Corn Free Candy Canes by Caring Candies available this Christmas

Caring Candies are Made from Isomalt.

Corn free candy canes that are also sugar free and all natural are hard to find. Caring Candies is a South African company that knows how to think outside the box. Rather than create a candy with unhealthy artificial sweetners, they’ve got a natural product. What’s their secret ingredient? It’s a little known alcohol sugar that is perfect for diabetics and happens to be corn free and all natural.

Corn free Candy Canes are also Feingold Diet Approved

All natural corn free candy canes that are also sugar free and all natural are hard to find. Caring Candies is a South African company that makes sugar free hard candy using a sugar alcohol called isomalt.

In business since 2002, this family owned company won best product in 2004 in Milan, Italy. If you have corn allergies and you are looking for corn free candy canes this Christmas season you are in luck! Often times isomalt is derived from corn. Not in this case!

These corn free candy canes by Caring Candies  are derived from beet sugar. Their candy is also safe for the Feingold diet because it has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in it. The company uses all natural herbs and plants to source their flavors and colors in their candies. They are even vegan.

You are probably asking yourself, “What is isomalt?” Here’s a little background on this healthy sweetener. Isomalt is a sugar alcohol that is considered ‘low glycemic.’ This makes it perfect for diabetics. Studies on isomalt have shown that it only rises blood glucose and insulin levels slightly, compared with sugar and glucose. This makes isomalt beneficial not only for diabetics but also for health conscious people who want to maintain their weight, avoid cavities, and for those that are allergic to corn and in need of candy made without corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup.

Chicago area consumers can purchase corn free candy canes from Caring Candies at Lil’s Dietary Shop. Supplies are limited, so get their as early as possible before they are sold out. The candy is also available online through and’s Glutenfree Mall for shoppers in the United States and Canada.

The makers of Caring Candies have a wide variety of hard candies and chocolates. They warn on their website for consumers to only eat a moderate amount of isomalt candy a day because it has a laxative effect. They also claim that it is a prebiotic and aids in good digestion.

Caring Candies owner, Neil Glezer-Jones, says: “Our candies have a similar chemical composition to prunes. Soooo… we recommend you try limit yourself to around 25g of our candy (4-5 bonbons or 2 lollipops) per day to avoid a possible laxative effect.”

If you are looking for candy canes made from cane sugar, Pure Fun Candy Canes are now being made by TruSweets and can be purchased through, Peapod, the Natural Candy Store and more. Read our review of their TruJoy Organic Candy Canes and view our recipe for a chocolate dipped candy cane.

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