Bib Pattern: Baby Bib Pattern Reuses Old Receiving Blankets

pin bib pattern to folded receiving blanket
Make sure that you line up the bib pattern and cut where it says "Place this side against the fold of the fabric".

Want a free baby bib pattern? I designed this bib pattern to make a reversible smock bib for my one year old baby girl last week. I was really excited about how it turned out. (My design worked on my prototype, which I can assure you is nothing more than dumb luck.) This is a very simple bib pattern for beginner sewers.

I am not much good at following patterns myself. My baby girl is an average sized one year old, so if you’ve got a chubby baby or one who’s pretty big, cut your fabric a little wider than the bib pattern for best results.

I’ve been looking for a solution that keeps food stains off my baby girl’s clothes at feeding time. I’ve bought my share of sleeveless baby bibs from Walmart and Target. They just don’t cut it. Then my girlfriend gave me a cute long sleeve bib from Germany. I was in love. Until baby girl grew out of it at about 9 months.

So to solve my baby bib problem I decided to create a bib pattern that covers like the long sleeve baby bib from Germany. Only mine was going to be big enough for a 1-2 year old.

Reversible Baby Bib Pattern Recycles Old Receiving Blankets

Here is a picture of my receiving blanket bib pattern
Here is a picture of my reversible receiving blanket bib pattern PDF file, cut and taped together. Print it out on legal sized paper.

To save money on fabric I decided to create a prototype using some of baby girl’s old receiving blankets. I got a ton when she was born. And my receiving blankets were just sitting in a pile, untouched.

When I was finished with my long sleeve baby bib design I was delighted. I fell in love with the idea of using all those old receiving blankets as material for my long sleeve bib pattern. It was perfect. They were darling, and it cost me nothing. Win, win!

Over the years I have gotten requests from sewing crafters asking if they can use this pattern to create bibs to sell at craft fairs or on their Etsy stores. Please feel free to use this pattern for your crafting. All I ask is that you DON’T SELL the pattern. If you are a blogger and you’d like to share your baby bib craft with your blogging audience, then feel free to link to our pattern page for your readers to visit us and download their own pattern.

Meet Baby Girl! She’s Modeling my Long Sleeve Baby Bib Pattern!

Free reversible smock bib pattern that uses recycled receiving blankets.
Baby girl modeling free reversible smock bib pattern that uses recycled receiving blankets.

Directions for Reversible Smock Bib Craft

Start by printing out the free PDF reversible smock bib pattern using legal sized paper (8 1/2 x 14 inches long). I have greyed out the parts that are discarded, so just cut out the shapes on the black line. When you are done, piece the three pattern parts together at the arrows and tape.

1. Pick out Two Receiving Blankets and Fold in Half. Pin pattern on both of the folded receiving blankets and cut out both pattern pieces according to bib pattern directions.

pin bib pattern to folded receiving blanket
Make sure that you line up the bib pattern and cut where it says “Place this side against the fold of the fabric”.

2. Cut the tiny piece on the fold where it says, “Place this side on the fold of the fabric (and cut it). But don’t cut the rest of the fabric on the fold!

cut bib pattern on the fold of the receiving blanket fabric by the neck
Just cut this little piece on the fold. This is the back of the neck on your smock bib pattern.

3. Line up your two bib pattern pieces so they are right side together. Pin the two receiving blanket pattern pieces together, starting at the neck. My mom always taught me to place my pins in the same direction and to sew my crafts with the head of the pin closest to me. This makes pin removal much easier as you are sewing along.

Sew neck on bib pattern first.
Here is how I pinned the fabric for my reversible receiving blanket bib pattern

4. Starting at the neck, sew around the bib pattern using your gauge to keep the stitches at about 1/4 inch from the edge. Sew continuously down the side of the shoulder across the sleeve (you are closing it) and down the arm again. Keep going until you get to the bottom of the bib on the one side. Then do the other. You are leaving the bottom of this bib pattern open so you can turn it inside out.

Sew reversible bib pattern pieces together with receiving blanket fabric.
Here is a close up of my receiving blanket bib after I have sewn the pieces together. I am about to turn it inside out. Notice that the entire bottom of the bib is  left wide open. We’ll take care of that in another step later on. Just leave it for now.

