Celiac Kids? They’ll Love New Book for Kids About the Gluten Free Diet

Cilie visits with Doc Curtin.
Cilie visits with Doc Curtin.

Do you any celiac kids? This holiday consider getting a funny book for kids that teaches about being a good friend, a good sport on the football field, and a lot about celiac disease, too. This novel packs a lot of  juvenile humor in its 16 chapters. It says much more about the boy’s life, family, culture, and friendships. The story is not just about a boy who lives on a farm and loves sports, particularly Gaelic football. The boy is suffering from health issues that lead his family to put him on a special gluten free diet for celiac disease. If you want to teach what life is like for celiac kids, this book is perfect.

Need a Book for Celiac Kids that’s a Great Teaching Tool About the Gluten-free Diet?

celiac kids book
Cilie Yack is Under Attack, a book about celiac disease that’s just for kids.

The main character in this book for celiac kids is a boy named Cilie Yack. Readers learn in the first page to say his name like “Silly Yack”. Those suffering from the disease will notice the boys name sounds very much like the word celiac. Teachers can use this book in the classroom to teach students about the gluten free diet.  Cilie Yack is Under Attack is the first fun, fast-paced book for celiac kids and their friends that doesn’t seem like an educational book about the gluten free lifestyle.

If you have a reluctant reader, he or she will be delighted to learn this celiac kids book also has 60 cartoon-like illustrations. There is plenty of silly humor in this fast-paced story, too. It’s the perfect addition to your teacher’s set of classroom books as well because it is not just moving for celiac kids. It teaches empathy to their friends.

Taking place in rural Ireland, this story is a labor of love for all celiac kids or kids with food allergies. This book would make a great addition to any library collection of food allergy and celiac kids books at doctor’s offices, too. It is intended to help celiac kids both before and after a celiac diagnosis. It helps to explain the nuances of celiac disease from the perspective of a kid who is trying to fit in and be like everybody else. We see it at Cilie’s school and in his hometown.

Tina Turbin, award winning children’s book author and celiac spokesperson praises Talty’s celiac kids book in her review: “If you have celiac disease like me, you’re probably aware of the abundance of resource guides available on the market. Many of these have proved to be invaluable to the celiac community, but there remains a segment of the celiac population who haven’t been able to benefit as we have from such books—children. Thanks to Caryn Talty, a former school teacher living in Chicago, celiac kids now have not only an informative resource, but a creative and entertaining one at that—Cilie Yack is Under Attack! “

Get this funny book for the child in your life who has been diagnosed with celiac. Read it to your celiac kids siblings. Give it to your celiac kids best friends, teachers, and caregivers. Cilie Yack is Under Attack makes celiac disease personal, and the lighthearted humor within each chapter of this children’s book will put a smile on your celiac kids face.

James Cox, of the Midwest Book Review says, “It can be hard to be a kid without a sweet tooth. “Cilie Yack is Under Attack” is a charming book aimed at young readers. The main character is facing a disease called celiac sprue, which requires him to watch his diet. With plenty of humor and advice for children facing similar conditions, “Cilie Yack is Under Attack” is a fine pick for any parent of a young child who needs help coping with their condition.”

A Summary About the Book:

The book’s hero is a boy named Cilie who has many shortcomings but manages to rise above them and make something out of himself. He doesn’t do this in spite of his celiac diagnosis, but surprisingly, because of it. The book brings in as much humor as possible, and even has a chapter entitled, “Poop Talk.” The ending of this great celiac book will hopefully inspire celiac kids to embrace their new gluten-free diet.

Celiac kids recently diagnosed, their siblings, and their friends will all enjoy reading about Cilie Yack’s life story in Talty’s humorous book for kids.

This is long legs Ronan in front of the milking parlor.
This is Ronan, Cilie’s baby brother.

Talty introduces you to life on an Irish farm, the inner workings of a funny family, and a few good lessons in Gaelic football. She does this all while teaching readers about a gluten-free lifestyle. Talty carefully explains what a celiac diagnosis  means to celiac kids in this funny story. Readers are charmed by Cilie Yack, who opens the story by telling his audience all his shortcomings. In fact, he’s figured he’s pretty much not good at anything he does at all except getting into trouble:

Mr. Finnegan from Cilie Yack is Under Attack
Mr. Finnegan

“First I took off and ran into another classroom. Then when I realized I ought to escape before I am caught, I ran into the boiler room. That did scare me a bit, but it wasn’t the loud machines. It was Mr. Finnegan, the janitor. He was big and gruff looking. He had the most hairiest looking arms and face I ever did see. I’m not sure what he said to me but it was loud anyway. I jumped up, spun around, and ran right out the door. Now I had poor Mummy chasing me around the outside of the building in the cold. She drove the pram with Dessie bouncing his chubby head up and down the whole way….” (chapter 3, pp 31-32).

Celiac Kids Learn Cilie’s temper and School Problems aren’t his Only Issues:

Dessie bouncing up and down in the pram
Dessie is bouncing up and down in the pram.

“The first thing that started happening to me was a reoccurring white frothy poop. It was really gross. Then I started pooping out pieces of my dinner, like a chunk of a carrot or a whole pea. Once I ate a bag of raisins and nuts. Wouldn’t you know, I could have picked them out of my poop the next day. I could have rinsed them off and put them back into the bag. No one would have known the difference.

I had  lot of evil feelings for (my little brother) Dessie in those days. He definitely would have been the one I would have served them to. But I know I’m a good Catholic, because Nana always tells me I am. And God would not take to kindly toward me if I did something like that to my brother.

So it was shortly after that when we first visited the doctor at the clinic. I think Mum was looking for some answers….(chapter 6, pp 50-52).

Cilie visits with Doc Curtin.
Cilie visits with Doc Curtin.

When Cilie finally discovers his hidden talent it changes everything. He finds his first best friend, connects with his teacher, finds his niche. This gives him a new attitude about himself. He says:

“I’m definitely no longer dosser material. Mum and Dad couldn’t be more proud. Everyone around me takes notice of me now in a good way. They don’t think of me as a hooligan running amuck and getting myself into trouble anymore….(chapter 15, pp 137).

This celiac book for kids is available for purchase through the author website: http://cilie-yack-is-under-attack.com as well as through Amazon.com.

Celiac Kids can Join Cilie Yack’s Food Allergy Club too!

This special book for kids is also a catalyst for a non-profit support club for kids with food allergies, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease entitled: Cilie Yack’s Sous Club. Not just for an allergy to gluten, the club offers materials for parents to utilize to create allergy support groups in their neighborhood. So if you have a child allergic to one of the top eight allergens and you are looking for food allergy help, check it out!

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