Make a Jesse Tree Advent Calendar to Celebrate Christmas this Year

Make a Jesse tree advent calendar if you want to count down the days until Christmas with a little more than daily chocolate. I first learned about the Jesse tree craft idea last year on Pinterest when I came across a cute photo from Lacy Rabideau’s blog post, “O Jesse Tree, O Jesse Tree” on her website: Catholic Icing. I fell in love with the idea of creating a Jesse tree advent calendar craft for my kids, but advent was already almost over. This year I got started early on my Jesse tree advent calendar. If you are looking for some free Jesse tree patterns or Jesse tree clip art, you’re in luck. I have designed over 26 Jesse tree ornament clip art images for you to use with your kids. I wanted to print mine in full color and use a felt canvas. But I also made copies of them in black and white too. This way you can have your kids color their Jesse tree clip art images with crayons, too.

Free Jesse Tree Clip Art Patterns for Your Advent Calendar

Jesse Tree Felt Board with with free Jesse Tree Patterns
Download the Jesse tree patterns you see on this Jesse Tree felt board I designed and make your own advent calendar at home.

Download my 26 free clip art Jesse tree advent patterns to use on your Jesse tree advent calendar at the bottom of this post. There are 5 PDF pages of high quality 3″ diameter full color ornaments. There are also 5 PDF pages of black and white line drawings too if you are looking for Jesse tree advent coloring pages. I hope you like them. I enjoyed making each Jesse tree advent pattern. My patterns are made to follow the suggestions for Jesse tree advent calendar symbols on Catholic Culture’s website. But anyone wanting to make a Jesse tree with their kids can use these.

If you like them, and if you have suggestions for additional ornament designs, add a comment. I would love to hear how you used them. I am also willing to make more ornament designs if I knew they would be useful. I really enjoy doing this kind of simple, kid-friendly artwork. My Jesse tree advent calendar is designed to be used from December 1 through December 24. I did this so that it can be used annually.

This year advent starts on Dec. 2. I chose not to follow the official advent calendar with my Jesse tree craft. This is because advent changes every year. Sometimes it is longer and sometimes it is shorter. I decided to use the month of December for our Jesse tree advent calendar, instead because I wanted to make a family tradition that can be done year after year in our house, and hopefully passed down. I purposely left the dates off of my Jesse tree clip art so that you can choose to do what you wish. Catholic culture has a nice article about using the Jesse tree for advent. I used their guidelines to create my Jesse tree clip art. And I did all while playing around with a new spinning toy I got from, that is actually pretty fun to play with.

In the old testament, Jesse was the father of King David. In the Bible children learn that Jesus comes from the house of David. So the Jesse tree advent calendar is used to tell the  genealogy of Jesus from Jesse to John the Baptist. Pretty cool, isn’t it?Learn the Story behind the Jesse Tree Advent Calendar

Medieval artwork in the Catholic church shows the genealogy of Jesus with a branched tree. One very famous one is in the Cathedral of Chartres. These images are made out of stained glass and usually show a tree growing out of a figure of Jesse. Each branch of the tree shows famous biblical figures, all ancestors of Jesus. At the top of the tree are of Mary and Jesus.

The Jesse tree advent calendar I created uses the ‘O’ Antiphons in the final week before Christmas. I will get into that more later. But if you aren’t aware of what they are, I will give you a quick definition. The ‘O’ Antiphons are all descriptions of Jesus. They come from prophesies made by Isaiah about the Messiah. There is some really cool history to this tradition. I also learned things about the Benedictine Monks who created them. But I will tell you more about this later.

Making Your Own Jesse Tree Advent Calendar

Free Jesse tree coloring pages for advent
Here’s a sneak peak at my free Jesse tree coloring pages.

You can make a very simple Jesse tree advent calendar with poster board and markers. It certainly doesn’t need to be super crafty. I decided to make an heirloom craft project that we can use year after year as a family tradition. But you can really do anything you’d like. Some families use a miniature table top tree. Some will get a branch from the yard and put it on the wall or in a pot. Be creative with your Jesse tree advent calendar craft.

If you really like my Jesse tree felt board and would like to know how to make it, visit my latest post about it. I have a rough pattern drawn out that I used.

