Corn Gluten, is it Safe for Celiac? Dr. Peter Osborne Explains

Is corn gluten just as bad as wheat gluten for celiac? Most doctors tell celiac patients that corn is gluten free and safe to eat. A growing body of experts still question this advice. Is corn gluten damaging to celiac patients? Take a look at Dr. Peter Osborne’s lecture on corn gluten. Dr. Osborne’s video questions the use of corn gluten in gluten free foods.

Gluten Sensitivity Vs. Celiac Disease Vs. Gluten Intolerance

Dr. Osborne questions why celiac experts are recommending corn gluten and other gluten-grains like: millet, sorghum, and buckwheat as supposedly safe for the celiac community and people with gluten sensitivity. This video explains the difference between gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease. Take the time to watch it and get an eye opening education on why a grain free diet is the best option for celiac disease. Dr. Osborne poses valid questions about the safety of certain alternative grains, especially corn gluten, that are commonly used by patients on a gluten free diet, explains old medical views and introduces a new school of thought on gluten sensitivity.

Dr. Osborne, explains to viewers how a food intolerance (like one to corn gluten) differs from a food allergy:

“When a person has an intolerance to a certain food they don’t digest it very well. And with that lack of digestion that food sits there. And it feeds bacteria. And it creates these bacteria to overgrow and to become imbalanced. And then these bacteria start to make byproducts. And these byproducts can create damage to our intestine and it can cause leaks. Then there are holes in our intestinal lining. And when there are holes in our intestinal lining we tend to develop more and more allergies as time goes by.”

When you have a leaky gut your food won’t get broken down and it will leak through holes in your intestine. According to Dr. Osborne:

“Behind your gut lining you have more immune system cells than anywhere else in your body. And this immune system, it’s actually called a gastro associated lymph tissue, starts to respond to food because it’s breaking through the gut, it’s leaking through, and it’s stimulating an immune reaction.”

The vicious cycle of gut dysbiosis or Leaky Gut Syndrome
The possible cycle of disease and imbalance in “Leaky Gut Syndrome”

Watch Dr. Peter Osborne’s video and then decide for yourself if eating a low carb gluten free diet that avoids corn gluten would be better for your health. Also check out Debbie Ross’s article, “Making Diet and Life Changes for Better Health” at The Gluten Free Dish to learn more about this same topic.

Five years ago our son was diagnosed with celiac disease. Fortunately we discovered at the same time that he had a severe corn intolerance. Our son suffered from a tic disorder, and we saw first hand how his tics would wax each time he was exposed to corn. If you’ve been gluten free for a while and things aren’t right. Consider giving up corn and sugar as well. It is possible that your body is suffering from leaky gut syndrome.

Today our son is doing fantastic. He no longer has digestive issues. And he hasn’t had symptoms of a tic disorder in several years either.

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  1. Caryn-a great post. I like the Dysbiosis chart that you shared. It’s a great visual to understand all that can go on inside of our guts. Last night I posted my story about my decision to change my families diet from gluten-free to grain-free after learning this last year. Keep up the good work as a Gluten-free Warrior!

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