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Vitamins and Minerals for ADHD: Boosting Brain Power

Utilize these top 4 Vitamins and minerals for ADHD to alleviate your ADHD symptoms and boost brain power. Studies have shown that a certain supplements can significantly help with short term memory, attention, and hyperactivity.

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ADHD Drugs: CDC Report Shows Increase in American Kids Drugged

Watch this ADHD video documentary showing too many American kids being put on ADHD meds as a treatment for hyperactivity and attention problems. This 2005 video by Gary Null entitled “The Drugging of our Children” questions the validity of medicating so many children for symptoms of ADHD. This video will show how school-aged children in the U.S. are increasingly drugged for symptoms of ADHD when testing for other conditions has not been done to rule out other causes. (…)

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Natural Treatments for ADHD: Use These Healthy Organic Foods

Natural treatments for ADHD can sometimes do more than alleviate symptoms. In our family, we learned that a healthy organic diet free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives actually kept our kids out of the doctor’s office too. Do you have a child diagnosed with ADHD? Let me tell you (…)

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Mercury Poisoning: Can it Cause ADHD? A Look at Recent Studies

A new study shows mercury poisoning has caused an increase in ADHD for Inuit children in Canada’s arctic north. Mercury poisoning studies like this are always met with controversy. This known neurotoxin is an ingredient still inside some U.S. vaccines given to children and in many given to children in third world countries. I believe this has a lot to do with the vaccine industry’s deep pockets when it comes to research in favor of mercury’s innocence. (…)

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Was NIU School Shooter SSRI medicated? Yes, Prozac Involved

The U.S. can now add another school shooter to the list of SSRI patients turned psychotic. The news reports today say that in addition to Prozac, Stephen Kasmierczak had also been taking Ambien and Xanax. SSRI medications like Prozac have also been linked to several other U.S. school shooters. In 2004 the FDA issued warnings saying that abruptly changing the dose of an anti-depressant (SSRI) drug, whether increasing or decreasing it, can produce hostility, psychosis, and/or suicide… (…)

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