Dairy free Egg Nog Recipe Ideas: 2 Easy Ways to Make Dairyfree Egg Nog


Need a dairy free egg nog recipe? I just can’t drink milk anymore. If you are like me, you are probably wondering if egg nog is possible without milk. I found a good alternative to the egg nog that’s sold in the stores this holiday season. I’ve done some experimenting and found out which dairy free egg nog recipe we like best. Here are two terrific dairy free recipes that are quick and easy.

The First Dairy free Egg Nog Recipe: The Joy of Cooking, Altered

We hadn’t had egg nog for years until last Christmas when we decided to have  an altered Joy of Cooking dairy free egg nog.  We mixed up a batch of the Joy of Cooking Cooked recipe.  The Joy of Cooking recipe was sweet and rich – very rich.

Our dairy free modification to the Joy recipe was to replace all of the milk and cream with coconut milk.  Of the total quantity, we used half light coconut milk and half full fat.


dairy free eggnog recipe
Dairy free eggnog recipe

We just loved the Joy of Cooking recipe. It’s super rich and delicious. You won’t be thinking, “Gee this isn’t real milk.” You’ll be thinking, “Wow, this is good!”

The Joy recipe is intended to be served with rum added, which would thin it down a bit. Some would say without rum it’s too rich and thick, but there were no complaints at our house!

Here is an online version of the original Joy of Cooking Egg Nog recipe if you’d like to make it.

Dairy free Egg Nog When You also have a Corn Allergy:

Those folks avoiding corn have to avoid store bought confectioners sugar unless it is specifically labeled to include an ingredient other than corn starch, such as Trader Joe’s brand powdered sugar made with tapioca starch or Miss Roben’s corn-free powdered sugar.  Folks can easily make their own powdered sugar with a good food processor, some tapioca starch, and a bag of Evaporated Cane Juice (natural sugar).

As an additional precaution, corn allergy sufferers have to refer to specific  corn allergy free alcohol lists for an appropriate liquor that is also corn free. Please also read the labels on your coconut milk container if you are corn free. The Trader Joe’s brand has been traditionally safe. Just double check the labels when you shop. And finally I would like to add a warning for those avoiding corn and not dairy, not all whipping cream is created corn free either. Most (I hesitate to say all, but so far my experience has been *all*) manufacturers include a corn by-product in their pre-made whipping cream in cans and tubs.

A Second Dairy free Egg Nog Recipe to Try:

An easy dairy free egg nog recipe
This is the easy mason jar dairy free egg nog recipe.

Would you like to make a simple mason jar dairy free egg nog recipe? Unlike the cooked kind, this one uses raw eggs. If you are not concerned about eating raw eggs, give it a try. We buy pasteurized eggs. Just use a can of Coconut milk (we like Trader Joe’s light coconut milk brand), one egg (we use organic), one teaspoon of vanilla (corn free or homemade), a teaspoon or two of organic sugar (also called evaporated cane juice). Put all ingredients into a mason jar. Put the lid on tightly. Then shake for about a minute or so. Pour your egg nog into a glass and add a bit of fresh nutmeg on top. That’s it! It’s so simple, and quick to make.

Do you like it sweeter? Add more organic sugar.

Are you in need of a diabetic dairy free egg nog?

Use xylitol from the Natural Sweetener Store. You can also use stevia instead, although I prefer the taste of xylitol to stevia.

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