Bedwetting and Emotional Problems with Dr Mensah MD

Albert Mensah MD discusses bedwetting and possible causes

Bedwetting and emotional problems are common in kids with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, OCD, and multifocal tic disorders. But do they go hand in hand? I decided to investigate. Several years ago my husband and I discovered that my then 4 year old son had food and environmental allergies. At the time he was a nightly bedwetter and suffered from a chronic multifocal tic disorder.

Our physician advised us on how to manage his food allergy diet. We noticed that his bedwetting and emotional problems were slowly improving over the first few months on his new diet. He also began to improve behaviorally. He seemed less emotional. Of course, he was our first child and we really didn’t have much experience as parents yet.

Bedwetting and Emotional Problems: is there a connection? Hear from Dr. Albert Mensah M.D. and get advice for parents of chronic bedwetters.
Bedwetting and emotional problems, is there a connection?

Now when I look back to that time in our lives I wonder, were his bedwetting and emotional problems connected? What was the true underlying cause of his nightly bedwetting? At the time we saw a direct correlation between food allergies, especially corn, and occasional wetting. Even to this day I wonder about it. What’s the reason for the food allergy? How does food contribute to bedwetting and emotional problems in some children?

Bedwetting and Emotional Problems: Dr. Mensah Speaks

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Albert Mensah MD, of Mensah Medical at 4355 Weaver Parkway, Suite 110, Warrenville, IL. It’s located about 25 miles west of Chicago. We chatted at length about bedwetting and emotional problems in kids. He is a biochemical specialist that was trained by Dr. William J. Walsh PhD of the Walsh Research Institute. Dr. Mensah is very familiar with the DAN protocol and has worked for many years helping families treat mental illness through natural biochemical methods. He and his partner, Dr. Judith Bowman M.D., have worked with a full spectrum of conditions including autism, OCD, depression, and tic disorders. For Drs. Mensah and Bowman bedwetting and emotional problems can be related.

Dr. Mensah explains, “When I see a patient I always ask, what is the causal aspect of enuresis (bedwetting)?” He explains that bedwetting issues can be seen in a variety of disorders. “In 2 to 3 percent of patients we see there is a structural challenge,” Mensah added.

This reminded me of my own childhood. Although I never exhibited learning disabilities or other known problems of the central nervous system I was born with a congenital defect. I had a condition that they called a bilateral reflex to the kidney. This meant that I had a tubular problem that caused chronic infections and bedwetting problems through age 6 when I had surgery. Although it is rare, this is a possibility in some kids with chronic bedwetting.

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