First Communion Booklets that Teach the Order of the Mass

teach order of the mass for first holy communion
First Holy Communion

First communion booklets are a fantastic tool for catechists. Learning Order of the Mass for first communion is tough. There is a lot for a child to understand about the traditions, symbolism, and prayers of a Catholic Mass. Each year in parishes around the world children are studying the Order of the Mass for first communion.

Recently Healthy Family got in touch with a wonderful company based out of North Carolina called Holy Heroes. If you are a regular reader you may have seen an earlier post we did about Holy Heroes free Lenten activities for kids program. The company has published Order of the Mass for first communion booklets. On one side of their first communion booklets the Prayers of the Mass are taught, and on the flip side of this book Holy Heroes includes 24 pages of “Best Loved Catholic Prayers” for children.
Most Catholic teachers rely on copying worksheets and making packets to teach the mass to first communicants. Holy Heroes changes that with their first communion booklets.

This mass booklet for the 1st holy communion is great for any Catholic school CCD teacher, and can be used year after year by the parish school’s new class of first communicants.

Their mass for first communion booklets measure 5 ½ inches wide by 8 ½ inches long. Each book is about ⅛ of an inch thick. The pages are made of a thick, sturdy magazine paper. These books are made to last! Parish schools can give them to their catechumens as part of their Sacrament of Eucharist education programs. But they can also lend them as well, for years to come, or keep them in the pews for family use during Mass.

Ken Davison, of Holy Heroes, tells Healthy Family why they’ve published this book: “We would really like to get these booklets into as many hands as possible and the CD into as many cars and vans as possible to help families grow in their faith.” We also need to grow their awareness on their car safety, especially for the whole community. With many of can keep our cars running perfectly fine with out worrying about defects, plus we know if anything happens we will be cover thanks to our motor trade insurance which is one of the best.

The Holy Heroes booklet has the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship of the USCCB and has an Imprimatur license from the Catholic Church to be used as a religious book. They even offer online quizzes that vary throughout the year, a fantastic tool for CCD teachers, parents, and Catholic school teachers.

Ken Davison says, “Right now, with Lenten Adventure, we are focusing on the Stations of the Cross, and that “certification” quiz will go up about 2/3 of the way through Lent. The Order of the Mass for first communion quiz and others go up on and are advertised on our homepage.”

Also Take a look at Holy Heroe’s New Sacrament of the Eucharist DVD for kids, too. This 50 minute DVD about Holy Communion makes a wonderful teaching tool for Catholic classrooms as well.

Holy Heroes’ Order of the Mass for First Communion Booklets

Holy Heroes publishes paperback First Communion booklets for children that are handy to use during Mass to help teach the Order of the Mass. They are perfect for catechumens getting ready for their First Holy Communion and as a handy tool for CCD teachers and Catholic school teachers.
Holy Heroes paperback First Communion Booklets for children.

Here’s another view of one of the interior pages of these Order of the Mass for first communion booklets:

Order of the Mass for first communion books use bold text for all the new responses, offer colored text for teaching, and include Latin and Greek responses. The font is huge, so parents can easily see the text and help their child follow along.
A sample page of the Order of the Mass for first communion books for kids.

What you can’t tell from these images is the extremely large font size in The Order of the Mass for first communion booklets by Holy Heroes. Ken Davison says that they used a large size 14 type font by design. I think you will love it. I took my three boys to Mass on Sunday and we tried out our sample Order of the Mass for first communion book by Holy Heroes. The Sacrament of Eucharist is still a long way off at our parish, and one of our boys is working hard at it. He is still struggling with many of the parts of the Mass.

I was really impressed with Holy Heroes “The Prayers of the Mass” book. It was very easy to follow. The letters were so big that we were able to share it as a family. Mass is fast, and sometimes it becomes very awkward to follow using the bulky missals with the small type font. Holy Heroes’ Order of the Mass book for children is about 20 pages in length. The back half of the book includes several best loved Catholic prayers for children. That is an additional 24 pages and includes many favorite morning prayers, mealtime prayers, daily prayers, prayers for others, and nighttime prayers. It even teaches the Rosary.

Disclosure: Healthy Family is not affiliated with Holy Heroes in any way. We do not get compensation for products purchased by Healthy Family readers. Healthy Family received sample products from Holy Heroes to review on our website. We support their desire to spread the word about the work they are doing for Catholic children. To purchase the book or find more information, visit: Holy Heroes.

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