Make Better Salads and Improve Skin with These Ingredient Combinations

Want to make better salads that will digest well and give your skin a radiant healthy glow? You’ll love these tips from Certified Clinical Nutritionist Lauren Talbot’s book, Clear Skin Detox Diet. I was recently sent a copy to review and I was immediately surprised by it. This is not a fad book with fantastic food photos and recipes made with ingredients that are hard to find. Nope. It’s an easy read manual that includes simple recipes and practical advice. The book is chalked full of nutritional information, education about skin cells, digestion, and even toxins in conventional foods. Lauren writes in plain English and offers sound advice for the average person. If you have acne, dermatitis, eczema, or signs of premature aging, you’ll want to check out this book. (…)

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Fruit Wax Ingredients Revealed: What’s on the Wax Covering Your Fruit?

Fruit wax coverings have been hotly debated by organic, vegan, and food allergic bloggers over the years. I’ve read extensively on the subject and decided to put to rest some long standing rumors on what’s really in or not in fruit wax coverings. I think the conversations on fruit wax and the fears some consumers have are legitimate. Unfortunately, finding out what’s sprayed on our fruit is tricky business. Many formulations are proprietary, meaning their ‘recipes’ are secret. And because the US government doesn’t classify these wax sprays as a food substance, it doesn’t have the same labeling regulation as our packaged food products, organic products, and meat products.

Do food allergy sufferers need to worry about fruit wax?

Are they filled with toxic chemicals that are harmful to our kids? Let me tell you what I’ve discovered. (…)

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Horizon Organic not Really Organic: Brand Labeling Deceives Public

Is Horizon Organic not really organic? It appears so. Their corporate parent, WhiteWave just announced last December the inclusion of new non-organic Horizon brand products. Customers have long trusted that buying Horizon Organics label products assures quality organic products at a premium price. It appears that going forward the only promise is the premium price. Yes, Horizon Organic is not really organic anymore. Not completely. What does this mean for your family? (…)

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Ditch the Freeze Pops, High Fructose Corn Syrup is a Neurotoxin

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is in too many of our kids’ foods. I used to be one of those parents that liked to stock the freezer every summer with freeze pops. Now I run from freeze pops and Popsicles like the plague. They are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, which was found to contain a dangerous toxic metal in a 2009 study. (…)

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Applegate Naturals: Company Moves to Make Line 100% Non GMO

Applegate Naturals is the non organic line by Applegate, and some products in the line currently contain some GMO ingredients. The company alerted us today that 10 of their Naturals line products – 8% of total products – contain GMO ingredients. We applaud their bold efforts toward full disclosure and (…)

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How Much Magnesium Rich Food Is In Your Diet? Is it Enough?

Wondering how much magnesium you should take? Maybe you wonder if you need it at all. Magnesium is a mineral needed to calm the muscles, feed your bones, work the organs, and perform over 300 metabolic processes in the body. Without enough magnesium your body can’t function properly. So how (…)

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