Gluten and Corn free Snacks that are Perfect in a Lunch Box

Need gluten and corn free snacks? I’ve made a list of a few that I’d like to share for our readers with food allergies. We know how tough it is to avoid both gluten and corn. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite gluten and corn free snacks to put in school lunch boxes.

Healthy Family readers, please leave comments if you find a product is no longer gluten and corn free. Let me know if you have a new gluten and corn free product to suggest, too. I will update this page with the new information. If you are a manufacturer that makes gluten and corn free snacks and food products please comment below. I will get in touch with you via email about your product. Together we can make this list valuable to folks who need to avoid both gluten and corn.

Our Favorite Gluten and Corn Free Snacks

We love to pack gluten and corn free snacks in our lunchboxes, but we always buy organic. We are also careful to buy fruit and veggies that are not waxed. To learn more about it, read: Fruit Wax Ingredients Revealed: What’s on the Wax Covering Your Fruit?

Sunmaid Raisins (Mini Boxes)

sunmaid raisins are gluten and corn free snacksThese are 100% all natural. My preschoolers love the freedom of snacking with their own 1.5 ounce box of Sun-Maid Raisins. I like them because they make a great addition to a gluten and corn free lunchbox. Sunmaid raisins in the mini sized individual boxes and in the large containers may not be gluten and corn free too. Please verify with the manufacturer before you buy.

Nana’s Cookies

Nana’s offers a wide variety of products to choose from. They claim all of their gluten-free products are also corn-free. Their no-wheat cookies are corn-free as well but contain gluten from barley and oats. Nana’s has confirmed via email message that their aluminum-free baking powder ingredients are not made with cornstarch. UPDATE: Nana’s also confirmed by phone in 2010 that their vanilla is corn free; they use vanilla bean and not vanilla extract. In 2011 their website states that their cookies are corn-free but the ingredient lists ‘natural vanilla extract’ on their cookies. Nana’s also uses xanthan gum in their cookies.

Enjoy Life products

Enjoy Life Products

Enjoy Life Brand is made in a dedicated nut and gluten-free bakery. They are specially formulated and tested (based on product) to ensure that they are free of corn protein. Some of their products do contain xanthan gum, which may cause reactions in some corn-allergic people. Please read the labels before you buy.

NOTE:  Enjoy Life has notified me that their Trail Mix and Chocolate Chips are both made without xantham gum and are completely free of wheat and corn derivatives.


Larabar Products

Larabar is a blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from 100% whole food, each flavor contains no more than 2-6 ingredients. They’re made from non-GMO ingredients, are kosher, vegan, gluten, & corn free. Larabar is currently offering a free gift box to the 1st 100 bloggers that post a comment about their product and link a picture to their site.

Eden Organic Apple Butter

eden organic apple butter is gluten and corn free snack ingredientSpread it on your favorite gluten and corn free bread, put it on celery slices, or spread it on rice cakes.

Eden organic apple butter is made in Michigan. A blend of apples are hand sorted, washed, peeled, cored and chopped.

Organic apple juice concentrate is added to the apples that are steam jacketed and kettle simmered. When finished the apple butter is packed in glass jars.

Katz Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

Katz gluten and corn free breadWhy not make a sandwich with this wholesome and nutritious gluten and corn free bread? Katz Whole Grain Bread is made with a sorghum, tapioca, and brown rice flour blend. It is made using water, canola oil, eggs, honey, salt, guar gum, dry yeast, apple cider vinegar, and sesame seeds.

Mrs. May’s

NOTE: (This is an update.)  Please read comments below about Mrs. May’s products. There is a reported reaction to this product.

Mrs. May’s Products

 Mrs. May’s nut products are vegan, non-GMO, cholesterol free, dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten and corn free, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. Some of their products are sweetened with evaporated cane-juice; others are naturally sweetened by their added fruit.

Beanito’s Chips

Beanitos are gluten and corn free snacksBeanitos are made with non-GMO vegetable fiber (20% of the daily value in just 10 chips, that’s 5 grams!). They have 4 grams of complete protein and are rich in Essential ALA Omega 3s. There are 600mg in Pinto Bean and Flax.

Beanitos are always free of corn, wheat, soy, potato, trans fat, cholesterol and are verified non-GMO, gluten free, lab tested and certified low glycemic & kosher!

Organic Food Raw Bars

Chocolaty Chocolate Chip

gluten free organic nutrition barIf you are looking for a “Super Food”  that is also vegan and dairy free, consider trying this bar.