5. Once you’ve turned your reversible smock bib right side out you are ready to do some slip stitching with the receiving blanket fabric. Don’t know how to do a slip stitch? Check out this YouTube video about slip stitching. You need to slip stitch the length of both arms of the smock completely. I did it twice for each arm so that my seam was neat on both sides of the reversible smock bib.

reversible smock bib pattern: Next you need to slip stitch the arms.
Slip stitch both arms in this reversible smock bib pattern. I made sure to slip stitch each fabric pattern separately on both arms. I did this to make sure my seam was flawless on the reversible bib.

6. Fold the two loose receiving blanket pieces on the bottom inward. Use an iron to press them down if you’d like. I didn’t bother to do that because my two patterns were symmetrical. Fold them in about an inch.

fold the bottom pieces of the bib pattern.
Fold the bottom pieces of the bib pattern as shown.

7. Now you are going to machine sew the bottom all the way across. I just chose a decorative stitch on my machine. Baby girl has three older brothers, so I chose a flower stitch. You can use a zig zag, or just a plain straight stitch. Any stitch at all is fine.

Stitch the bottom of the reversible smock bib closed.
This is the bottom of the reversible smock bib pattern with the decorative flower stitch.

8. Almost done! Now you need to make the reversible bib pocket. Fold up the bottom of the bib about 2-3 inches depending on your baby’s size. Slip stitch both sides the same way you did the arms in this reversible smock bib pattern.

Close up of a slip stitch on the reversible bib pattern pocket sides.
This is my second pass on a slip stitch of the bib pocket side. I have already slip stitched the gingham and now I am slip stitching the pink kitty fabric.

9. The last step is adding some velcro on the back of the bib to close it properly. I had baby girl try on her reversible smock bib before I decided where to sew the velcro. I used sticky back velcro, so I just stuck it on in the right spot. Then I sewed it.

velcro bib pattern back
Have your baby try on the bib before you fasten the velcro on the back of the bib. The neck on this pattern is very wide and forgiving. You may find that you need to put the velcro much closer to get the bib to cover the clothes properly.

Here’s a picture of the back of the bib. I placed a sticky velcro on the outside of the bib to show you where it is sewed. You won’t have to do this. Here’s what the back of your reversible smock bib pattern will look like:

This is the back of the bib
Here’s what the back of the bib looks like. You can see where I sewed the velcro. Your bib will not need that extra velcro piece on the back, as I said above. I just put it there to show you where I fastened it because you can’t see the underside.

10. After fastening the sticky back velcro on the reversible bib, I sewed it on to keep it from falling off. If you’d like you can use a button or a snap. I chose velcro because it can easily be removed and adjusted. Baby girl needs the sleeves cuffed right now, but in a year she’ll be much bigger. I hope you enjoyed my free reversible smock bib pattern. If you make a bib for your baby using my pattern I would love to hear about it. If you are on Pinterest, please post a picture for me to see!

Baby girl models my reversible smock bib made from receiving blanket fabric.
Here’s my girl modeling her brand new reversible smock bib that I made from her old receiving blankets at no cost. Now she’ll really keep that pretty dress clean!

If you like my bib pattern sewing craft please let me know! I’m not an expert sewer by any means. I just like making something useful out of things I already have. This is my first attempt to make a sewing tutorial online!

Download the PDF for this unique featured pattern: The Receiving Blanket Bib.

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  1. I love the idea. I saw one on Fave Crafts that used binding for the edges. I like this idea much better. I’m not a great sewer, so I hope I can manage the slip stitching.

    • You can do it! Slip stitching is easy. Did you check out the YouTube video? Just practice on a scrap first. Binding doesn’t cost that much, but it is still a couple dollars extra. The whole point of this pattern is to use what you have and not have to spend extra money.I was just trying to make do with what I have.

  2. I just made one of these for my granddaughter and I love it! Your tutorial was so easy to follow. I can’t wait to try it on her and see how it fits! I found some other flannel remnants to make another one. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Would you mind if I used this pattern to make and sell? I would post a link back to you, the Creator. . Thank you! Very nice! 🙂

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