Do Genetically Modified Foods cause Food Allergies? Some Say Yes

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Do genetically modified foods cause food allergies? Experts in health care say yes. You need to see Genetic Roulette, a documentary about it. Genetic Roulette shows several interviews with food allergy parents and health care professionals. They all claim that genetically modified foods cause food allergies. My own family has similar experiences. We discovered for ourselves that genetically modified foods cause food allergies in our son. Learn more about it here.

Here in the U.S., genetically modified foods (GMO foods) have been in our grocery stores since 1996. Over the last almost 20 years the amount of GMO foods in our food supply has increased tremendously.

Many health issues and health care costs have too. More and more people have digestive diseases, cancers, autoimmune disorders, and food allergies today than ever before.

The vicious cycle of gut dysbiosis or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Is leaky gut connected to GMO foods? Do genetically engineered foods cause food allergies? Find out more at Healthy Family.
The possible cycle of disease and imbalance in “Leaky Gut Syndrome”

Like many other food allergy parents, I questioned why this happened to my son. By the age of 3 1/2 he had developed neurological tics and was failing to thrive. We discovered through food intolerance testing that he had 17 allergies to common foods including wheat, soy, and corn.

Further testing revealed he had celiac disease as well, a condition that causes dysbiosis in the gut. This leads to major body organ issues and leaves a person nutritionally starved. This happens even though they are eating large amounts of food. I looked for healthy alternative treatments for my son when I didn’t like the answers I was getting.

Soon I learned that genetically modified foods cause food allergies. In 2007 my son was diagnosed. In 2013 he’s back eating corn again. The caveat? He only has organic corn. Yup. If he gets GMO corn it will make him ill. That’s proof enough for me.

People should not be forced to eat foods that are genetically modified without their knowledge.

What are GMO foods?

GMO foods, also called genetically modified foods, are crops developed in a laboratory through artificial cross breeding of species. For example, scientists will take genes from a fish and insert it into a strawberry plant to help it withstand frost. They will take soil bacteria and genetically insert it into the DNA of corn to make the corn weed resistant. These are things that CANNOT happen naturally.

What are Symptoms of GMO food Allergies?

Red shiners are a common allergy eyes symptom after eating GMO corn syrup laden foods. Do genetically modified foods cause food allergies? You decide.
Red shiners are a common allergy eyes symptom.

In our family we have seen signs that genetically modified foods cause food allergies. Sometimes it’s like migraine headaches. These headaches are similar to chemical headaches that don’t go away with pain killers. They need to ebb off over time. Sometimes it can take up to two days for the hangover effect to wear off.

We see dark shiners under the eyes. They are red in color rather than black and blue. See the image as an example. That’s my son a few years back when he was very symptomatic. For us it was always most common after GMO corn, especially corn syrup laden foods.

We see sleeplessness, sometimes odd digestive cramping. When there was dysbiosis we had often witnessed undigested food in stools.

Many people claim they will get odd body aches and pains. There are a wide variety of symptoms that range from mild to severe. Some genetically modified foods cause food allergies that are anaphylactic in nature. Watch the Genetic Roulette video clip to hear a parent testify about it.

GMO Foods are NOT Healthy or Safe to Grow or Consume

The more I read the more incensed I become. Genetically modified foods cause food allergies and digestive diseases. Genetically modified foods are also tied to the exponential increase in autism in the U.S.

So much of our food is processed with GMO foods and packaged to feed our babies, toddlers, and children.



It’s a big business for the chemical companies that are manufacturing these crops inside their laboratories.

Meanwhile our kids are getting fatter and sicker, and suffering from food allergies and autoimmune disorders at alarmingly younger ages. Did you know that farmers can’t save these genetically modified seeds to replant the next year? They actually have to buy seeds every year from the chemical companies that develop them.

It’s Franken food.

Do Genetically Modified Foods cause Food Allergies? Watch Genetic Roulette:

Tell People Genetically Modified Foods Cause Food Allergies

Please spread the word. Tell your family. Tell your friends.

Here’s what you can do:

Genetically modified foods cause food allergies in children because they cause digestive disorders. Cross breeding different genes from animal species to plant species is not natural. We are destroying our planet with this kind of Franken science of “Playing God” and we don’t know the ultimate consequences.

Americans need to wake up and get involved.

Several states are working on legislation to get genetically modified foods labeled in the U.S. That’s a start.

If you Live in Illinois, Tell your Representative to Label GMOs:

Food and Water Watch is asking Illinois residents to sign an online petition. Please ask your Illinois elected officials to support labeling for GE foods.

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  2. If GMOS cause allergies and obesity, why can’t we make these gmo companies take financial responsibility when people become sick?

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