Finding Faith After Losing Everything: Watch Survival Film on DVD

Let God DVD by Elevation films: a story of finding faith after losing everything in pioneer America.
Let God DVD by Elevation Films

Finding faith after losing everything. Is it possible? How much of yourself is connected to your material possessions, your job, your role in the family or your community? What would you be if it was all taken away from you? Who would you be? Would you still have faith? Hope? A wonderful and inspirational film from Elevation Pictures explores what happens to a young pioneer woman’s faith when she loses everything and has to rely on herself and ultimately God for survival.

I want to share a wonderful film with you, and tell you a little bit about why I chose to watch it with my family at the start of Lent this year.

My family entered into the Lenten season this year with a lot to feel blessed about. Life is good in our house. We have our health, and we’ve much to be thankful for. But I’m painfully aware of how fortunate we are, because we’ve also had close friends suffer great losses, one of them quite recently.

My kids are still young, but they are old enough to understand the need to make sacrifices. And that’s the whole point of Lent. It’s the act of both denying yourself and giving of yourself to others. Lent is a season of conversion and rebirth. We acknowledge the ways we have turned away from God in our lives and we focus on turning our hearts and minds back toward God. Although we aren’t finding faith after losing everything, we are finding faith through the sacrifices we choose to make.

Finding Faith After Losing Everything: Let God

Finding faith after losing everything: Watch inspirational film about pioneer woman for Lenten season.
Let God, Voted Best Feature Film at 2013 Breckenridge Film Festival

“There’s a gap between ritual and faith, and we explore that,” said writer/director/producer William Parker. “The character of Amelia is very ritual oriented – she goes to church, she read the Bible…but through the movie she kind of gives up on it. Amelia struggles with loss of faith, feeling she’s been abandoned by God and is completely on her own.”

Let God is a low budget film with a very powerful and understated message. There are only a handful of characters in the film. Everything is told from the perspective of Amelia, and much of it is done without dialogue. We felt her emotions and her fear. We also see her character transform when she begins finding faith after losing everything in her life.

Finding Faith After Losing Everything: “Let God” Movie Trailer

The film opens at Amelia’s most tragic moment of loss. This was confusing for the kids, but they quickly caught on.  The story is told out of sequence through flashbacks. The powerful yet undramatic ending had our family talking for quite some time. It was beautiful.

There’s no dogma. You won’t feel preached at in the least bit. But you will be deeply moved, especially by the ending.  Let God is raw and emotionally graphic. But the violence is all off camera, the way it should be when you are watching with your children.

“This is a terrific Story!” said the Dove Foundation. “The writer/director and leading actress Jasmine Jandreau, as Amelia, somehow manage to make this story of survival a powerful movie about trials and a faith that overcomes all odds.”

Disclosure: I received this DVD courtesy of Edify Media, Inc. as part of a movie promotion. I was not paid to write an endorsement and my opinion is completely honest.

If you want to see this film, it’s on sale at for a limited time at $12.99.

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