9 Easy Gluten free Holiday Cookie Recipes to Bake this Christmas

Our nine favorite holiday cookie recipes

Sharing holiday cookie recipes with my mother has been a tradition since I was a kid. When my son was diagnosed with celiac our very first Christmas felt awkward without all our favorite holiday cookies. (My mother amassed over 15 holiday cookie recipes over the years, most of which are common traditional Christmas cookie favorites). Each year I attempted to recreate our favorite Christmas cookie recipes to suite our family’s new gluten free cookie needs. Eventually I developed a handful. Then when my aunt was diagnosed in 2009 I had someone to bake with. Now our annual baking day is an event I look forward to every year. I want to share our family’s favorite gluten free holiday cookie recipes for everyone, especially if you are new to gluten free baking.

Bake One of Our 9 Holiday Cookie Recipes

Our nine favorite holiday cookie recipesEach of our family’s gluten free cookie recipes is an original, but the names should sound familiar to you: Sunbutter Blossom (Just like the Peanut Blossom Cookie minus the peanuts), Nut Cups, Kolackys, Thumbprints, Tollhouse Cookies, and Pecan Dreams are all gluten free knockoff holiday cookie recipes I developed by trial and error over the years. In our house the cookies my mother baked reflected our family traditions and our heritage. It was a special part of my childhood that I wanted to give to my children. If you have a celiac in your family and you want to bake Christmas cookies they can share, please take special precautions not to cross contaminate their holiday cookies with gluten. If you’d like to learn more about this, read: Is a Celiac Coming for Dinner?

The other recipes are new ones that I created after baking gluten free holiday cookies for quite some time.  Some of these recipes have other allergens (we use butter) but you can make substitutions if you’d like. We’ve done a dairy free Nut Cup recipe but we still prefer those cookies with butter. Some are free from most of the top 8 allergens, too. I hope you like them!

Gluten free Holiday Cookie Recipes from Our Family

Our nine favorite holiday cookie recipes are safe for corn allergy folks (see our helpful tips) and many are free from dairy too. Over the years my aunt and I have worked hard to try to recreate these familiar family favorite holiday cookie recipes. We spend a marathon day together in the kitchen baking, snacking, chatting, baking, tasting, chatting, snacking, and baking some more. Sound like your house? You can’t beat having good company in the kitchen around the holidays. These cookie recipes are also good for the Feingold diet.

free from the top 8, gluten, and corn

Here’s our knockoff list of best allergy-friendly look and taste alike holiday cookie recipes. Feel free to copy and print your recipes to share with your family. Please do not publish them without contacting me first:

Click on the Image of Your Favorite Holiday Cookie for its Recipe

spritz cookies for christmas gluten and corn free
Spritz Cookies.
Pecan tarts or nut cups holiday cookie recipe gluten free
Nut Cups
Kolacky Cookies
Tumbprint cookies
Sunbutter Blossom cookie
Sunbutter Blossoms
Coconutty Fruit Cookies
Tollhouse Cookies
Chocolate Duplex Cookies GFCF
Chocolate Duplex Cookies
Allergy friendly Pecan Dreams
Pecan Dreams
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  1. The sunbutter blossoms are phenomenal. I feel like sunbutter offers a much more earthly flavor than peanut butter anyway. That recipe is also really good with almond butter if you can eat it. A tiny splash of almond extract makes them even better!

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