It’s quite huge. My felt board measures about 3 feet wide by 4 1/2 feet tall. Of course your Jesse tree doesn’t have to be that big. I made the ornaments with iron on transfer paper. To do this I had to flip the images horizontally so that they were backwards. (Like looking in a mirror). Otherwise the writing on the ornaments will turn out reversed when you iron it on to your fabric. My PDF pages are not flipped, so if you plan to make iron on transfers let me know. I can add some flipped pages to this post for you.

How to Use the Jesse Tree Advent Calendar with your Family

You will need a Bible. If you don’t have one you can easily find a free Bible online. If you’d like a well organized and convenient resource for advent, check out Christine Johnson’s Jesse tree page at her blog: Domestic Vocation. She has graciously added a page that links to all the daily readings– which she typed up and formatted herself.

Each night in the month of December you will read a story from the Bible with your kids and place an ornament (or two) on the Jesse tree. If you’ve got little kids you can either use a children’s bible or paraphrase the story yourself. Of course, if you are not Catholic you can use any Bible you’d like. My Jesse tree clip art is designed for the Catholic Bible (we’ve got a few extra books like Sirach). I am sure you can make the images work for you even if you don’t have a Catholic Bible.

Jesse Tree Clip Art Ornaments by Date:

You can use one symbol each day during December until Christmas Eve. I made a couple extra ornaments. Use them or omit them. I tried to fit all the suggested symbols from Catholic Culture in each Jesse tree ornament I designed. In some cases it was just too hard to do. These clip art Jesse tree patterns are made to go along with the scriptures and symbols suggested by Catholic Culture, but they are not the only symbols to use. Do you have a Jesse tree advent ornament in mind? Let me know. I am more than happy to add to this list of designs.

December 1

The first story of creation.  Genesis 1:1-31; 2:1-4.

free clip art Jesse tree patterns for advent calendar activity
God made the Earth.

Free clip art for Jesse tree advent calendar December 1
God made the sun, moon, stars.

December 2

The story of Adam and Eve.  Gen. 2:7-9, 18-24.

free clip art for Jesse tree advent calendar December 2
God created Adam and Eve.

December 3

The Story of the Fall of Man.  Gen. 3:1-7 and 23-24.

free clip art Jesse tree advent calendar December 3
The fall of man.

December 4

The story of Noah: Gen. 6:5-8, 13-22; 7:17, 23, 24; 8:1, 6-22

free clip art Jesse tree advent calendar December 4
Noah builds an ark.

free clip art Jesse tree advent calendar December 4
God’s promise.

December 5

The story of Abraham: Gen. 12:1-3.

free clip art for Jesse tree advent calendar December 5
The story of Abraham.

Make this advent season more meaningful with free Jesse Tree clipart ornaments like Abraham's Tent. Download either black and white or full color images.
Abraham’s Tent (added in 2013)

December 6

The story of Isaac: Gen. 22:1-14.

free clip art Jesse tree advent calendar December 6
The story of Isaac.

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35 Comments on Make a Jesse Tree Advent Calendar to Celebrate Christmas this Year

  1. This is perfect for my Special Needs Catechism class tonight! Thanks so much for posting this online! I will let you know how it goes, but this will “connect the dots” for my special kids! God bless!

  2. This is great for a very busy, work-from home, Mom who homeschools!! I was looking for something relatively easy…thank you for posting. We are going to try it.

    • Brealie,
      I’ve updated the post. If you take a look at the image of the black and white ones there is now a link in the caption. To download you have to go to page 4. On the bottom of that page there’s a table that lists all the downloads. Choose all the pages on the right side of that table. That should do it! Glad you like them.

  3. Can you please post the flipped ornaments? I would like to try to iron them on felt. What an awesome idea!

    • Hi Theresa!
      Sure! I’m sorry for the delay. I was busy posting a promo for a free jar of honey giveaway. I’ve got that post up and running. You can see an image for it in the top right corner of the web site. Click on it if you’d like to enter to win. I’ve made a convenient PDF booklet with all the inverted images and uploaded it here: Jesse tree inverted images for iron on transfer Let me know how it goes. I was afraid the images wouldn’t transfer well on felt, so I used a regular poly/cotton blend. I was very happy with the result. I thought I would need to hot glue them to felt pieces to get them to stick, but they hold up there nicely on their own. I haven’t had one fall off yet.

