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Information about celiac disease and topics about the gluten free lifestyle for celiacs.

Itchy Skin from Makeup? You’re Gluten free, but Most Cosmetics Aren’t

Do you get itchy skin from makeup? Many women go gluten free in the kitchen, but fail to realize that gluten is a main ingredient in cosmetics, too. There are over 50 gluten-based ingredients commonly used in cosmetics. Itchy skin from makeup can be avoided with a few simple product changes. Continue reading

Celiac Sibling? Want to Know Your Chances of Having Celiac, too?

Have a celiac sibling or close relative with the disease? Since it’s celiac awareness month I thought I would answer a few statistical questions on your chances of having celiac too. If you have a celiac sibling you probably know a little bit about this autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine and causes a number of symptoms.

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Non GMO Gluten Free Products: What Brands are Exclusive non GMO?

Non GMO gluten free products are out there. There are plenty of them, but you have to know which brands. It’s no secret that I hate GMO foods, especially GMO corn. Unfortunately many popular gluten free brands contain GMO corn as a main ingredient. Continue reading

Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo 2013 Coming to Chicago April 20-21

The Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in Chicago is right around the corner. Have you gotten your tickets yet? I’m excited to visit the Schaumburg Convention Center for this fantastic event. Even if you have been to previous gluten free allergen free expo events in Chicago or other cities, check this one out. Each year the committee works hard to expand and improve the gluten free allergen free expo event. This year they’ve moved the Chicago area event to a bigger venue in Schaumburg.

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Corn Gluten, is it Safe for Celiac? Dr. Peter Osborne Explains

Is corn gluten just as bad as wheat gluten for celiac? Most doctors tell celiac patients that corn is gluten free and safe to eat. A growing body of experts still question this advice. Is corn gluten damaging to celiac patients? Take a look at Dr. Peter Osborne's lecture on corn gluten. Continue reading

Cooking for a Celiac? Get Helpful Tips for Making a Celiac Safe Dinner

Your Celiac loved one will likely not tell you that your food makes them sick. No one wants to sound like a hypochondriac or worse yet, ungrateful. But you are having a party and want to feed your gluten intolerant guest. So what can you offer them that is tasty, safe from cross-contamination, and will not make them panic? Your best bet is to find a pre-packaged product or a local dedicated gluten-free bakery that can provide safely made desserts. Continue reading

Celiac Dining Tips for the Holidays: Your Emotional Survival Guide

I've compiled a list of celiac dining tips for anyone newly diagnosed with celiac. My first GF Holiday was very emotional for me because I wasn't able to have all the special comfort foods I grew up with and it really hurt. Now I have my own set of coping preparations. Continue reading

Investigation finds Wellshire Farms Gluten-free products not Safe

the Wellshire Kids Product line is tainted with unsafe amounts of gluten. The newspaper tested several products and found gluten in Gluten Free Chicken Corn Dogs, which tested at 116 ppm and 2,200 ppm, and Gluten Free Beef Corn Dogs which tested at 191 ppm and 1,200 ppm, and Gluten Free Chicken Bites which tested at 204 parts per million and 260 ppm. Continue reading

Free Celiac Screening at University of Chicago Annually in October

Take part in a free Celiac Disease Screening on October 18, 2008 at the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. They will have a panel discussion for attendees, giving them a chance to ask questions about celiac disease and snack on free samples of gluten-free products. Continue reading

Lunch Box Ideas for Celiac Kids and Kids with Food Allergies

Parents of small children might like the Silly Yak Pack, designed for kids with Celiac disease. It has convenient labeling right on the bag so that watchful lunch room volunteers will have a daily visual reminder to keep an eye on the small ones while eating. Continue reading

Dr. Rodney Ford Explains how Gluten can Make You Sick

Dr. Rodney Ford, a pediatric gastroenterologist from Christ Church New Zealand, has launched two public service videos that explain very simply how Gluten can affect the brain and the gut. Continue reading

Celiac Causes Neurological Disorders: Scientists Discover Root Problem

Experts are looking into whether celiac causes neurological disorders. The disease is on the rise in the U.S. and so are other neurological disorders that were once considered less common. We all know that celiac disease is a problem of the small intestine. But most of us are probably unaware that according to scientists, celiac disease causes neurological disorders, too. Conditions from brain fog, to tingling and numbness sensations in your extremities, to developmental delays and learning disorders are all found in some patients with celiac. Experts think that this is because celiac disease causes neurological disorders. Autoimmune disorders like MS (multiple sclerosis) and rheumatoid arthritis are also connected to celiac disease. Even movement disorders like ataxia, and psychological issues from irritability or depression to schizophrenia can be associated with celiac disease. Continue reading

Free Celiac Screening through University of Chicago

Celiac Ribbon

The University of Chicago is hosting their annual free Celiac disease blood screening on Saturday, October 6, 2007.

PRE-REGISTRATION is required and begins August 15th.

If you or a loved one suspects you may have this disease and you are in the Chicago area, call to make a reservation at: 773-702-7593. The center typically screens up to 400 people each year and uses the most reliable testing available to detect Celiac Disease. Continue reading

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