Children Newly Diagnosed with Autism Have Hope

It is very exciting to see an organization develop for the sole purpose of helping families of newly diagnosed children battle autism head on. Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) does just that. It gives people timely information, offers resources, and supports families affected by autism.

Talk About Curing AutismTACA‘s goal is to empower parents to effectively treat children newly diagnosed, speeding up the recovery of their children and strengthening the autism community by connecting families with other families and professionals who can assist them, allowing them to share their stories and successes.

If you or a loved have been to see your pediatrician, specialists, therapists, and have been told there isn’t much hope for improvement in your child’s condition you need to take a look at this organization, and the treasure trove of information that they provide. TACA spokesperson Jenny McCarthy is even available to answer questions through the TACA website. And if you live in Illinois, Virginia, Georgia, Minnesota, Washington, North Dakota, Hawaii, or California, there may be a TACA support group near you.

Visit TACA’s web site to view this inspirational video.

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