Bee Movie Crafts: 10 Crafts and Activities about Bees for Kids

bee movie craft for kids

Looking for Bee Movie Crafts and Activities? Since Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie got a top rating in our house this weekend, I decided to do some crafts and activities with the kids about bees. The kids and I made an original Barry B. Benson action figure craft. If  you’d like to make one too, just print out the free directions on how we did it. I have also made a list of 10 Bee Movie crafts and activities, some are easier than others. Use your favorite ideas to teach kids the bee science.

If You Haven’t Yet Seen Bee Movie, Here’s a Summary:

Bee Movie’s Barry B. Benson, a Dreamworks Animation Character.

Barry B. Benson graduates from bee college and finds out he will make honey for the rest of his life. Disappointed he changes jobs to become a pollinator. Once outside the hive Barry discovers that Humans are stealing bees honey and selling it in stores. He decides to sue humans and the result is devastating. Can the world be saved? Will the flowers survive without bees?

Bee Movie managed to keep my three-year old so enthralled that I could barely get him out of his seat for a potty break. My four-year old just plain wouldn’t go at all. Bee Movie is fast-paced and although the logistics are sometimes sketchy for the fact savvy adult, the story line flows like honey for kids between 36 and 48 inches tall. Parents should be aware that there are some typical Seinfeld-style fast-paced adult innuendos throughout the movie and one violent stinging episode in the courtroom with Naegeli Deposition and Trial – Court Reporters that may upset little people.

In our case the humor was secondary to the fantastic animation and flew over the kids heads, but a stinging scene left Barry’s best friend (played by Matthew Broderick) in the hospital on a honey drip. My little guy had lots of questions about why he was so sick and what was going to happen to him. The makers did their best to turn this into a feel good movie with a happy ending.  A half-hour later it was all forgotten. My boys spent the rest of the afternoon buzzing around the yard, and taking a closer look at all the flowers that have been around all summer long, virtually unnoticed.

Barry B. Benson bee craft
Barry B. Benson bee craft.

10 Bee Movie Crafts and Activities that Teach Kids Bee Science

I wanted to teach the kids more about bee science. I thought the best way was through online games and activities about bees coupled with a few Bee Movie crafts. Here’s my list:

  1. Visit the Bee Movie’s official website to play a few games. Older kids will get a kick out of New Hive City, a game where they are the CEO, ahem, I mean BEO of the hive. Younger kids will love the Adopt a Bee as your Pet widget and the Spelling Bee game that is a funny spin-off of Wheel-of-Fortune. We checked out the Pimp-my-Hive game but it was not one of the favorites. The site also offers activity sheets as well.
  2. Here’s an original if you are looking for Bee Movie crafts. Make some Barry B. Benson Bee Movie Action Figures for playtime, exclusive to Healthy Family. Our boys had a fabulous time building and playing with their 8 inch action figures. We took a box and filled it with small homemade pieces of furniture, a few egg cups to act as our nectar collectors, and some small wash clothes for bedding. The boys spent quite a bit of time flying in and out of the our house, landing on my flowers in the yard to collect their pollen, then delivering it to the hive on our kitchen table. This Bee Movie craft will motivate kids to act out the bee science they learned throughout the movie.
  3. Complete a 6 piece online Bee jigsaw puzzle (Perfect for 2-3 year olds).
  4. Read Where Have all the Bees Gone? (This is a nice news report for older children 7-10).
  5. Visit Enter a Bee Hive to Learn All About Honey Bees (This is a great interactive program for all ages).
  6. Visit Welcome to Our Bee Page to learn more about bees. (A very cute website that is written simply enough to read orally to little kids . The website is nicely organized and includes pencil drawing illustrations by a child.)
  7. Want more Bee Movie crafts to do with your kids? Make some edible Bees with this recipe: 1/2 cup of peanut butter, 1/4 cup of honey, 1/2 cup of nonfat powdered milk, 1/3 cup of cocoa, some chocolate chips, and a few sliced almonds. In a small mixing bowl combine honey and peanut butter. Stir in the powdered milk and cocoa until well mixed. Place one teaspoon of dough for each bee on waxed paper. The kids can shape these Bee Movie Crafts into bees and then eat them. Have them place chocolate chips for the eyes (bees have 5, but two will do) and almond slices for the wings. When they are done playing with their Bee Movie crafts they can eat and enjoy them.
  8. Make some simple beeswax votive candles with the kids for the holidays using a sheet of beeswax and some simple cookie cutters. This is also a fun Bee Movie crafts idea.
  9. Teach your kids how to draw bees with an ink pad and their own finger prints. This is a cute craft that can be done with what you’ve got on hand. The link provides step by step instructions with images.
  10. Print out a diagram of a Bee to color and discuss with your child from Enchanted Learning.

That’s all, it’s time for me to buzz off and for your little bees to get busy with their Bee Movie Crafts and Activities!

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