Crafts for kids, crafts for the home, and crafts for the classroom are featured in this category. We have many paper craft projects, including 3D Minecraft paper character templates to cut and build. We feature information about the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, holiday craft games and projects, and sewing crafts as well.

The Scoop on Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

I’m amused by the irony of using a reusable cloth cup sleeve on a disposable coffee cup. Oh well, it sums up rather neatly the challenge of being consistently green. If you are interested in getting one, check them out (…)

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Baby Sling Pattern to Sew Your Own Baby Sling

Need a baby sling pattern? If you want to sew your own sling type baby carrier, but don’t know where to start, I can help. And if you are concerned that your home sewn sling will meet safety standards, don’t be. There are a few good places online that offer both a baby sling pattern and parts. Let me tell you about them. (…)

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Sculpey Nature Prints: Fun Craft Project for Small Children

Try making Sculpey nature prints with your kids this weekend. It’s a fun little craft that even little ones can do. I recently read a great little post up about making sculpey nature prints with the kids on a craft blog. The pictures there will make you want to try them. If you haven’t used a polymer clay (such as Sculpey) and would prefer to work with something that you don’t have to bake, you can. An alternative material to try is Makins Clay. They have an air dry polymer clay. It’s easy to find at your local craft store, and you don’t have to worry about possibly baking toxins in your kitchen. Look for the bright green wrapper. (…)

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Sew Reusable Sandwich Wrap to Hold Your Sandwich

Want to sew reusable sandwich wrap for your bagged lunches? There’s a lot of people doing this these days. It seems such a waste to use plastic ziploc bags just once and then throw them out. I decided I would try to sew reusable sandwich wrap to hold my sandwich. I’ve you’d like to do that too, I can help. (…)

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Bee Movie Crafts: 10 Crafts and Activities about Bees for Kids

Looking for Bee Movie Crafts and Activities? Since Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie got a top rating in our house this weekend, I decided to do some crafts and activities with the kids about bees. The kids and I made an original Barry B. Benson action figure craft. If you’d like to make one too, just print out the free directions on how we did it. (…)

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