Dairy free Chocolate and Gummy Candy for Valentines Day

Need Dairy free chocolate? If you are worried about finding gluten and dairy free chocolate treats and candy for your kids this holiday, don’t be.  There are more options than ever for the allergic, no matter what your allergy or taste. I’ve compiled a short list of companies that carry gluten and dairy free chocolate for Valentine’s Day. You’ll find creative gourmet chocolates and candies in traditional heart shapes. You’ll also get introduced to more creative ideas that fill your gluten and dairy free chocolate for Valentine’s Day wishes. Come on and check out what I’ve found!

dairy free treats for kidsFirst, a Valentine’s Day Gummy Candy

Need more than just dairy free treats? The following vendors offer wheat, nut, and dairy free treats.

You will be able to get chocolates and sweets for your loved ones with food allergies this Valentines day.

Please check the ingredient listings before you buy.

Contact the manufacturer if you have multiple food allergies. Not all products are gluten-free, corn-free, or Feingold diet approved.

A List of Manufacturers that Make Dairy free Chocolate (and Nut free too!)

The SurfSweets company offers really cute organic gummy hearts in pink Valentine’s Day packaging. Its the perfect fruity treat for the dairy and nut free candy eater in your life.  Because let’s face it, there’s more to Valentine’s Day than chocolates. Their candy is also vegan, too.  They have two flavors: cherry and watermelon. The bags are each about 12.5 ounces. Where can you get them? SurfSweets is sold in Wholefoods stores nationwide. They can also be purchased online and through various natural, gluten free, and health food locations. Surfsweets recently gave away a huge box of candy in a Healthy Family sweepstakes giveaway. One lucky reader got a box of holiday candies. We sampled these candy hearts. My kids absolutely loved them.

Premium Chocolatiers offers dairy free chocolate that are also gluten and nut free. Perfect for Valentine's Day.Contains soy.
Premium Chocolatiers’ frog.

Premium Chocolatiers offers an assortment of heart shaped, nut and dairy free treats for Valentine’s Day. They have heart shaped chocolate lollipops, long stem chocolate roses, a chocolate frog prince, and traditional heart shaped chocolate boxes. You can also order a stuffed teddy bear with chocolates and foil wrapped heart shaped chocolates. These treats are presented in a checkerboard pattern of light and dark chocolates. This company even makes gluten free chocolate covered pretzels and truffles. Check them out if you want to give that special someone a gourmet treat that’s unforgettable.

Ethereal Chocolates do not use dairy or gluten in their confections. Instead of the traditional butter and cream found in most truffles, the Ethereal Chocolates company uses rich, creamy, organic coconut milk and coconut oil. The coconut milk and oil gives their truffles and meltaways a rich creamy mouth feel, without a heavy coconut flavor. They also use Tahitian vanilla, a corn alcohol free vanilla. This is great news for corn allergy sufferers looking for a corn free chocolate confections treat for Valentines Day. Local Chicago area readers should be happy to learn that Ethereal Chocolates is located in nearby Woodstock, IL. They offer a huge basket full of gluten and dairy free chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Did I say huge? Check them out. You can order online and even get your gluten and dairy free vegan chocolate wholesale. Yum!

Amanda’s Own also sells gluten and dairy free chocolate for Valentines Day. But their confections are also tree nut free, peanut free, and egg free. They have a wide variety of cute options in their gluten and dairy free chocolate for Valentine’s Day. All orders have to be placed by February 6 in order to be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day. What do they sell? Amanda’s Own has chocolate lollipops, heart shaped foil wrapped chocolates. They also have a really cute Valentine’s purse.

Additional Gluten and Dairy Free Options that are not Vegan, Organic, or Natural

Divvies makes gluten and dairy free chocolate for Valentines day, too. Their bakery goods, cupcakes, and gourmet foods are not gluten free, however. They have heart chocolates, jelly beans, and more. Their products are nut, egg, and dairy free treats for kids, but they are not free from artificial ingredients. They also use corn syrup in their jelly beans.

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