Information about celiac disease and topics about the gluten free lifestyle for celiacs.

Celiac Sibling? Want to Know Your Chances of Having Celiac, too?

Have a celiac sibling or close relative with the disease? Since it’s celiac awareness month I thought I would answer a few statistical questions on your chances of having celiac too. If you have a celiac sibling you probably know a little bit about this autoimmune disorder that affects the (…)

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Corn Gluten, is it Safe for Celiac? Dr. Peter Osborne Explains

Is corn gluten just as bad as wheat gluten for celiac? Most doctors tell celiac patients that corn is gluten free and safe to eat. A growing body of experts still question this advice. Is corn gluten damaging to celiac patients? Take a look at Dr. Peter Osborne’s lecture on corn gluten. (…)

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Cooking for a Celiac? Helpful Tips for a Celiac Safe Dinner

Your Celiac loved one will likely not tell you that your food makes them sick. No one wants to sound like a hypochondriac or worse yet, ungrateful. But you are having a party and want to feed your gluten intolerant guest. So what can you offer them that is tasty, safe from cross-contamination, and will not make them panic? Your best bet is to find a pre-packaged product or a local dedicated gluten-free bakery that can provide safely made desserts. (…)

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