  4. Caryn, great Jesse tree…I’m currently in the process of putting ours together. I would love to know what readings you use so that they match the ornaments easily. I clicked on the link for Christine Johnson’s readings but it took me to a google account sign in page. Any ideas on how to get the readings? Thanks.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful talents in making the Jesse Tree
    available! I am excited to share it with my grandson, his Christian school and our church…..Blessings of Advent and at Christmas.
    Brooks Wilson

  6. Thank you so much for these, I plan to use them for my 2nd grade Religious Education Class today, its always easier to teach them something when there’s a fun craft involved!

    • That’s great! I am so glad you shared your thoughts. I have a second grader, too. He is loving the Jesse tree project. We are using a children’s Catholic Bible. It has made the devotion time a lot easier for the boys. The discussions we are having are very interesting. I am so glad we decided to make this a family tradition in our house. Have a great time with your class tonight. They are preparing for their first communion this year, aren’t they?

  7. Hello Caryn…thank you so much for sharing these..they are beautiful! I first heard of the Jesse Tree last year but I didn’t have the time to do it. I am so glad that I have this year, my 6 year old daughter is really enjoying it. She looks forward to putting on the ornament each evening and it is amazing when I recap what we did previously she actually remembers! God’s blessings to you and yours in this Holy Season and I pray that the New Year brings you much love and happiness.

  8. This is the first year that we will be doing a Jesse Tree. I myself am a cradle Catholic, but to my sadness I never knew what that was! This is an excellent way to know Jesus’ family and who he is as well as a wonderful Advent tradition.

  9. This is my first year doing a Jesse Tree also. I am currently converting to Catholicism, and this will be the first year we are celebrating Christmas as something other than a secular holiday. I’m so excited to use the ornaments you provided! I printed them small and will use them on an Advent calendar I already have that has a small felt Christmas tree on the top. It has pockets on each day with a small velcro ornament in each (we used it last year just to countdown the days), so I’ll just use these instead! Thank you so much for providing these.

    • Thanks for sharing, Amy. I was an RCIA convert too, at age 20. I was baptized as an infant but never received my communion or confirmation as a child. This is one of the reasons why I felt so compelled to create traditions that share the true meaning of Christmas with my own 4 kids. I wanted a meaningful activity that we could do as a family that would teach them what Christmas is all about. The Jesse Tree does this so beautifully. We use a picture Bible every night of advent. I love your idea of using them for a small advent calendar you already have. That’s a great idea.

  10. Have you thought about an tent for Abraham? I have seen this mentioned several time for a symbol for Abraham (and Sarah). I love your illustrations, and would love to use the tent symbol!
    I am planning an Advent prayer service for grades 1-3 Faith Formation classes.

  11. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas….Sorry for this question: How could I transfer the coloured ornaments to felt with an iron?

    Thanks again and God bless!

  12. Thank you so much! I am using this in my classroom! It’s so great because I have a new student who literally pointed at our classroom crucifix and asked, “Sister, what’s that?” Her parents are enthusiastic about her becoming baptized in the Church. So this gives her and the other class a good background in scripture.

  13. Thank you! I printed 2 copies to have my kids color each day and will use these in the future for our Jessie tree! I made some last year but I want to have the kids “own” the project and I love that you did the traditional o’antiphones! I never did any of this as a child and it is so enriching to my faith now!

  14. These are so beautiful! I’m so excited! I never knew I could iron onto felt. I make felt stories for my classes, and so this is great to know. I am using “Jolee’s Boutique Easy image transfer sheets for inket printers (For Light Fabrics), by Wilton”. I’m following the instructions provided inside the Wilton package, and it’s working like magic. Be sure to use white felt. Also, I have been attempting to make a felt Jesse tree for my family for a while now, and so I am very thankful you have shared your talents. You even provided the mirror image for iron transfers – super helpful! You have inspired me to make an heirloom Jesse tree too.

  15. Hi, I’m designing Powerpoint slides for primary school Religious Education. Am I able to use your Jesse Tree illustrations? Thanks,

  16. I would love to do a Jesse Tree for myself and a family that lives nearby, with the print and color version of your ornaments. I have an old computer that runs Windows XP, and cannot download them. Any suggestions or help?.

  17. I love these drawings! I plan to use them in an Advent worship service that will be lead by my second graders. May I please make extra copies to send home with parishoners (for free)? Your website of will be on each page.

  18. Hi Caryn I wanted to download all the Jesse Tree ornaments you made. They are beautiful and perfect for my grade one student to colour. The page 3 December 11-December 16 black and white link will not download. When I try it says the page is damaged. Is there any way you could send me a corrected black and white page?

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