Gluten and Corn-free Blueberry Scones Recipe with Nordicware Scone Pan

Looking for a gluten and corn free blueberry scones recipe? If you have drooled over the Starbucks bakery display or have dreamed of having just one more scone again, I am here to tell you that it is time to wake up and get cooking! Little chef and I bought a scone pan from Nordicware while at our local Dominick’s store, a Safeway affiliate. It wasn’t cheap, and I hesitated to buy it, but at the last minute I gave in to my little chef’s cajoling. This morning we decided it was time to try it out. The pan is made out of heavy cast aluminum and it makes eight large triangular shaped scones. We altered the recipe supplied by Nordicware and had tremendous success! All three boys thought it was delicious, and I even caught little chef picking the crumbs off of his plate. I think our version was a bit on the sweet side (well at least for our tastes, as we have been low sugar for about a year now). But it may be perfectly suitable for the average sweet-tooth. To put it into perspective, my diagnosed son wanted to know why we were allowed to eat dessert for breakfast…..

A Sneak Peek at the Gluten and Corn free Blueberry Scones:

Gluten and corn free blueberry scones recipe
Gluten and corn free blueberry scones recipe

The original recipe called for buttermilk, which is a typical ingredient in scones and Irish Soda Bread. We completely omitted the liquid portion of this recipe. Adding an alternative liquid in a standard gluten and milk-based recipe has often times caused our experimental baked goodies to be too moist in the center and ultimately either sink in the middle or fail to rise properly. So if you are interested in what exactly worked for us, here is the recipe we came up with:

Ingredients for Gluten and Corn free Blueberry Scones:

2 cups of Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix (does have milk and nuts as ingredients, if you are Dairy-free just exchange with another mix with leavening agents in it.)

1 cup sweet rice flour

2 teaspoons of Hain’s Featherweight Baking Powder (it is corn free)

1/2 cup of Ghee (which is clarified butter that is casein and lactose free. If you prefer you can use spectrum palm oil instead, but I would add a flavor (like vanilla) if you do that, as the Spectrum does not taste as nice as butter.)

1 cup of maple syrup (We didn’t have any honey or sugar in the house, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t substitute either. I actually found that the maple syrup added a nice flavor in lieu of the vanilla. Just something to think about if you are extremely sensitive to vanilla due to corn allergies. Next time we will probably reduce the amount to 1/2 cup and add a 1/4 cup of water instead, but others might like it as originally written. )

2 eggs (or the equivalent of 3 egg substitutes)

1 cup of fresh blueberries (If you use frozen do not thaw them out first).

Directions for Gluten and Corn free Blueberry Scones:

In a mixer, combine the ghee, eggs, and syrup. Blend on high for about a minute. The ghee will still have lumpy bits and that is okay. Sift the dry ingredients together then add it to the wet ingredients in the mixer. Blend on the highest level continuously until the batter is smooth and ‘whipped’ (up to 3 minutes). Fold in fresh blueberries and scoop into a lightly greased scone pan.

Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes. (For us it took 25 minutes.) You will know it is ready when the top gets nicely browned. Remove from oven and cool for approximately 15 minutes. It is torture for the little ones but as with all metal pans it takes a while for the pan to cool and the bread to ‘set’.

We prefer to eat our blueberry scones while still warm.

Tips For Blueberry Scones:

We made this recipe again, by popular demand, and the second time we used only 1/2 cup of maple syrup and instead of ghee (we were out) we used Spectrum Palm Oil. The batter was a bit dry so we added 1/4 of water. The result was just as good as the original. We definitely preferred the scones with less sweetness. The second batch was a bit drier but still just as good. Both times I made the scones I had nothing left over to freeze!

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