Corn free Ketchup: Is Your Ketchup Brand Really Safe?

Corn free ketchup is hard to find on store shelves. So you are looking for corn free ketchup. Maybe you just want to avoid high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Some ketchups have sugar instead. But this is not the only ingredient to worry about if you have a corn allergy. Vinegar is also a problem. If you are allergic to corn, it is very important to have a safe brand of corn free ketchup.  If you are on a special allergy diet and you are still struggling with allergy symptoms it may be due to your ketchup. Ketchup and other condiments can have hidden corn or gluten. If you are having allergy symptoms, double check to see if you are using a corn free ketchup.
Ketchup is usually made with vinegar. White vinegar can be made from any fruit, or any material containing sugar, including and especially corn. So if you tend to use a lot of ketchup this could be your problem. Are you using a safe corn free ketchup?

Here are the Ketchup Brands I Evaluated:

Westbrae Unsweetened Un-Ketchup

[INGREDIENTS] Water, tomato paste made from red ripe tomatoes,
apple cider vinegar, salt, onion, natural flavor. I made a phone inquiry to this company and was told that it is definitely gluten free, however the natural flavors are proprietary and they will not disclose whether or not they are made from corn. A company spokesperson said that the formulation changes and sometimes it includes corn. Natural flavor could be any spice, fruit, vegetable, meat product that is a natural food source, but Hain Celestial Group warns that those with corn allergies need to avoid this product.


Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup

[INGREDIENTS] Organic tomato concentrate made from red ripe organic tomatoes, organic distilled vinegar, organic sugar, salt, organic onion powder, organic spice, natural flavoring. I called the Heinz company and they said that this product is gluten-free but the vinegar probably contains corn. In our case we did notice a reaction to this product, and have discontinued using it. You may want to try it to see if you can tolerate it. If you are highly sensitive you should probably avoid this one.

Woodstock Farms Organic Tomato Ketchup

[INGREDIENTS] Organic tomato concentrate (water and organic tomato paste), organic sugar, organic vinegar, salt, organic onion powder, spices and natural flavorings. First of all, let me start by saying that nowhere on the labeling does this product indicate that it is imported. It is distributed by a company P.O. Box in Connecticut but the product is actually made in China. Furthermore, I was unable to find a consumer product safety number to verify if this product is a gluten and corn free ketchup. I think this is a product you may want to avoid, even though it is sold at Whole Foods.

Annie’s Naturals Organic Ketchup

[INGREDIENTS] Water, Organic Tomato Paste, Organic Sugar, Organic Distilled White Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Allspice, Organic Clove Powder. I called the company to determine if the white vinegar was corn-derived. The spokesperson for the company could not give me a definitive response. Based on the conversation and the company’s inability to answer I cannot recommend this product. I can only assume it is corn-based vinegar.

The Only Corn Free Ketchup we Found

Muir Glen Tomato Ketchup

[INGREDIENTS] Tomato Puree (tomato paste and water), naturally milled sugar, vinegar, sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, oils of clove, cassia and celery. Please take note: some ingredients may cause a reaction in highly sensitive people. Muir Glen uses only highly distilled vinegar and no gluten protein remains, but their vinegar source varies and may contain corn. We did not have a reaction.

* If you are following the Feingold Diet you may find non-tomato ketchups available made from pear and banana. The Barry Farm in Ohio features Feingold approved ketchups made from plums, pears, and an assortment of other fruits. These products are NOT gluten or corn-free, however. We will be in touch with Barry Farms and will hopefully have a list of products that are gluten and corn-free, so check back!

For a more detailed understanding of vinegar visit the Vinegar Institute at: Finally, here is a recipe for making your own tomato-based ketchup and barbecue sauce that will be certainly free from gluten and corn.

* Please note: it is important to check the brand of Tomato Paste that you use. Citric acid is derived from corn and often causes a reaction in highly sensitive individuals. Check our GF-MF Safe Product List.

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  1. Thank you so much for your careful evaluation — based on your info I’ve been able to add a ketchup I hope will be suitable for my customers to my lineup. I’ve linked to your article from my site and look forward to your future guides.

  2. Hello Caryn,
    I just came across your blog. I am not sure where you obtained your information, but the Woodstock Farms Organic Ketchup is made by our company for Woodstock. The organic tomatoes are from California, the distilled vinegar is made from corn in Ohio, and the product is packed in Ohio. this product is gluten free. Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

  3. Natural Flavor(s), Natural Flavoring is DECEPTIVE and may contain MSG or Aspartame, Do not trust these brand names-they REFUSE to tell you what an ingredient is-they are likely deceiving you. Besides, Natural Flavors by some health advocates is already believed/known to contain MSG or Aspartame.

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