Zucchini Bread Recipe without Eggs

Zucchini bread recipe without eggs: This one is a twist on my original zucchini bread recipe.  The original calls for sugar and eggs. This one omits them and so it is a bit healthier; but it doesn’t compromise the nice taste. If you are on a low sugar diet or (…)

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Low Carb Beef Stew Recipe for Low Glycemic Antifungal Diet

Low carb beef stew made with butternut squash and yams? You betcha! Who says stew has to have carrots and potatoes? That’s so last year. This low carb beef stew recipe is both sweet and savory. Your family will love it, and best of all, it’s low glycemic, too. If you are watching your sugar intake, or need recipes for an anti fungal diet, try this one. But really, this recipe is great for absolutely everybody because it’s just plain great tasting. Everyone will love it, I promise. (…)

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