hang in there. And keep pressing the doc for answers. If you are dissatisfied, find another for a second opinion.

  82. Hi:

    I’m so glad I found this site! I’ll try to make a long story short…my 9 month old was diagnosed (RAST test) with an allergy to corn at 7 months old. The pediatrician told me alimentum powder was safe because the corn proteins (maltodextrin was the FIRST ingredient on the list!) were broken down. Well, through my own research and my son’s severe rash and eczema, I decided to give him alimentum RTF, which has worked great. Problem is, I live in remote rural Alaska and we have to have everything shipped in. I ran out of the RTF and decided to try goat’s milk mixed with the RTF I have on stock until the shipment gets here. It seems that corn/corn syrup/corn products are in EVERYTHING…this is really frustrating…we have to make his baby foods, which is time consuming with us both working. I feel like the pediatricians have just blown us off instead of working with us. Imagine our surprise when I discovered the Benadryl prescribed had corn syrup in it! I have looked through so many websites/corn allergy support groups, that my head is starting to swim. Is there anything I can give my baby that won’t cause a head-to-to allergic breakout? Thanks for your help!

  83. Just wanted to update on my original post, although my daughter has been through some rough couple of months I have been able to have her drink formula. She is taking neocate, but I have to add extra water, she doesn’t keep it down if i prepare it the way the bottle says. She throws up maybe once a week which is a huge improvement. I am very glad to have found this website, it was of great help and resourceful. Thank you Caryn.

  84. My daughter is 15months and ever since iput her on the whole milk wen she turned 1 its been hectic. When she takes whole milk she gets costipated and struggles to poop. she becomes cranky and clingy. Itook her to the doctor numerous times after isaw that it was the same reaction wit 2% and 1% and the doctor told me to keep her on it. She was still reacting the same way only there was blood in her stools. after that her doctor agreed to put her on Soy milk but im conserned that she’s not getting her calcium and also iwant to know what is wrong tht she doesnt respond well to Whole Milk or any other milk.If anyone has advice or suggestions please help!

  85. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Weston A Price hypoallergenic baby food formula recipe? I hear so many negatives about using beef broth as the base and I was just wondering if anyone has any feedback? I am considering this for my 6 month old twin daughters who both have milk allergies. Thanks

  86. I was wondering something after I stopped breastfeeding my son I started him on the same formula as I did my daughter the regular Enfamil and it constipated him and we found he need the gentle formula and his Dr has not done any test to find out why and I was wondering if there is a chance he could have problems drinking regular milk? He is almost 1 and I’m trying to think ahead..

  87. This article saved our baby from so much suffering. I cannot thank you enough. Our 4 month old has had welts, rashes, and fire red skin for weeks. Doctors were baffled and told us it must be a dairy intolerance( I was nursing). Suggested I stop nursing and we try him on a hypoallergenic formula like Nutramigen. His skin got worse. So they switched us to Neocate and his skin got even worse(nevermind we paid $60 for the can). I finally came across this article and ordered Allimentum ready to feed and IMMEDIATELY his skin(and sufferering) ceased!! The power of the internet is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. He is allergic to corn! I never would’ve thought of this. We were so desperate and scared for our little baby. Now we have to figure out if our insurance covers it!

  88. I’m SOOOOOOO glad i cam across this!!!!! My daughter is now 7 months old and I’ve been trying to figure out for months why the only thing my daughter could stomach was Similac Sensitve RTF. I remeberd my dr saying she could have a corn allergy and dissmised it because I thought it was a lactose and soy sensitivity because she was on a commercial formula. I’m seting up an appointment with her Pedi to get a referal to an Allergy Specalist on Monday! Thanks so much it’s so nice to finally have an idea of whats going on!

  89. My baby has corn sugar intolerance like his father. Are there any corn-free formula products?
    Even though corn is not listed in some formulas, when I call the company they say that “dextrose” a corn product is used as a carrier for the vitamins. My baby has less problems with these products but still has a problem.

  90. My almost 6 month old has underdeveloped sphincter and of course reflux disease- aspirates into his nose badly when not on his medications. I have been breastfeeding him him whole life but have to pump every meal to add rice cereal as milk to thin. As this is overwhelming- especially with a three year old- I started to experiment with formulas to see which one would work as I cannot keep pumping full time and functioning with life it feels. I know he has a large cows milk problem- I realized that when I was he was an infant-once I took out of my diet he greatly improved. Unfortunately, I have tried enfamil newborn, gentleease, nutramigen, nutramigen AA, Babys Only Organic Lactose Free, Babys Only Organic Soy and He reacted badly to every one :(. Please help! I just want something to suplement with my breastmilk. Would some type of goats milk formula from Europe or making my own or simply mixing organic goats milk with my breastmilk be best?

  91. Thank you for your information! I appreciate it! I am curious when you said that you gave the baby almond milk for three weeks to clear his system is that the only thing you gave him? No supplements or multivitamins or probiotics? I’m thinking of doing the same for my dear son to clear his system…

  92. Whole breastfeeding an infant with a corn allergy does anyone have trouble with meats as well? My son (5m) is allergic to peanuts dairy corn chicken beef tomatoes and shellfish. I’m struggling with trying to find foods to eat. Pork breaks him out as well and I’m assuming it’s from the corn it’s fed? Turkey meat seems to be the only meat he doesn’t have an issue with. We have only had one scratch test so far so everything is basically trial and error. But I feel like giving up and I know I’ll regret it because I stuck through it with my middle child and she was allergic to dairy eggs peanuts beef and coconut. I’m torn. Corn is in everything and I don’t understand how it’s not in the top 8! It’s ludacris. Thank you for this page it has a lot of great info to help me understand!

  93. Also does anyone know of corn free vitamins to take? I feel like my body is quickly being depleted of nutrients! Thanks!

  94. You may also want to consider giving your baby pro biotic formulas designed for children. The FDA won’t allow them to recommend probiotics for children under 6 months just like any supplement or medicine, but I have known plenty of people who successfully use them to help their babies with tummy troubles like digestion issues.

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