Baby Sling Pattern to Sew Your Own Baby Sling

baby sling pattern

Need a baby sling pattern? If you want to sew your own sling type baby carrier, but don’t know where to start, I can help. And if you are concerned that your home sewn sling will not meet safety standards, don’t be. There are a few good places online that offer both a baby sling pattern and parts. Let me tell you about them.

Here’s where to find The Perfect Baby Sling Pattern and Parts!

baby sling pattern
The baby sling I made with a baby sling pattern from

It’s key that the “rings” on a ring style sling carrier are truly made for this purpose, and can hold the weight of a child. They should be welded steel or solid construction. The only supplier for that is They have a terrific range of color choices for whatever your project might be; their rings come in aluminum or nylon.

If it’s a pattern you want, a real paper baby sling pattern you can hold and cut out, not just internet instructions, then it’s! Elizabeth Lee is a company that specializes in nursing clothing patterns for breastfeeding mothers. Now there’s a niche market!

The baby sling pattern comes with a dolly sling pattern. This is cute if you have an older child that wants to carry her doll. It also has some additional accessories.

The folks at SlingRings have a page on their site listing more sources for sewing information and baby sling patterns.

I’ve sewn two slings — one just to try it, that one came out to be way too large! We called that one the giant sling and I think my daughter could still fit in it at 5. The second one I made to wear to a wedding shower.

I had a wedding shower to attend when I had a little one who was just a couple of months old. To go to the shower, I had to take the baby. And I wasn’t fitting back into my party clothes yet either. What to do?

I decided that no one was going to look at me anyway, they’d all be looking at the baby, so I should just get a fabulous sling!

There were some great choices online in the fancy sling department, but wow, the prices were fancy too, and I was running out of time.

So I found a nice embroidered fabric at the fabric store, found the instructions for a baby sling pattern online, and whipped up my party sling. To make it really over the top, I even added a beaded fringe to the tail!

It was a success and got lots of compliments at the party, as did the baby.

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