Brands that are not GMO: Learn about Non GMO Project Verified Label

Want brands that are not GMO? If you’ve recently learned about the dangers of GMO foods, you are likely looking to avoid them.  Thankfully, there’s a non profit organization that offers a third party verification label for food manufacturers. They are called the Non GMO project and they have a label which they award to brands that are not GMO and can prove it.

If you are new to shopping for brands that are not GMO (genetically modified), then you need to check your favorite brands for the Non GMO project verified label. Brands participating in the label have to pay the organization, submit data on their products, sign an agreement, and allow the Non GMO Project to do a thorough inspection of their facility. When they meet all these criteria brands that are not GMO are awarded the privilege of using the Non GMO Project Verified Label.

You’ll see this label on Participating Brands that are Not GMO:

Brands that are not GMO can get Non GMO Verified Labeling. Look for it when you shop.
This is the Non GMO Verified Label found on packaging by participating brands that are not GMO.

Shopping for Brands that are not GMO has never been easier. Thanks to concerned consumers like you, the Non GMO food industry has seen tremendous growth in the past year. Shoppers do not need to buy organic to avoid GMO foods. But without food labeling it’s risky business. Even if you purchase products at a high end grocer you are still at risk of eating GMO foods. Places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s carry products with unmarked ingredients made from GMO foods. But now that the Non GMO Project Verified Label has gained popularity, consumers can buy conventional foods from brands that are not GMO; guaranteed.

Here’s a Quick List of 10 Popular Brands that are not GMO, according to their site:

  1. Amy’s Kitchen
  2. Annie’s Homegrown
  3. Arrowhead Mills
  4. Earth Balance
  5. Happy Baby Pouches
  6. Hodgson Mill
  7. Kettle Foods
  8. Kind Healthy Snacks
  9. Nasoya and Silk products for dairy free folks
  10. Zing Nutrition Bars

Not all the products made from these brands are guaranteed GMO free. Click on the links to see a list of products and always look for the label when you shop. If you are gluten free, don’t assume the products you buy are made from brands that are not GMO. Some allergy friendly brands like Enjoy Life Foods and Surf Sweets have earned the Non GMO Project Verified Label for all their products. Others have not. As a rule, if you are eating gluten free products with corn or soy as an ingredient, don’t buy unless you see the label. A staggering high percentage of conventional corn and soy crops (close to 90%) are actually GMO.

To find out more and see the hundreds of brands that are Non GMO Verified, check out their brand listing page.

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