Coconut Milk Ice Cream Review: Purely Decadent

Coconut milk ice cream review: When I heard there was a new choice in frozen treats for those of us who don’t eat/drink dairy products, boy was I excited. After all, this is National Ice Cream Month. I already make my own coconut milk frozen yogurt, but to be able to purchase already made coconut milk ice cream is a terrific option, and it’s even made with an alternative sugar — agave nectar. Purely Decadent is not rich — a characteristic you’ll either find “light and refreshing” or you may wish it were richer and creamier.

The Coconut Milk Ice Cream Review On Ice Cream Day!

coconut milk ice cream review
My coconut milk ice cream review of Purely Decadent.

Our family celebrated National Ice Cream day by running a mini taste test on the new line of Purely Decadent dairy free coconut milk ice cream. We looked at four flavors over two days: Coconut, Cookie Dough, Vanilla, and Chocolate. If you haven’t yet tried this brand, you may want to. It is a good alternative to soy and rice creams.

Purely Decadent’s cookie dough coconut milk ice cream is gluten free. But I found it a bit too sweet. It was still good. I liked the coconut milk. My initial impression was that it reminded me of “ice milk.” If you remember that product’s brief life. Another day I found it light and refreshing. So I guess it depends on your mood or expectation. I always ask my husband for the “reality check,” because he’s not on a restricted diet of any kind. I asked him, “How does this compare to soy ice cream or rice ice cream?” He said basically that all substitute milk ice creams were all alike to him, this one was not particularly different. That’s my husband’s coconut milk ice cream review. I disagree. If given a choice, I would choose the coconut milk ice cream over the soy or rice. I prefer the sugar used, but mostly because I think the flavor and overall texture was better. The price was about the same as other “super premium” dairy free ice creams that come in small containers.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream Review of Vanilla and Chocolate Flavors

We also tested the vanilla and the chocolate on another day. I felt the chocolate was not chocolatey enough (but, if you know me, you know I’d say that about nearly any chocolate ice cream) and the vanilla was just not quite right, I couldn’t put my finger on it. However, when I had both of these ice creams with something else, like fresh fruit, or cake, I thought they were just great.

My Coconut Milk Ice Cream Review Conclusion:

My favorite for just eating by itself is still the coconut. Overall, Pure Decadence is my new favorite brand of dairy free ice cream!

If you would prefer to make your own, check out my homemade coconut milk frozen yogurt recipe (which contains dairy).

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  1. Elaine – You missed the best flavor – the mint chip! It is phenomenal and tastes as close to the “real thing” as I can remember. We will be enjoying the coconut milk ice cream one day for dessert at the Gluten Free Cooking Expo. They have been very generous and donated ice cream. I’m very excited to show off the product to those who haven’t tried. Thanks for your review. And I agree – it is yummy! Jen Cafferty

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