College by 12: Harding Family Sends Heath, 11 year-old Homeschooler

College by 12? Sounds impossible. Now imagine a family that has sent not one or two, but 6 kids to college by 12. Meet Kitchener and Mona Lisa Harding, parents of 10 kids that have done just that. Serennah Harding graduated from  Huntingdon College at the age of 17 and hopes to be a physician by May 2013. Heath Harding, her younger brother, became a freshman at Huntingdon College at the age of 11 in 2007. When he enrolled he was interested in becoming a movie director someday. She’s currently enrolled at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He graduated at age 15 with an English degree in 2012 and is currently working on an M.S. in computers. Both Serennah and Heath were in College by the age of 12—as were their 2 older siblings and two younger siblings. How do they repeatedly send their kids to college by 12?

Harding family sends 6 children to college by age 12
Heath and Serennah Harding go to college by age 12.

College by 12: A Homeschool Family Sets the Standard

The following video not only highlights the accomplishments of Heath Harding at age 11, but also sheds some light on the positive impact of homeschooling gifted children. Homeschool families, especially families with highly gifted children should take a look at Mona Lisa’s teaching style. By 2012, Heath and Serennah’s mother has successfully prepared 6 children for college by age twelve. The Alabama homeschool mom has 10 kids in all.

Older sister Hannah Harding became the youngest ever professor at Auburn-Montgomery University in Alabama. Another child who was ready for college by 12, Hannah completed her bachelor’s degree at 17. She then returned to Auburn-Montgomery University as an adjunct professor by aged 20. Hannah most certainly had students in her courses that were older than her.

Mona Lisa has recently put together an ebook journal about the family sending their oldest six kids to College by 12. It’s for homeschool families wanting to learn more about accelerated learning. If you want to learn how to prepare your child for college by 12, or just a more challenging homeschool curriculum you can read our Healthy Family review.

She continues to homeschool all Heath and Serennah’s younger siblings.

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