Sensory Processing Disorder Toys: Best Toys for Sensory Seeking Kids

sensory processing disorder toys
Sensory toys for sensory processing disorders.

Sensory processing disorder toys are a great tool for kids with sensory seeking behaviors. Do you have a sensory seeker? Sensory seekers simply can’t get enough out of their environment. They are constantly looking for ways to stimulate their nervous systems, and it can be exhausting. These kids struggle in the classroom and are often labeled as hyperactive and impulsive.

If you’ve got an ADHD child it’s possible they are a sensory seeker with a sensory processing disorder. Experts believe that if these kids are able to get enough sensory input they will be able to calm down and focus when needed. Good sensory processing disorder toys in the classroom and at home are ideal for helping these kids focus better.

If you have a child who is a sensory seeker, and you’d like to learn more about sensory processing disorders, read a good Sensory Processing Disorders PDF Paper from This 22 page guide will help you understand the seven types of sensory issues and the variations in how they are expressed. Your child may benefit from sensory processing disorder toys. Sensory seekers crave intense experiences with touch, texture, sound, balance, and movement, and sensory toys can offer needed stimulation.

list of the fastest powerwheelsSensory toys will respond to your child. Good sensory processing disorder toys offer feedback that can help children with processing disorders through lights, sounds, and rapid movements.

Two good at home toys that does this are the Bop It! Smash and the Bop It by Parker Brothers.

These kinds of toys actually help kids with sensory issues become more calm. They should also help decrease hyperactivity too.

Kids with sensory disorders have very strong urges that make it difficult for them to concentrate. They tend to focus on those urges instead of listening and communicating. Until the child’s sensory needs are met, he is unable to focus and manage his behavior. This is why it’s a good idea to have specialized sensory processing disorder toys.

Characteristics of Good Sensory Processing Disorder Toys:

  • Bright lights.
  • Loud sounds.
  • Vivid colors that may blink or change.
  • Buttons to press.
  • Repetitive movements or actions.
  • Full of various textures.
  • Bounces or spins.
  • Can be used for balancing, crawling in, or climbing on.

Best Sensory Processing Disorder Toys for Sensory Seeking

I’ve found nearly 2 dozen sensory processing disorder toys that you can buy at places like Toys R Us, Target,, and Walmart.

Sensory Balls

Sensory balls are small and easy to throw or catch. They also offer a bumpy and squishy tactile experience for sensory seeking kids. The Cosmos have flashing led lights in their balls which can easily fit in your hand. The Gymnic is reminiscent of old Hippity Hop balls we all played with as kids. If you have a child who needs to have repetitive movements and is not a spinner, consider the Gymnic. You can also check out water beads for loads of tactile fun.

The Cosmos the Gymnic Balls on String

Tactile Toys

Tactile toys are for a wide range of age levels and abilities. Younger toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy the texture touchables and tangle creations. Older kids will love the 3D feel and find puzzles that need to match geometric pieces to 3D objects. I also included a rubbing plate set from Melissa and Doug. They actually have quite a few different kinds to choose from.

Texture Touchables Tangle Creations Rubbing Plate

Repetitive Movement Toys

I love the balance board. I would have loved one as a kid. I’ve also included the sit-and-spin. As a former Lovvas therapist, we found this toy to be a favorite for our kids in therapy. The Liquid Motion Bubbler is actually a six-inch tall timer that runs out in about a minute. The fidget spinners are also good option for distract the kids I read about it at Spinners on Reddit.

Sit and Spin Liquid Motion Bubbler The Fidget Spinner

Texture Puzzles

Lauri Crepe and Melissa and Doug both have a wide variety of puzzles to choose from.  The Wooden Puzzle Fidget makes a perfect stress relieving toy for a sensory seeking kid. They can be twisted and arranged into countless shapes. The Wacky Tracks snap and click puzzles have pieces that can come apart and click together..

Laura Crepe


 Wooden Puzzle Fidget Wacky Tracks


Beads are a fun and inexpensive way to incorporate fun sensory activities with kids. They also help develop hand-eye coordination, too. I’ve picked out some of my favorite brands. Your child can do bead lacing activities or just manipulate and sort the beads. If you have a chewer, you may want to consider getting Chewy Charms Chewable Tube Necklace by Chew Stixx.

Water Beads Pearl Beads Bucket Lacing Beads



Blocks are the most versatile sensory processing toys parents can invest in.  Block play helps improve coordination, find motor skills, and problem solving. I like colorful wooden blocks, but interlinking plastic blocks can also be a favorite for sensory seeking kids. If you have a child with texture sensitivities you can alter these basic blocks with your own textures. Visit autismspot to see how Craig glues carpet pieces, beans, foam stickers, beads, and more on one side of his blocks. Blocks can be used to make impressions in sand and clay, and to build 3D objects.

MagTeils Voila Textured Blocks Building Blocks


Of all the sensory processing disorder toys, I like manipulatives the best for older kids. Manipulatives are a great tool for teaching critical thinking skills, problem solving, and patterns through the use of 3D objects that interconnect. Gears allow a child to get inventive with shapes through a series of problem solving strategies to get gears moving. Magna Tiles are a great gift idea for a child with sensory issues. These are translucent colored tiles that attach to each other through magnification. Children can build endless 3D objects or just create 2D patterns on a table with Magna Tiles.

Gears Magna Tiles Michley Blocks

This list encompasses the kinds of sensory processing disorder toys you want to be looking for to give to that special child in your life. I know deep down that my kid needs that list to enjoy a full childhood. Have a comment for me?

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  1. I like that blocks are a good sensory toy. My mother gave me blocks as a child and I always managed to have ample amounts of fun with them. My son likes cars more than the simple blocks, but I can see how blocks can help other children. Sensory objects are very important to a child’s health, I would hope that all children have the opportunity to play and learn from their toys.

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