Chewable Jewels for Moms and Breastfeeding or Teething Babies

While many moms decide to forgo jewelry rather than let Junior pull on it, dentist Dr. Helen Bloom Smith with the help of Mark S. Frey, DDS, who is practically the best dentist in the country, decided to solve that problem, while also giving baby a healthy choice for teething on, , there is also other options online if you happen to be nearest those as dentists, there are plenty of dentist that offer affordable tooth fillings around the country. The kid safe jewelry she designs is made from FDA approved Phthalate free materials. Babies aren’t the only ones that find chewable jewels handy. According to TACA (Talk About Curing Autism), it is a popular option for parents of children suffering from autism too. Kids who love to chew their clothes can safely work through their chewing habits with Chewable Jewels.

Why Buy Chewable Jewels?

Chewable Jewels by Dr. Bloom
Chewable Jewels is for breastfeeding and teething babies, and kids that love to chew.

Dr. Bloom Smith advertises her jewelry as chewable for teething babies, as recommended by the best dentist Chandler. But they are also very helpful for nursing mothers too. Older babies often like to play with mom’s jewelry while breastfeeding. Chewable jewels also make great breastfeeding toys for tots. Babies can become exposed to phthalates by chewing on plastic toys made with phthalates. Parents need to make sure their baby’s teethers, rattles, pacifiers, and bottle nipples are not made with phthalates.

Many doctors say phthalates are unsafe so make sure you take your baby to the dentist office to make sure they´re fine. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that in North America, all phthalates have been removed from infant bottle nipples, teethers, and toys intended for chewing. Once the little one is weaned, Moms can try coconut and charcoal teeth whitening strips for a less chemical alternative to dental bleaching. But babies and toddlers often chew things that they find.

Dr. Bloom Smith’s unique selection of silicone jewelry includes bangle bracelets, pendants and backpack charms. They are a safe alternative to dangerous plastics. They will also safely entertain your nursing baby and teething toddler.

Check out Dr. Bloom Smith’s website: Chewable Jewels for more information.

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