Crockpot Chop Suey Recipe: Just Set it and Forget it!

This is our family’s crockpot chop suey recipe. I usually organize it the night before and then dump all the chop suey ingredients into my 2 quart crockpot after breakfast. As a child this was a favorite recipe that my grandmother used to make for us when we visited her. I love the smell of slow cooking chop suey because it brings me right back to her tiny yellow kitchen.

This slow cooker chop suey recipe cooks for 4-8 hours in the crockpot, depending on your settings. It can also be refrigerated or frozen and reheated. If you are watching your sodium intake, check out San-J’s new low sodium organic wheat free tamari sauce.

Ingredients for Crockpot Chop Suey:

Crockpot Chop Suey
Crockpot Chop Suey with Rice

2 lbs of chunky stewing meat (I like to combine pork and beef)

1/2 large yellow onion, chopped

2 medium celery stalks, sliced on a slight angle

4 oz of fresh mung bean sprouts (you may substitute for canned, but if you are highly sensitive to corn be wary of the citric acid)

1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms

1 eight ounce can of bamboo shoots (preservative free, only in water)

1 eight ounce can of water chestnuts (preservative free, only in water)

2 cups dry rice

2 T arrowroot starch

1 jar of Dynasty Bead Molasses (5.25 oz) *or any other variety of unsulphured molasses

*San-J Organic Wheat-Free Tamari Soy Sauce

*NOTE: Corn allergy sufferers should use Coconut Aminos for a similar taste.


Directions for Crockpot Chop Suey:

Place chop suey meat into bottom of the crockpot. Add a small jar of bead molasses (5 ounce jar), then fill empty molasses jar with San-J Tamari sauce or  and pour into crockpot. (For a lower-sodium dish add less bead molasses and less soy sauce in equal parts.) Next add two pints of water, then all remaining ingredients.

Please note: when adding arrowroot starch it is best to add it to cold water to avoid clumping. Be sure to stir the powder until it dissolves into a smooth creamy liquid. Uncover and unplug the crockpot when the dish is ready to be served, then in a separate saucepan prepare rice as directed. Serves 6-8 adult-sized portions.

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  1. What brand(s) of bamboo shoots do you buy? What store(s) sell them? I live in London Ontario Canada and am looking for preservative free bamboo shoots. Lots of B vitamins. Thanks

  2. This recipe has 2 cups dry rice as one of the ing. and indicates to add ALL ing. to the pot. Then states, as an added note, to cook the rice separately.

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