New Food Allergy App for Restaurant going Allergy Sufferers

Food Allergy App news: I just received an email alert today from Kim Koeller announcing a new food allergy app for iPod touch and iPhone users. It comes to us from AllergyFree Passort and GlutenFree Passport and is complimentary to Kim and Robert La France’s “Let’s Eat Out!” Series.

ipodimageThe food allergy app costs $8.99 and offers 86 menu item choices dynamically configured to your specific allergens. In this food allergy app you can select from any combination of common food allergens: corn, dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. You can personalize the food allergy app for yourself and for others and choose from Indian, Italian, Steak, and Seafood options.

Food Allergy App to Replace “Let’s Eat Out” Pocket Book Series

I currently have both her book and the mini pocket books that she has published. I am excited about her food allergy app. I met Kim at a conference a while back and was very impressed with the organization and ease of use that her book and mini pocket books provided at non-gluten free friendly restaurants. Her new food allergy app takes the stress out of what to order. The food allergy app also gives allergy-suffering patrons confidence to order gluten free from the menu. Her food allergy app will give users a head’s up on what kinds of questions to ask the server. I was successfully able to navigate what to order on her food allergy app without worrying about cross-contamination.  Folks also need to be aware that they still have to stress cross-contamination issues with the server. The food allergy app does a great job of explaining how restaurants prepare common dishes and where gluten or other allergens can hide. In a nutshell, her food allergy app makes you a smart diner. It’s like having a celiac specialist or dietician in your pocket.

I am excited by this food allergy app because it means one less bulky thing to carry in my purse. I installed her food allergy app on my iPhone, and it is much more user friendly than her pocket book. There is one place where I’d like to see improvement with her food allergy app.  My son has both a wheat and corn allergy. Currently the food allergy app can only suggest one dish that is safe for him to eat (not surprising, as we have a hard time taking him to restaurants).  Already I can see that the food allergy app is much faster than the paperback mini books. It does most of the decision making for you based on your allergy input. So there is no page flipping! This is a great time saver, as I have been ‘caught’ doing a nerve-wracking page flipping at dinner too many times.

I will be putting this new food allergy app to the test again this weekend. Cheers Kim for a great addition to your “Let’s Eat Out!” series.

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3 Comments on New Food Allergy App for Restaurant going Allergy Sufferers

  1. Caryn:

    This App is great but you should really check out Is That Gluten Free? Only $5.99 and I get 14,000+ verified gf products with more to come with each update. This gives new ease to grocery shopping. even has an ingredient checker in case an item is not in the app and I want to check it out. This one is 5 stars!!

  2. This is very exciting to hear! I know so many people who can benefit from this app. $8.99 is a great price considering how much money we end up spending on all of the GF cookbooks and ingredients. I love the idea of having the product list also. Very convenient for grocery shopping. Do you know of any that are usable for a Blackberry? I am going to add a link to the blog where I am interning. Both of these apps would make the switch to GF a lot less stressful for those just starting out. Technology can be so very convenient!

  3. I LOVE my husbands iphone cause we can look up gluten free places to eat when we are out of town. I always ask the hostess when we get there for the “special” gluten free menu and it has made life so much easier. 🙂 I stumbled on your blog and love finding others who eat like we do. My blog is not only about food but it plays such a big role in our lives (eating healthy that is) that is rears its head often. 🙂

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