Need Easy Halloween Crafts for Classroom Parties? Try These Ideas

easy halloween craft ideas

Need easy Halloween Crafts? Healthy Family found some that we’d like to share. These fun DIY projects are easy Halloween crafts you can do for parties and at home DIY activities with your kids. Fall is a great time of year to craft with the kids. Whip up some cute clever costumes, design some easy Halloween crafts with paper cones, or make cute pumpkins with glitter and glue, thanks to Country Woman Magazine. We’ll give you a peek at their collection of creative and easy Halloween crafts. They are free, so what are you waiting for?

We’ve compiled our favorite 3 easy Halloween crafts from Country Woman Magazine. There are many other crafts on their site that are also kid friendly, so you should check them out. You can easily use the following ideas for your room mom classroom party planning. These easy Halloween crafts are fast if you’ve done a little prep time before the party. The crafts will keep the kids busy and are easy enough for them to do.

3 Easy Halloween Crafts from Country Woman Magazine

Easy Halloween Critter Costume for Kids Craft:

Is making a Halloween costume for your child always a problem because you’re not a sewing expert? No worries—this year your child will look festive and creative and you won’t even have to pick up a needle! There’s no need to paint your child’s face this Halloween, either. All you’ll need is felt, a glue gun, and ribbons. With this homemade mask template your child to be the cutest fox, deer or skunk anyone has seen, according to!

With a little extra creativity you can embellish this ready-made pattern mask too.

Add a set of brown footsie pajamas to make your deer more cuddly. Get a cute black skirt and tights for the sweetest looking skunk.

If you want to be foxy, consider a soft, fuzzy red sweater and cords to finish off your homemade costume mask. Of course, if you pre cut these pattern masks they can be used as a classroom craft project, too.

For a full list of instructions and materials, please visit Country Woman Magazine’s Woodland Masks Easy Halloween Crafts Page.

Easy Halloween Glitter Pumpkins Craft:

I absolutely love this easy Halloween crafts idea. If you are like me, a mom of four with plenty of Halloween decor accumulated over the years, you’ve probably got some junk lying around.

This year we pulled out a cool jack-o-lantern that plugs in and lights up with a small bulb.

This old plastic pumpkin was quickly damaged when our little 2-year-old girl got a hold of with a black ink pen.

Rather than throw it out, we decided to jazz it up with a little glitter and paint. (And I’ve also found a safe place to keep the pumpkin and those pesky black ink pens).

Painting pumpkins with funny faces may be fun, but giving an old junky pumpkin a second life is even better.

For a list of materials, please visit Country Woman Magazine’s Glitter Pumpkin Project Page.

Easy Candy Corn Goodie Bags Craft:

For a Halloween party, a Thanksgiving favor or even “just because it’s fall,” these candy corn goodie bags are an easy Halloween crafts idea.

You can stuff them with wrapped candies, safe and fun non-edible treats, and hand them out as treat bags for classroom parties.

For step-by-step instructions, visit the Country Woman Magazine’s Candy Corn Goodie Bags Page.

For additional creepy crafts, spectacularly spooky décor and clever costumes, visit Country Crafts online’s Halloween Crafts section. Like what you see? You can download Country Woman Magazine on your iPad, Nook, Kindle, or even with Google Play & Android.

Happy crafting from Healthy Family! If you decide to do one of these crafts we’d love to hear from you about it. If you are looking for additional Halloween activities to do with your kids, check out our Halloween Hobgoblin idea, which comes with a free convenient download to get you started.

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