Make Shamrock Pancakes for St. Paddy’s Day Using Cookie Cutters

shamrock cookie cutter pancakes
Shamrock cookie cutter pancakes

Pancakes are much more fun when they have a cool shape. The best time to make fun shaped pancakes is during a special holiday. The first time we made cookie cutter pancakes was for an annual pancake breakfast at our church on St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone at our church congregates in a large meeting hall and socializes while several volunteers stand elbow to elbow flipping endless flapjacks for an hour and a half. Volunteer bakers supply dozens of loaves of Irish soda bread and there are endless pots of coffee available to all.

Make your St. Paddy’s Day breakfast extra special!

Sounds like a fantastic time, unless you happen to be on a gluten-free diet. This shamrock shaped cookie cutter pancake recipe was designed to make my celiac son get just as festive as everyone else. I think he also made the other kids a little green with envy…

This recipe works with Christmas cookie cutters, Easter cookie cutters, and any other fun holiday shapes and designs. I have made both large and small shaped pancakes. The process is always the same, however you will have more luck with shapes that do not have too many pointed edges or are too small. It may be hard to get shortening into those tiny corners and your pancake might stick as a result.


Ingredients for Cookie Cutter Pancakes:

1 cup of your favorite all-purpose pancake mix (be sure it includes rising agents)

1/2 cup of finely chopped zucchini and kiwi (about 1/2 of a medium zucchini and one kiwi)

2 tablespoons oil

1/2 to 3/4 cup of milk (rice, almond, whatever you want)

1 egg

1-4 large shamrock cookie cutters (or more if you have the space).

Directions for Cookie Cutter Pancakes:

In a mixing bowl, whisk one egg until blended. Add oil and stir. Add finely chopped kiwi and zucchini mixture. Pour in the pancake mix. Add liquid until the mixture has a thick yet smooth consistency. Add the liquid slowly as you do not want the batter to be too runny.

Heat the griddle to about 350˚ Fahrenheit. Grease the sides of a metal shamrock shaped cookie cutter with your finger.

NOTE: A plastic cookie cutter will melt with the heat of the griddle.

Place the cutter on the preheated griddle. Using a spoon, gently scoop and pour the batter into the center of the cutter mold. Be sure to spread the batter evenly so that it fills the mold. A shallow mold works better than a wider width. Each pancake needs at least 3 minutes per side.
Once the pancake has set (after about 2 minutes), carefully lift the cutter off the griddle. I used a spatula and just gently lifted the cutter in one corner. The semi-cooked batter should easily separate. If it does not, just gently place the pancake and cutter back down onto the griddle. After you have successfully removed the cutter mold flip the pancake and cook it an additional 3 minutes on the other side. I made these pancakes ahead of time and fast-froze them before storing them in a plastic bag. (This will help to keep them from sticking to each other). On the morning of the pancake breakfast I can simply toast or microwave them for the boys. This recipe makes 2-3 servings. I served these with fresh kiwi and grapes, but anything goes!

NOTE: If you are looking for a hard to find cookie cutter shape, visit Kitchen Collectables. They have holiday shapes, wedding, sports, nautical, graduation, alphabet, numbers, animals, even clothes and fashion cutters. They have over 3,500 designs and even offer custom cutters.

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