Hamburger Salad: A Simple Low Carb Option for a Gluten free Diet

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hamburger salad
Hamburger salad, how to navigate a gluten and corn free diet at a barbecue party.

Hamburger salad: it’s the perfect solution for a barbecue if you are a recently diagnosed with celiac. The lazy days of summer are not complete without a little back-yard grilling. If you have gluten intolerance, don’t worry. You can eat of the grill as long as you take certain precautions. We dressed up our burger with all the fixings, just to show you that it can be done! It looks like a low-carb meal, but this cheeseburger salad is doubling as a gluten and corn free meal as well.

Learn Options for Making Your Burgers on the Grill Safe and Gluten Free

A hamburger salad (or cheeseburger, if you are not avoiding dairy), is the perfect idea for that planned barbecue when you just don’t know what to eat. We grilled up a burger. Then we laid it on a bed of lettuce. (You can also use thickly shredded iceberg lettuce mixed with Spectrum Artisan Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise and fresh diced tomatoes). We topped our burger with a slice of tomato, onions, Whole Kids Organic Yellow Mustard, Mother’s Mountain Ketchup, and *Cascadian Farm Organic Pickle Relish (*contains xanthan gum and may cause a reaction in very sensitive individuals).

So there you have it– A little bit of greasy heaven just in time for that old craving! For a Feingold burger, just omit the ketchup and tomatoes on your cheeseburger salad.

Preparing a Hamburger Salad for Celiac

If you are using a grill that’s had contact with gluten: use either a pan or a layer of tin foil to cook your burger. Or fry it up on the stove like Rachael Ray suggests. This will keep a celiac from getting gluten cross contamination.

Here’s a little traveling tip: invest in some disposable plastic condiment containers or just recycle some old glass-jar baby food containers and fill them with your favorite condiments.

Now you can bring  gluten and corn free condiments with you when you travel to a friend or relative’s house, even when you go to a restaurant.

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  1. Thank you so much for this info.. I have corn and wheat allergies.. I have had them for 10 years.. They were diagnosed by an allergist and have been suffering in silence for years. It seems celiacs is the new in disease. Your website has been very helpful.. There is not a lot of info about the combo of wheat and corn.. Thanks so much…

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