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Horizon Organic not Really Organic: Brand Labeling Deceives Public

Is Horizon Organic not really organic? It appears so. Their corporate parent, WhiteWave just announced last December the inclusion of new non-organic Horizon brand products. Customers have long trusted that buying Horizon Organics label products assures quality organic products at a premium price. It appears that going forward the only promise is the premium price. Yes, Horizon Organic is not really organic anymore. Not completely. What does this mean for your family? (…)

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Applegate Naturals: Company Moves to Make Line 100% Non GMO

Applegate Naturals is the non organic line by Applegate, and some products in the line currently contain some GMO ingredients. The company alerted us today that 10 of their Naturals line products – 8% of total products – contain GMO ingredients. We applaud their bold efforts toward full disclosure and (…)

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Genetically Engineered Food: Will Illinois Legislators Label it?

Genetically Engineered food news is coming to the forefront lately. This is thanks to the referendum that nearly passed in California this month. Now there are similar consumer movements in other parts of the U.S. to get genetically engineered food, also called GMO food, labeled. One of those places is (…)

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Biotech Funded Organic Food Benefits Study saying GMO is as Nutritious

“So we were not one bit surprised to find that the agribusiness giant Cargill, the world’s largest agricultural business enterprise, and foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which have deep ties to agricultural chemical and biotechnology corporations like Monsanto, have donated millions to Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute, (…)

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