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Corn free Products at Enjoy Life Foods? See our Official List

There are corn free products available from Enjoy Life Foods. The company runs a facility that is dedicated to producing snack foods, breakfast foods, and chocolate products in a factory that is free from the top eight most common allergens: wheat, dairy, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and egg. All their products are gluten free and made without artificial ingredients, too. If that’s not enough to make you like this Chicago area company, they are also certified non GMO as well. But for folks with corn intolerance and corn allergy, not all the Enjoy Life Foods are safe. We decided to make a list for our corn free peeps to help them make decisions about which corn free products from Enjoy Life Foods may be safe to try out. (…)

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Fruit Wax Ingredients Revealed: What’s on the Wax Covering Your Fruit?

Fruit wax coverings have been hotly debated by organic, vegan, and food allergic bloggers over the years. I’ve read extensively on the subject and decided to put to rest some long standing rumors on what’s really in or not in fruit wax coverings. I think the conversations on fruit wax and the fears some consumers have are legitimate. Unfortunately, finding out what’s sprayed on our fruit is tricky business. Many formulations are proprietary, meaning their ‘recipes’ are secret. And because the US government doesn’t classify these wax sprays as a food substance, it doesn’t have the same labeling regulation as our packaged food products, organic products, and meat products.

Do food allergy sufferers need to worry about fruit wax?

Are they filled with toxic chemicals that are harmful to our kids? Let me tell you what I’ve discovered. (…)

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Corn and Gluten Allergies: Shopping Tips to Help You get Started

Are you recently diagnosed? This gluten and corn allergies getting started guide will help you take the guesswork out of managing your corn and gluten free diet. Corn and gluten free diet followers have to be very careful about how they shop and what they eat. I’ve decided to put together a set of shopping tips for the gluten and corn free diet to help folks get started. You can easily learn how to easily manage a gluten and corn free diet through Healthy Family’s many resources. So take advantage of them! (…)

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Gluten and Corn free Baking Mixes: See Our Favorite Brands

Gluten and corn free baking mixes: All gluten and corn free kitchens need a few handy products. Gluten and corn free baking mixes are hard to find. Corn is not an official allergen in the United States and therefore is not legally required to be labeled on food products as (…)

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Corn free Ketchup: Is Your Ketchup Brand Really Safe?

Corn free ketchup is hard to find on store shelves. So you are looking for corn free ketchup. Maybe you just want to avoid high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Some ketchups have sugar instead. But this is not the only ingredient to worry about if you have a corn allergy. (…)

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