Review of Coconut Milk Options for Dairy free Dessert Making

coconut milk brands

Need a review of coconut milk brands for dairy free substitutions? If you’re dairy free it’s not too hard to find a substitute since there are so many fine choices out there. People can use various nut milks, soy milks, as well as rice milks. Most people gravitate toward nut milks and soy milks when they need to substitute for whole milk or cream in a recipe. But what do you do if you’re avoiding soy? The thickest of the milk substitutes, soy is a handy go to for the dairy-free baker. It’s the staple product in nearly all non-dairy frozen goodies. Let’s face it, no soy means no Tofutti Cuties!

My Review of Coconut Brands for Dairy free Substitutions

Review of Coconut Milk
A Review of Coconut Milk Brands

My solution has been to use coconut milk. I have sampled different brands and decided to write a review of coconut milk. I’ve modified a frozen yogurt recipe to make my own coconut milk frozen yogurt. I just use my Cuisinart Ice Cream machine. We’ve used coconut milk in pumpkin pie, and also on pumpkin pie, as a whipped cream topping.

If you’ve tried using coconut milk in dessert making, you may have noticed there is a consistency issue with many brands of coconut milk. This is what led to my idea to put together a review of coconut milk. It’s frustrating to try to create a successful alternative dessert for a party, birthday or holiday, only to have it fail because of the brand of coconut milk.

What I Discovered in my Review of Coconut Milk:

Obviously, for a coconut “whipped cream” you need a full fat coconut milk. These are not labeled as “full fat,” they just fail to say “lite.”

The two best, most consistent, highest fat brands of coconut milk that I have found are pictured above. On the left is Native Forest, organic and available at Whole Foods. On the right is Aryo-D, which in the Chicago area is available at Caputo’s Fresh Markets.

Have you heard of stabilized whipped cream? That’s a method for adding a small amount of unflavored gelatin to whipped cream in order to help it keep its shape, or for when using whipped cream as a cake icing. This is particularly helpful with whipped coconut milk. It’s not necessary, but if you have the time, it’s a nice touch. Complete instructions for stabilizing whipped cream are in the Joy of Cooking.

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