This bar is made with organic cashew butter, organic dates, organic agave nectar, organic brown rice protein, and organic dark chocolate chips. The company uses organic evaporated cane juice, organic chocolate liquor, organic cocoa butter, and non-GMO soy lecithin. This product also contains organic Bio SproutsTM – quinoa, and organic Bio SproutsTM – Flax.

Two Moms in the Raw Granola Bars

Two Moms in the Raw makes 5 varieties of gluten and corn free granola snacksThese certified gluten free organic raw granola bars are sweetened with fruit and agave syrup.

They are vegan and kosher too. They sell their raw gluten free granola bars in five flavors: blueberry, goldenberry, raisin, cranberry, and dried goji berries

The best deal is an 8 oz bag with four 2 ounce granola bars. It sells for $10. The company also sells organic chips and other snacks as well.

Also Check out our Gluten and Corn Free Safe Products List:

If you are new to Healthy Family, check out our main safe products page. We have a massive list of all things gluten and corn free there. It’s called: Gluten and Corn free Safe Products List, Healthy-Family’s list of safe foods and beauty products. This page  has a much better list of gluten and corn free products.

NOTE:  This list of prepared foods are things that we regularly eat and do not react to. Our list of safe foods will be different from someone else’s due to the varying levels of sensitivity and reactions we all experience.

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18 Comments on Gluten and Corn free Snacks that are Perfect in a Lunch Box

  1. I read on another website that Larabar may contain corn. I called the company and talked directly to customer service. All of their bars are certified gluten-free and contain only the ingredients as they are listed. Only the lemon bar has added “natural lemon flavorings” and I was told this was from lemon oil. We have eaten the lemon flavored bar and did not notice any reaction.

  2. My favorite grain free cookie is the macaroon! Jennie’s brand, which is at Whole Foods, has only two ingredients: coconut and honey. Very good, and to me, I’d rather eat a cook macaroon than a bad vegan or gluten free cookie.

  3. I am wary of Mrs. Mays because they are made of Chinese products. After all of the recalls, we’ve decided to for-go products from China.

    We love the others, though. We really enjoy the Enjoy Life products.


    • Yes, Thea–
      They use vanilla bean in their products, which means that there is no corn alcohol involved as they do not make their cookies with vanilla extract. I wrote this post several years ago and did in fact call again today to verify. The spokesperson told me that the vanilla is indeed still corn free. I hope this helps!

  4. Oh thank you so much, I called last week too but I just saw your reply to me. I’m so glad. The cookie I give to my daughter is the lemon cookie, it says vanilla in the wrapper. I thought they used vanilla in most of the cookies?

    I’m a little nervous about the vanilla in Enjoy Life cookies though, have you been successful with this brand?

    • I checked with Enjoy Life quite a while ago. They have a listing on their website:

      This extract comes from 100% vanilla beans grown in Madagascar, off the African coast. It is considered to be the highest quality vanilla available and adds a smooth and mellow sweetness to our cookies. It is not processed with any gluten-containing ingredients, making it totally safe for celiacs to consume. While the vanilla is distilled with corn alcohol, all corn protein is removed in the distillation process. Thus, our vanilla contains no corn protein and is tolerated by most corn-free people. However, we certainly recognize the seriousness of food allergies and encourage you to make your own decision (or consult your doctor) regarding whether or not you feel comfortable eating this ingredient.

      We do NOT use their products with vanilla. Anything with corn-alcohol is a problem for our son. And we also checked with alcohol free vanilla made with glycerin a while back. All have corn or could have corn sourced glycerin and there is no guarantee. Trader Joe’s vanilla sometimes uses corn in their alcohol free vanilla but not always. So we have yet to find a vanilla extract that is safe. We make our own with Lukoskowa Potato Vodka. About 6 beans in about 2 cups vodka for about 6 weeks. We also use the beans too. We just slice open the pod and scrape the beans out with a knife and add them to the recipe.

  5. Mrs. May’s is NOT corn free. Note that many of their products list “natural flavors” – and when I spoke to a CSR, they confirmed that the natural flavors include corn starch.

    Not to mention, it’s Chinese-made. I’d stay away with a 10-ft pole.

  6. Thanks CornFree! I was wondering about that. My son has corn allergies, and when I gave him the Mrs. May’s Ultimate crunch he broke out in a horrible rash.

  7. My sister is allergic to gluten and corn. She can’t have anything with either. We just found out about the corn allergy… What can we feed her for Thanksgiving!?

