An Old Fashioned Gluten and Casein free Irish Soda Bread Recipe

irish soda bread
Irish Soda Bread

Gluten and casein free Irish soda bread: the title itself is a mouthful, but every word of it is true. Are you planning to bake for St. Patrick’s Day? I am so proud of this gluten and casein free bread recipe. It comes after a few unsuccessful attempts to imitate my Irish mother-in-law’s version made the traditional old fashioned Irish soda bread, way: with white flour and buttermilk. I have finally come so close to the real thing that even she will question whether or not it really is a gluten and casein free Irish soda bread.

Thanks in large part to Pamela’s wonderful Wheat-Free Bread Mix; your family will be shocked at the taste, texture, and non-crumbly consistency of this delicious bread. I kid you not!

Ingredients for Gluten and Casein free Irish Soda Bread:

1 package of “Pamela’s Wheat-Free Bread Mix”

1 Tablespoon “Hain’s Featherweight Baking Powder” (or other corn-free baking powder)

3 eggs

1/4 cup hot water added to 1/2 cup of chilled Almond milk (unless the Almond milk is at room temperature–then add warm water.) *you may substitute for rice milk

1/4 cup organic sugar (more if you like sweet bread)

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup raisins (or dried blueberries or cranberries if you are Feingold Stage 1)

up to 1/2 cup of additional white rice flour for kneading and shaping the loaf

Directions for Gluten and Casein free Irish Soda Bread:

irish soda bread doughTo make the gluten and casein free Irish soda bread, begin mixing dry ingredients. In a separate bowl mix Pamela’s package with the featherweight baking powder. Set aside. Whisk 3 eggs, yeast (included inside Pamela’s package), warm water, almond milk, sugar, and oil. Pour into bread machine and add flour. Set your machine to White Bread, Large Loaf, Dough. It should take about two hours for the machine to mix and rise the dough. If you do not have a bread machine follow Pamela’s instructions for using a mixer and let rise for at least an hour.

When the gluten and casein free Irish soda bread dough has risen and is ready to knead, take it out of the bread machine and put it on a sheet of floured wax paper for easy transfer (otherwise it will stick to the counter).

Generously sprinkle the gluten and casein free Irish soda bread dough with additional rice flour as you knead it. The goal is to have a well-rounded loaf. I added the raisins while I was kneading, but if you’d like to add them earlier it would probably not matter. Unlike traditional soda bread, your dough will not get that elastic and firm consistency that you may be used to. It will also be a bit sticky even when it has been kneaded well. All this is quite fine. Place your bread in an oiled or no-stick round metal pie plate (and don’t try to flatten it out or spread it.) You are only using the pie plate to create added warmth for the bread while it bakes. Technically you could use a baking sheet instead. My mother-in-law uses a pie plate and so I have long since adapted that technique.


slice of irish soda bread
A slice of gluten and casein free Irish soda bread

Bake the loaf at 400 degrees fahrenheit for 40-50 minutes, depending on your oven. The crust needs to be browned and hard for good Irish Soda Bread.

When it is done, take it out of the pie plate and immediately wrap it in a wet tea towel while it cools. This is an old Irish trick, and is an essential step for that perfect loaf.

That’s it! Now serve it with butter, margarine, or jam, and watch it disappear in minutes before your eyes.

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