Information about common allergic conditions like eczema, hives, or hay fever.

Xanthan Gum Substitute: Why Some Are Sensitive to Xanthan

Xanthan gum substitute: Some people on special diets discover that their allergy friendly products are still making them uncomfortable after eating. Many subscribers to Healthy Family are corn sensitive, so I want to discuss the corn connection with xanthan gum.

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Eyelid Rash? Makeup Ingredients Cause Dry, Red, Itchy Skin

Do you have an eyelid rash with dry red itchy skin? Have you been to a dermatologist? Although these symptoms can be caused by an eye infection or allergy condition, it’s also possible your eyelid rash is caused by the ingredients in your eye shadow, foundation, or mineral cosmetics brand. Many cosmetics brands contain two ingredients that are known to cause eye inflammation and irritation in women with sensitive skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis. (…)

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Talking Epipen for Anaphylaxis: Jerome Bettis Talks about the Auvi-Q

Heard about the talking epipen for anaphylaxis? Healthy Family recently interviewed former NFL running back Jerome Bettis about the new Auvi-Q talking epipen and his educational book on how to manage anaphylactic allergies.  A long time food allergy sufferer, Bettis agreed to team up with the makers of the Auvi-Q (…)

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Organic fabric is not always Allergy Friendly: Shoppers Beware


The environmental movement has produced some wonderful and creative ideas, to help our planet. Eco friendly fabrics made from hemp, bamboo, corn or milk have been part of this movement. These fibers for the extremely sensitive can, and have caused problems for people with skin sensitivities. (…)

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