Christmas Grab Bag Games For Children: a Fun Kids Ornament Craft Night

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Want Christmas grab bag games for children that are simple and fun?

This year our family was invited to a kids ornament craft exchange party. We played a very cute Christmas grab bag game. Our host asked that each guest bring their own homemade kids ornament craft to the exchange. I liked her idea. A handmade personal gift helps promote the true meaning of Christmas. It also promotes family time and a kids ornament craft gets creative juices flowing. Her Christmas “left” “right” grab bag game was a hit, too. It was the first time I’d ever heard it. This got me thinking about grab bag games, because today I’m in charge of another Christmas grab bag game. This time the game is for a family party. I decided to put together a list of ideas for future grab bag games. Would you like to see my ideas?

I decided to do a story similar to the left right story we had heard the night before. But I didn’t want to bore the kids with the exact same activity two nights in a row. Here’s what I made:

“Twas the Night Before Christmas Grab Bag Game Set”

ideas for grab bag games for school class party
Our Healthy Family Grab bag game is perfect for a class party with 20 students.

My “Twas the Night Before Christmas” Grab bag game is an all inclusive 5 page game set. The set includes playing cards, the reading, and rules for playing the game. It’s perfect for Christmas grab bag games for a class party. You can easily play with up to 20 participants.

Directions for Playing:

This Grab bag game can be played by any number of people up to 20. Cut out the grab bag word cards to create a ‘deck’. Ask players to pick a word card from the deck. You can either do face down or face up. It doesn’t matter.

One person must volunteer to read the story out loud to the group. When a grab bag player’s word is read aloud they may choose a grab bag gift from either the pile.

When all the grab bag gifts in the pile are chosen players are allowed to choose from another player. But they can only take from a player that has two or more gifts. This is important to avoid players with multiple grab bag gifts and players with none.

Each word will be read at least twice. So all players will have two chances to pick a grab bag gift. Some players will have their word read three or four times.

For Added Fun:

Give each grab bag player a bell to ring, or similar noisemaker. When their word is read, tell them to ring the bell, blow the kazoo, etc….

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