Bee Raw Honey Product Review for Healthy Family Readers

The Bee Raw Honey folks recently contacted me about doing a review for Healthy Family readers. I was excited to review their honey when I discovered that it is raw, unpasteurized, and all natural. If you’re a regular Healthy Family reader you may remember that I did an article about the honey sold in most big box stores in the U.S. I was shocked to learn that the honey these popular U.S. stores sell lacks pollen and is sourced from China. This was shocking because pollen is what makes honey healthy for you. Raw honey is a great tool for moms to have at that first sign of a cold.

Raw Honey Makes a Great Natural Remedy

We are very selective with our honey brands at our house. I want to use a brand of honey that has a high nutritional value. Honey that lacks pollen is useless for a cold or sore throat. All the vital nutrients are stripped from it. Pasteurized honey never gets hard or crystallizes. That’s because it has been heated and processed. All the goodness has been taken out of it. If you want to use this kind of honey for baking and cooking, that’s great.

Raw honey is completely different. It’s medicinal. I grew up in a family that has always used honey for sore throats and colds. The best way to take raw honey is by the spoon or mixed in a cup of herbal tea that has been brewed, steeped, and cooled. You want the tea to be tepid before you add the honey.

Who Sells Raw Honey? Is it Hard to Find in the U.S.?

Although Bee Raw Honey is not the only company in the U.S. that is producing domestic honey for consumers, they are one of only a few who offer raw, unpasteurized honey. We typically buy our raw honey from the Chicago Honey Co-op, a wonderful little organization that keeps an urban honey farm and trains locals as bee keepers. The price of a lb of raw honey is about the same at Chicago Honey Co-op as it is from Bee Raw Honey. The only problem with Chicago Honey Co-op is availability. It’s really hard to get and sells out quickly.

Why use Unpasteurized Raw Honey Instead of Regular Honey?

  • Raw honey is high in nutrients like vitamin B and magnesium
  • It is an antiseptic and antibacterial.
  • It soothes coughs
  • It will help alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Raw honey is shelf stable. It won’t go bad. (It will naturally crystallize, though.)

Unlike the Chicago Honey Co-op, Bee Raw Honey products come in a variety of natural flavors. We were given a free sample of Star Thistle Honey and if you’d like to win a free sample,

It was a very strong, sweet honey flavor. It had much more body than the Trader Joe’s honey we usually get when we are out of our Chicago Honey Co-op brand. I asked our kids to try it off the spoon. They loved it.

Where to Find Bee Raw Honey

Bee Raw Honey is owned by Zeke Freeman and is based in Brooklyn, N.Y. They work with beekeepers around the U.S. to create their line of raw honey products, which are all made in the U.S.

bee raw honey varieties
This is the full line of bee raw honey varieties.

Visit the Bee Raw Honey Facebook page for more information. This will keep you updated on future Bee Raw Honey news, and help you keep a handy bookmark when you want to order another jar in a couple months. The folks at Bee Raw Honey would also like Healthy Family readers to check out the Buzz, an online magazine they produce. On the top right corner of their online magazine page is a signup box to register for their online newsletter. If you are interested in learning more about bees and honey, check it out. There are a lot of interesting (and scientific) articles there that are particularly interesting to read.

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