      • First of all, make sure the turkey is gluten and corn free. A lot of brands will inject their turkey with solutions that include gluten and corn ingredients. Perdue is a safe brand. But double check the label before you buy. Terms to be wary of are:
        Basted, marinated, injected, preservatives, flavor enhanced, modified starch, irradiated spices or spices, rub, flavor(s) or smoke flavor. Don’t use stuffing mixes or pre-stuffed birds, seasoning or spice packets, gravy mixes or packets. If you stuff the bird for your guests then your sister will not be able to eat it, even if she just eats the turkey around it. You can use any spices that are individual and just mix them yourself and rub them on the bird or in the stuffing mix that you create. You can make a wild rice stuffing for the bird. I also have a pumpkin pie recipe too that is very good. Cranberry sauce is a cinch too if you have a crock pot. The safest way to feed someone with food allergies is to buy prepackaged items, because if you are unaware of how to actually make them in the kitchen while avoiding cross contamination you may be doing more harm than good. I hope this helps. It is really wonderful that your sister has someone who loves her and cares enough about her to try to find food that she can eat. Have a wonderful holiday together.

  8. I was checking on the ingredients of Frontier brand vegetable glycerin to make vanilla; it says it is made from palm kernal oil. Are you familiar with this?

  9. Hi I’m new to all this. My 6month old baby has bad corn, yeast, gluten allergic. We think also soy and maybe dairy. My other 3 kids have corn and yeast, dairy but no instant reaction just asthma, excema, belly aches etc. So my question is the yeast do I need to look for corn and gluten free? I’m not sure how to look up the yeast. Please help, I’m overwhelmed and looking for a wholefoods, trader does, sunflower market, and regular grocery store list of corn/ gluten (yeast) free foods.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Corn is highly fungal and can be an issue for reasons other than allergic ones due to indigestibility because of a lack of enzymes or low stomach acid. Because you also mention yeast, my hunch is that it is mainly a fungal issue. If you can find a very potent dairy free probiotic I would start with that. The trick to get the fungal issue under control is to balance the body’s PH levels so that fungus and bacteria do not find it a ‘good’ host any longer. With my little guy we used Candida Clear, a kind of anti-fungal capsule that is over the counter. Our doctor prescribed too much (he was only 3) and it caused a fast die off that led to a bad bacterial infection. You see, antibiotics are fungal and they are used to kill bacteria, so when you kill a fungal colony you are giving bacteria more room to throw their party. Bacteria thrive in an acidic environment– lots of sweets, etc…. So you need a very healthy diet to keep both organisms in check. My kids had fungal issues but they eventually resolved over a period of time. In our case they had celiac, which destroys the small intestine’s functionality and can cause fungal overgrowth issues. After some time they are now able to tolerate gluten free bread with yeast in it. But it was a long slow road. You will have to bake your own recipes for a while and really look at labels. It is hard to find low sugar, yeast, corn, and gluten free stuff.

  10. I think at 6 mos your baby is too young for oral capsules to treat candida issues. Is your baby nursed or formula fed? Does the baby have/get thrush? Have you started solids? Is there a bad rashy bottom and issues with diapers, sleep, and discomfort? Cradle cap? The probiotics are a good start. There are other over the counter topical remedies that are safe for baby that will deal with thrush and yeasty rashes if your baby has them. Just based on our experience with our 3 year old, I would not recommend giving candida clear or any other oral med to a baby for systemic fungal issues and would be cagey about it even if a doctor suggested doing so. What kind of test was used to determine fungal problems? There are several kinds of safe probiotics for kids and babies on the market and that will help balance the flora in the gut and do it in a milder way that trying to actively kill the yeast with a capsule. Yeast in small amounts is normal in everyone’s gut. Usually what causes overgrowth issues in young kids is over use of antibiotics during the infant and toddler years, coupled with food intolerance problems (like celiac disease). When the yeast is over-killed then the bacteria will proliferate and cause a whole host of other problems, ultimately leading to using antibiotics to get rid of an infection (what happened in our case), and that is the last thing you want to do when you are trying to keep fungal issues in check. But don’t worry, although it takes a long time, it will get better as long as you stick to a healthy low sugar diet and good probiotics.

  11. She ended up being bottle fed. We went through a ton of formula till we found allimentum similar. We added healthytimes brownrice cereal to help with spitting up but I just took that out 2 days ago because I was afraid it was bad with her allergies. Now she is spitting up a ton again and still getting rashes. We stopped solids (carrots and green beans). She seemed to react to it. now she’s on just formula but seems to be fussy so u might put the cereal back in. After she clears up with the probiotics. I read to try egg yolks. Yes she has thrush, cradle cap, some diaper rashes.But red cheeks and face rash. We got kinsthetic testing where they put the bottle of the food on you and test your strength. It also runs in the family. I’m just frustrated finding what works for my baby. I also use coconut oil now and essential oils. Very small amounts. Thanks for your reply.

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