Download Free M&Ms Teacher Poem Tag for M&Ms Gift Jar this Christmas

m&m teacher poem gift in a reusable plastic storage container.
My m&m teacher poem in a reusable plastic storage container.

Want to download free M&Ms teacher poem image tags to use on your jar of M&Ms for your child’s teacher? I’ve made some that you are welcome to use for your child’s classroom teacher. Both poems are original. One has a very Christian theme to it because our kids go to a Catholic school. I made another one for anyone who has kids in a public school, too. The M&Ms teacher poem is not a new idea. It has been around for quite a while. I’ve seen so many really cute gifts that used it. We decided to use it last year for a favorite teacher who loves M&Ms.

So I ended up making  about 8 cute M&Ms gift boxes. I sent them off to school for an end of the year gift for all my 3 sons’ teachers and aides. If you buy your M&Ms in bulk this can be a really economical way to gift your teachers. And it is thoughtful. We had learned that M&Ms were a favorite candy for a favorite teacher of one of my boys. That’s where my idea originally came from.  Many other bloggers have made similar teacher gifts. Check out Brenda’s blog, Seasons of Joy, for some really cute and crafty M&Ms teacher poem gift ideas. There is a standard M&Ms poem circulating around the internet. There are also many beautiful photos of crafty M&Ms teacher gift jars on Pinterest.

The only difference between the other M&M gift jars and my box was in the M&Ms poem. The ones you see here are original. I have always tried to instill in my boys the importance of having a thankful heart. Now that they are older I think it’s important for them to show thankfulness in an authentic and natural way. Part of that process means making them accountable for their teacher gifts. I will help them along the way to make sure that they are on the right track. But the process of finding a gift, and personalizing it is all them.

This M&Ms Teacher Poem project is one of those examples. We made several poems for each of our teachers and aides. Every poem was individualized for each teacher. The boys put a lot of thought into it. I helped them get their poems to rhyme properly. At the end of the day I was very proud of the work that they did. Rather than post all the personalized poems up here I decided to post a general one for you to use. Since our kids go to a Catholic school, our faith is a big part of our life. Because they practice their faith at home and at school I thought the M&Ms poem should reflect that. And so did they. So we also have a Christian M&Ms poem for teachers.

If you are here because you are looking to download free M&Ms teacher poem for your child’s Christmas holiday gift, then I am happy to offer these. I love doing things for people.

I was recently contacted and asked where on the blog folks can go on Healthy Family to download free M&Ms teacher poem pages. One of my Pinterest followers had re-pinned my image but was confused when they couldn’t click back to the website to find it. My apologies to anyone looking endlessly on Healthy Family for that post. I never actually posted the M&Ms teacher poem PDF downloads on the site. I just uploaded the image on Pinterest last spring as an afterthought. I like to use Pinterest as an online filing cabinet of ideas. I’m a very visual person. Files on my home computer can easily get misplaced because I never remember what I name things. Pinterest makes life so much easier for me.

Download free M&Ms Teacher Poem Pages Here:

Just click on the links below. I have two versions for an end of school year gift. One M&M poem is for a public school teacher. The other M&M poem is for a Christian school teacher, CCD teacher, or Sunday School Teacher.

Version 1 of Teacher M&Ms Poem Version 2 of Teacher M&Ms Poem
Download free M&Ms Teacher Poem

Download free M&Ms teacher poem for a public school teacher.

Christian M&Ms teacher poem

Download free M&Ms teacher poem for a Christian school teacher.

You’ve also inspired me to make one for the Christmas holidays as well. I was really surprised to find so much interest in these. So I’ve decided to create a few Christmas ones too. If you’d like to download free M&Ms teacher poem pages for Christmas, just click on these images:

Version 3 of Teacher M&Ms Poem Version 4 of Teacher M&Ms Poem
download free M&Ms teacher poem Christian version for Christmas

Download Christmas version of Public School Teacher M&Ms teacher poem.

download free M&Ms teacher poem for Christmas gift idea

Download Christmas version of Christian M&Ms teacher poem.

Please let me know if you decide to use these poems. I’d love to see pictures of creative teacher gift jars to go along with these tags. I have given you a medium sized image for tags. You can adjust them however you’d like when you print them.

High Five Teacher Appreciation Idea

For Catholic Schools Week I came up with another teacher appreciation gift idea that I call the “High Five”. Please check that one out too, and possibly pin it on Pinterest for future use. It is another easy and inexpensive paper gift that you can personalize any way you’d like.

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