Free Minecraft Rules List for Parents to use on Minecraft Crazed Kids

Get a free Minecraft Rules List Printout
Download this free Minecraft rules list to print out and post on the wall at your house.

I’ve made a free Minecraft Rules List for parents to download and print out. Parents experienced with the Minecraft phenomena know it can be a menace at times. Our free Minecraft rules list was born out of necessity in our house. Have you run into problems keeping the peace with your Minecraft playing kids? Ditto here, ten times over. I made this Minecraft family rules list to keep them from bursting into daily fights about who took what, killed who, or trapped who. I had to promote a positive Minecraft environment for my kids without getting too involved.

Before the Minecraft rules list that we created together, there were too many incidents to count. I didn’t want to take away their creative outlet. This game has a lot of positive qualities about it. But they had to learn how to be respectful without my constant interference. No parent wants to be a constant Minecraft referee.

So What is Minecraft, Anyway?

Minecraft is a sandbox construction game. Minecraft players can create and destroy different imaginary things that they build with blocks. To learn more read a Minecraft walkthrough tutorial for parents by John Lundsten. We started with Minecraft Pocket Edition on the Kindle Fire devices a few months ago. The app costs about $7. Minecraft Pocket Edition is a limited version. There are a lot less materials in pocket Minecraft. Also, Minecraft Pocket Edition doesn’t have red stone (electricity), armor, or the nether world. Minecraft also has villages that your child can trade with. There are no villagers in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now the kids are begging for the full PC version of Minecraft to play on our desktop computer. The full version costs about $26, and can be used to create several characters with shared resources. Our kids are young, and the Minecraft game isn’t exactly as family friendly as it could be, I have quickly learned.

Why Make a Minecraft Rules List for Parents?

Frame and Hang your Minecraft Rules List
Our Framed Minecraft Rules List

If you are a parent who is new to Minecraft then you know very little about trapping and griefing. Trapping and griefing are two nasty behaviors on Minecraft that players can commit and wreak havoc on their siblings or friends.

I’m sure teenagers can handle a little trapping and griefing. But in our house, this results into bouts of crying and retaliation. After a few weeks of this I had just about had enough. In the real world we teach our children good behavior, teamwork, and how they should do unto others as they’d have done unto them. Minecraft was becoming a nasty outlet for our boys to sabotage and destroy each others’ creativity. I didn’t want to get rid of Minecraft altogether, but I felt there had to be a better way to teach my kids good productive social habits. Thus, I asked the boys to craft their own Minecraft rules list for our house. Once we had the basic rules set up I created a formal contract and asked them all to officially sign it. We now have it framed and on display. It sits on the wall just above the computer as a physical reminder that if break the rules, I will replace minecraft for a free animal jam membership and they will play a safe game.

Our Minecraft rules list has done wonders. I decided to post our official Minecraft rules list for Healthy Family readers in the same boat. Feel free to download it and print it out. It is free to download for personal use only. We’ve got ours on the wall next to the family computer. We’ve also got a handy computer turn schedule posted up there too so that everyone gets an equal turn and there are no arguments.

Hopefully this simple Minecraft rules list for parents will instill peace in your house again, too.

Download Free Minecraft Rules List for Parents:

Get a free Minecraft Rules List Printout
Download this Free Printable Minecraft Rules List for Parents and post it on the wall at your house.

Are you Looking for Additional Help with Parental Controls for Minecraft?

Sometimes just making and posting a Minecraft Rules List on the wall isn’t enough. While your kids may play nicely with each other under the new Minecraft Rules List, others in the cyberworld most certainly won’t. Naive kids don’t instinctively understand that. You may be seeking parental controls for Minecraft to protect them from bad kids, or even worse, bad adults posing as kids on public servers. The multiplayer option on Minecraft is a burden for parents of young children, especially in survivor mode, when griefing and trapping is common. If you are a protective parent like me you may also be concerned about the chat features in Minecraft, too. While you can do things to set up parental controls on your child’s computer through services like OpenDNS, this may encourage the very kind of sneaky behavior you are trying to avoid. For example, your child may be banned from the chat features of Minecraft on your computer but may sneak off and chat on Minecraft servers at a friend’s house.  So how do you get your child to abide by the Minecraft Rules List at home and away as well as keep them safe without formal parental controls features? I decided to use an old fashioned parental tactic. I had a heart to heart with my kids.

I decided to keep the computer in the highest trafficked part of our house where I can see the kids using it and hear them talking at all times. I also spent time discussing the bad parts of Minecraft and why I don’t like certain aspects (like chat and survivor mode in multiplayer). In addition, I stressed the need for them to stay off multiplayer and avoid chat for their own online safety. Falling into black lava is one thing, but having a griefer destroy your house and steal all your stuff is another. I have allowed multiplayer on a couple of occasions when the kids have met up with a classmate to play online together. I am always right there in the kitchen while they play, vicariously playing along with them. This has so far been the only parental controls needed to keep the kids safe while on Minecraft. Until they give me a reason to distrust them, I will keep a close eye and let them create.

Planning a Minecraft Party? Check out our Minecraft Paper Crafts: Steve, Enderman, Creeper, and Herobrine.

Playing Online? You may Find a Good Server through MinePick

What’s MinePick? MinePick is a server list which makes it easier for you to sort through all the hundreds of available Minecraft servers. MinePick lists participating servers by popularity, making it easier for you to find a server your kids will enjoy. Being the victim of griefing and trapping is extremely frustrating for players on public servers. To avoid this,  visit MinePick. Pick one of their listed servers that is ranking at in the top. This is usually a good indication that the server has rules set up that players must obey. It is commonly known that griefing is disliked in Minecraft. Almost all top ranked servers on MinePick have rules forbidding just these kind of actions.  MinePick also has a list of creative servers for parents who want to build freely with their kids. Creative mode servers do not have monsters, trapping, or griefing.


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