Halloween Hobgoblin House Calls: a Halloween Activity for Kids

Our Halloween Hob Goblin treats are ready to go!

Who’s the Halloween Hobgoblin, you ask? Apparently he’s a bit of a celebrity in my neighborhood.

Legend has it the mysterious and elusive hobgoblin has been playing ding dong ditch this time year after year. The surprised recipients always find a little clue after he’s gone.

You see, the Halloween Hobgoblin always leaves a sign that he’s been to see you.

Not to Worry, The Halloween Hobgoblin is Not a Menace

Here's a close up of the Halloween Hobgoblin Activity BagHe won’t trick you, if that’s what you’re worried about. No, the Halloween Hobgoblin will leave you a treat. He usually comes about two weeks before Halloween. He travels around, ringing bells and turning knobs on a handful of houses in your neighborhood each night. If he doesn’t come to your house on the first night, don’t worry. He’ll get there in due time. By Halloween the Halloween Hobgoblin has usually visited your children and all of your children’s friends, too. Once he’s been to your house you need to tape the Halloween Hobgoblin ghost up on your window or door as a sign. The Hobgoblin doesn’t like visiting the same house twice, especially when there are others to see. This lets everybody know that your house has been treated!

So How does the Halloween Hobgoblin do it?

Ha! I never thought you’d ask! Well, in our case, we wait until we get a visit from the old goblin. Then we run to the store for some festive treats and fake teeth to look ultra authentic, the joker grill we found at the store is perfect. We get a dozen brown paper bags and make a hob goblin note. Then we fill our bags with treats and hit the road. That’s right! We are the Halloween Hobgoblin. Well, at least for a night. Each year we make a list of places to visit. Then we set out for a drive around the neighborhood in the car. It is best to go under the cover of darkness. We like to go around dusk. You definitely don’t want to get caught by your friends! The Halloween Hobgoblin activity is all about surprising your friends when they least expect it. A good Halloween Hobgoblin never tells who he’s visited. And the best Halloween Hobgoblin always makes sure to visit someone who’s not gotten surprised yet.

If you are looking for a fun pre Halloween activity for your kids that gets the whole neighborhood excited, do the Halloween Hobgoblin activity for kids. This longstanding tradition has been part of my neighborhood long before we moved in. Make the Halloween Hobgoblin activity a part of your neighborhood too.

Just print out a copy of our Halloween-hobgoblin-activity-for-kids and cut it into the shape of a ghost. Then fill you treat bags with Halloween stickers, pencils, candy, and miniature toys. This activity will create lasting family memories year after year. My guys can’t wait to get into the car and spoof their friends on Hobgoblin night.

We’ve been caught on occasion, some years more than others. But when one of the boys runs up to that porch and then sneaks away unnoticed the cackling and giggling that ensues in the back seat is priceless.

Also check out our: “You’ve been Egged!” Easter activity for kids. It’s quite similar and a whole lot of fun!

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